Date - 11th April 2010 Distance - 8.75 miles
Ascent -
2750 ft
Map - OL19
Start point - Joss Lane car park, Sedbergh (SD 6588 9215)


Summits Achieved

Name Height (ft) Height (m) Grid Ref
Arrant Haw 1985 605 SD 6621 9463
Calders 2211 674 SD 6707 9600
Bram Rigg Top 2205 672 SD 6682 9645
Great Dummacks 2160 663 SD 6787 9632
Crook 1509 459 SD 6645 9355
Winder 1552 473 SD 6639 9327



During 2021 we were continuing the project to rewrite and enhance our original stories of 2008-12. This adventure was rejected for a story in 2010, as there were not very many photographs. Reviewing this in 2021, we have nevertheless decided to write an account, if a little short, to revive memories of the day. This is largely due to Dad writing a precis of every walk when he records them on the spreadsheet. We apologise in advance for preponderance of summit photographs.



Allen and Tetley were chatting as Shaun and Little Eric arrived.

"We bring tea", said Shaun.

"Lovely", said Allen. "I'll get the mugs."

These were soon filled and passed around, meanwhile Little Eric opened the biscuit tin. "Grizzly and I have refilled it, so there is plenty of choice."

"Great", cheered Tetley as we all dug in. He then went on, "what a great adventure that was last Sunday, with Uncle Bob."

"Oh yes", agreed Shaun. "I like seeing the old mine workings, and makes me realise how hard working conditions were in those days."

"I wonder if we will get out this coming weekend. I know we will not be with Uncle Bob, so if we do it will be closer to home."

Just then Grizzly trotted in, saying "I heard what you said Allen, and I bring news of a walk Dad has planned for Sunday. We are going to the Howgills to continue picking off the outstanding summits."

"Must be on the southern flank, as we have completed all in the north, and also the one on the western side", said Allen.

"I looked at the pictures Dad took on the one on the western side", said Shaun. There are very few, basically just of us at the summits, so we will not be able to write a story."

"In all we bagged four summits, Whins End, Fell Head, Bush Howe and White Fell Head", said Tetley. "The last three Shaun and I had climbed before, but the rest of you bagged them. As for Whins End, none of us including Dad had been there before."

"For once there was a rock or stones to mark all the summits", said Grizzly. "I like the one of us at Whins End, especially as we all ticked it off."

"So, which ones are we doing on Sunday?", asked Shaun.

"The most significant will be Arrant Haw, Bram Rigg Top, Calders and Winder that none of us have done before. We will also be summiting Crook which Allen and Little Eric will bag, and finally Great Dummacks which you alone Little Eric will tick off."

"Super", cried Tetley, "I can't wait."


The Walk

As we looked out, Tetley said, "looks like we are in for a fine day with some sun, but while it is supposed to be much warmer, I bet the wind will be cold on the tops."

"Dad must realise as he is wearing long trousers, and he had put his coat in the car, with the rest of his gear", replied Allen.

Now ready for the off, we dashed out to the car, calling "goodbye", to Uncle Brian and the rest of our Hug pals.

"Have a lovely time", called back Uncle Brian.

"How do we get to the start", asked Little Eric, as Dad drove off.

"Up the Lune valley to Kirkby Lonsdale, there taking the A683 past Barbon that leads to Sedbergh. There we will park at Joss Lane", replied Allen.

There, Dad was soon ready and we got snuggled in the rucksack, eager to be off. Shaun said, "we walk up the lane at the side of the car park past the houses." Then he pointed, "look the route is clearly indicated."

The tarmac ended at a gate after which we followed the track to Hill Farm, where the footpath skirted left to a stile onto a track by Settlebeck Gill.

There were sheep with lambs, and Tetley said, "those two by the fence are so cute. You must take a picture, Dad."

"They are and even I cannot complain", went on Allen.

A minute later we passed this ginger cat walking along the wall.

The track soon led to a kissing gate to open fell, where Dad climbed the quite steep path up Settlebeck Gill below the slopes of Winder.

After just under a mile, this path joined the main path by this signpost

"Seems they had bears and sheep in mind when considering its height, commented Allen.

"We go right towards the Calf", advised Shaun.

Checking the map, Grizzly said, "then we will soon fork left the first summit, Arrant Haw.

A flat circle of stones marks the top and we hopped out for our picture, before moving on.

Looking north, Shaun said, "that's Calders. We make the ascent up Rowantree Grains."

"It's going to be steep", added Little Eric.

Descending we rejoined the main path coming near to the fence to climb steeply to the corner where it was sharp right to soon gain the summit.

"Ooh", said Allen, "the cairn is fancy."

"What a grand prospect from here over to Bram Rigg Top and ridges beyond", said Tetley. "We can see White Fell Head and Fell Head that we climbed on our last Howgill walk. Also The Calf which is the highest point in the massif."

"Picture time", called out Little Eric as we scrambled out of the rucksack.

"Where to now?, asked Little Eric.

"Bram Rigg Top", replied Shaun. "We just follow the main path as if we were going to The Calf."

Dad strode off, and in a few minutes seeing a tiny cairn, Grizzly said, "this is the path left to Bram Rigg Top."

The top is rather flat, but Allen pointed, "there's the cairn at the summit."

"That flat rock in front is a perfect seat for us to sit for our picture", pointed Tetley. "Dad will you get the flag out to add some colour, please."

"Ok", said Dad, "Great Dummacks is next. There are two reasons. First and foremost so Little Eric can tick it off, and secondly we need to record the grid ref."

Shaun looked up from the map. "To do this we should walk roughly east and cross the feeder streams of Red Gill Beck."

Tetley was scrutinising the map also, "Great Dummacks summit looks to be flat, so it may not be very easy to work out the highest point. The last time we were there, was in June 2005, when we climbed it with Uncle Eric from Cautley."

Returning to the main path, Dad crossed and kept ahead. Rough ground at first but finally we got onto the path across the fell. Tetley was right, the summit is indeterminate, so Dad positioned to what looked to be the highest point in the area where the spot height is marked on the OS map.

Dad planted his stick, and we gathered by it. "I guess we will not be coming here again", commented Grizzly.

"Ok", said Shaun, "We just head back to and then along the fence to Calders."

There seeing the cairn, Tetley said, "not often we summit the same fell twice in one day."

"So where now?", asked Little Eric.

Dad replied, "we take the main path that we climbed earlier, and descend towards Arrant Haw." Then pointing, "that's Crook that you and Allen need to bag."

"We are seeing the eastern flank above Ashbeck Gill, but the descent path below Arrant Haw swings round the western side. From around the junction where the signpost is, it will be an easy 10 minutes to the summit."

After a few minutes on the descent, Grizzly said, "that's a fine view of Baugh Fell. We all climbed that twice in 2008, the first time with Uncle Bob for company and the second with Uncle Eric."

Almost at the depression between Winder and Arrant Haw, Dad struck off half left and we were soon at Crook.

Approaching the summit Allen called out, "just look at the size of the cairn it must be the biggest in Howgills!!"

We quickly climbed on to it, Shaun saying, "Little Eric you can ride on my back."

"Aww thank you Dad on behalf of Allen and I, for diverting to Crook. That means now we have all climbed it", said Little Eric.

As we got settled again, Shaun said, "just Winder to go. We need to traverse back to the main path, and follow it south and then at the fork go right then soon take a path left for the summit."

This is one of the few Howgill summits that has a trig point. "What a shame, it is too windy for us to sit on top", moaned Tetley.

So instead we gathered at the base.

The cairn behind has a viewpoint indicator on top.

"Lovely view to Sedbergh from here", commented Shaun.

"Which way are you planning to descend?", said Tetley, seeing that there were a number of paths leading from the summit.

"The one south-east", replied Dad.

We made our way down Dad pausing after a while to take this looking back to the summit.

After crossing the main path, the final descent became very steep on the section leading to the kissing gate we had come through this morning.

"I'll bet your glad that's done. Dad", said Allen.

"Aye lad."

From here it was then just a matter of returning by our outwards route.

"Wonderful", cheered Tetley.

"Such a big catch-up on summits", went on Grizzly. "Shaun, Tetley and I have caught up with you Dad on the main massif."

"And Little Eric and I now have just Sickers Fell and Knott to do."

"Summiting those will mean Allen that you will then catch-up. I have more to do", said Little Eric.

"I hope over time to redo those you need to complete this challenge Little Eric", replied Dad.

"Thank you."

While we sat in the car to have a snack, Dad went off in search of refreshment, going to aptly named Howgills Bakery & Cafe. Here he had pot of tea with extra hot water and a slice of chocolate caramel shortbread all for the princely sum of £2.25.

Dad said, "the cake was delicious. The cafe do all sorts of sandwiches, cakes etc. I can heartily recommend it.


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