Date - 22nd April 2010 Distance - 7 miles
Ascent -
Map - OL19 Start point - Joss Lane, Sedbergh (SD 659 922)


Summits Achieved

Name Height (ft) Height (m) Grid Ref
Sickers Fell 1634 498 SD 6702 9426
Knott (Sedbergh) 1407 429 SD 6764 9408



All was well as we had steaming mugs in paw, and a well stocked biscuit tin to dig into.

"Concentrating our walking in the Howgills, the catch-up is going really well", said Tetley.

"That's right pal", replied Allen. "You, Shaun and Grizzly are already there as far as the main massif goes. Little Eric and I have just Sickers Fell and Knott to do.

"After that there is only the other half of the Whinfell Ridge to repeat, for you, Grizzly and Little Eric to bag the summits", said Shaun.

"We really do have the very best Dad in the world, for agreeing to repeat these summits, so that we will all finish the challenge at once", enthused Allen.

"I have more to do, but Dad has said he will repeat those for me, to eventually complete them all too", said Little Eric. "He is truly the best Dad."

While this conversation was taking place Grizzly had trotted in, Shaun handing him a mug of tea. "Thanks pal." Then he said, "you and Little Eric are going to be very happy bears, Allen. I bring news of our next walk on Thursday with Uncle Eric. In the Howgills to Sickers Fell and Knott."

"Wonderful", cheered Allen. "I can't wait, roll on Thursday."


The Walk

"Are we going to Uncle Eric's first?", asked Little Eric, as he helped Grizzly make the picnic.

"No pal, the plan is to meet him in Sedbergh at the Joss Lane car park."

With the picnic safely stowed in Allen's rucksack, we waited until Dad had his gear loaded, then ran out to the car, calling. "goodbye, Uncle Brian. Enjoy your nice quiet day."

"I will."

Dad took the same route as we had a week last Sunday, and we arrived just a few minutes after Uncle Eric.

"Hello", we called out, "nice to see you, and looking forward to your company, Uncle Eric."

"Good to see you too lads."

Once ready, Shaun said as he had last time, "we walk up the lane at the side of the car park past the houses."

Allen pointed, "there's the sign indicating the route."

The day was to be dry throughout with sunshine, but cloudier later and there was still that cold wind.

Tetley said, "the outwards route is the same as when we went to Arrant Haw etc., along the road, then passing Hill Farm and up by Settlebeck Gill to open fell via the kissing gate."

Here Shaun instructed, "we drop down right and cross the gill and then climb to the wall corner, to then follow what is in fact a pipe track, under the slopes of Crook."

There we were afforded a view of Sedbergh and Settlebeck Gill that we had crossed. "Worth a shot Dad", said Grizzly. "The path on the far side of the gill is the one we used a week last Sunday on our way to Arrant Haw and the other fells."

Under the slopes of Crook, the path eventually turned north into Ashbeck Gill.

The slopes of Crook are to the left, and the path can be seen that took us further up the gill, to come to this small dam.

"According to Wainwright, those foundations are of the long gone recording hut of the Water Board", informed Grizzly.

On the ascent we had seen that at one point the pipe was exposed. Tetley said, "this was or maybe still does supply water to Sedbergh."

Issuing instructions, Shaun said, "we cross the beck now and then make the direct ascent of Sickers Fell."

As we did Little Eric said, "there's a fine view of Crook that Allen and I bagged a week last Sunday."

Striding on just a few minutes later we arrived at the stylish cairn marking the summit of Sickers Fell.

"That's Calders and Great Dummacks behind", said Little Eric.

"Picture time", called out Allen.

"Ok lads", replied Dad. "I'll put the flag in the cairn for extra colour."

Settled again and walking a few yards east, Allen called out, "look, there's the cairn on Knott."

We made a beeline to it, and just over 20 minutes later we were there. "Yippee", cheered Allen, "that is the last of my catch-ups done. Thank you Dad."

"Wow there is another superb view north. Calders, Middle Tongue and Great Dummacks", said Shaun.

The cairn here is stylish too", said Grizzly, as we scrambled out and settled for our obligatory picture.

Being Allen's last catch-up, Dad took a close up shot of us here, which we hope readers will not mind us including.

To vary our return we must thank Uncle Eric for devising this enjoyable route that would take us along by the River Rawthey into Sedbergh.

We got ourselves settled then Uncle Eric pointed and said, "first we have to get down to the confluence of Grimes Gill & Hobdale Beck."

"Ooh that's a long way down", said Little Eric.

The descent was very steep and they took their time, and once achieved, Dad said, "I am glad to have got that over with."

"We cross the becks, and then head south along by Hobdale Beck", instructed Uncle Eric.

Along here, Allen said, "I'm getting hungry."

"What a surprise", laughed Tetley. "You're always hungry."

"This looks a nice place to sit out of the wind", suggested Dad.

Just so peaceful with only the sound of the beck, as we enjoyed our sandwiches and cake and warming tea.

Starting off again, the path climbed by the wall to a gate by a sheep pen and through this we descended across rough pasture, above the ravine of the beck, to join the track from Fawcett Bank.

"Turn right", said Uncle Eric.

The track became a road, and took us past Thursgill, Ellerthwaite and on to Buckbank with fine views of the fells we had climbed earlier.

"Leave the road and now take the path left that leads down to the River Rawthey", said Uncle Eric.

The delightful path led to the A683 at Straight Bridge. "We cross and continue by the river", said Uncle Eric.

Shortly Shaun said, looking up from the map, "this is the confluence of the River Clough and River Rawthey. The Clough runs through Garsdale, its springs being above Garsdale Head."

There were many stiles on the route, none more complex that these near Scrogg House.

Finally we came to New Bridge, where we switched to the south bank to walk to Millthrop, and then along the road and over the fields to the start.

"Thank you Uncle Eric for devising the return route. It was most enjoyable", said Tetley.

"You are welcome lads."

"It's been another grand day out", cheered Grizzly.

We now sat in the car to have a second picnic. Well Allen was hungry again!

Dad said, "Eric I can recommend the Howgills Bakery & Cafe for our refreshment."

There they had tea and cake. Uncle Eric had not been before and was duly impressed.

So goodbyes were said until the next time we have Uncle Eric's company.

As we drove off, Dad said, "I am going to call at Mr Williamson's in Barbon, as I need to stock up on his delicious marmalades & chutneys."


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