Date - 27th November 2007 Distance - 10 miles
Map - OL7 Start point - Glen Mary Bridge (NY 321999)


Summits Achieved

Name Height (ft) Height (m) Grid Ref
Holme Fell 1040 317 NY 2851 0390
Black Crag on Black Fell 1056 322 NY 2798 0397


The Walk

Dad and Uncle Eric took us on this walk climbing these two fells. It was a very misty day with no views at all, so there was not much opportunity for photographs. Soon after the start we came to Yew Tree Farm. This was one of the farms that Beatrix Potter bequeathed to the National Trust, when she died. Here is Uncle Eric by the entrance.

Despite the mists Dad and Uncle Eric navigated us to the top of Holme Fell and then off again passing by huge hole of Hodge Close that was once a quarry. Passing on though High and Low Oxen Fell farms towards the main road we came across a seat so stopped and had lunch. Then it was onwards over the fields and eventually to Black Crag and its trig point. There is certainly no doubting that you have reached your intended destination. The mistiness of the day is evident from the fact that the nearby wall and trees are almost obscured.

Descending by the same route to the main path once again we then walked through Iron Keld Plantation (an unusual name we thought). Turning off then we came to Tarn Hows one of the most visited places in the Lake District, but not today as it was grey and dank in the mists. The route then was down what is called Glen Mary with its fine waterfall on Tom Gill.

As you can see it is in full spate. With the weather conditions it was by now nearly dark so we settled into Uncle Eric's car for the drive to his house and then on home. Guess what too. Uncle Brian had been good enough to wash Dad's trousers on Monday night, only for Dad to get them even muckier today! He had to sneak them into the linen basket!