Date - 17th October 2010 Distance - 7.25 miles
Ascent -
1900 ft
Map - OL6 Start point -Old Dungeon Ghyll (NY 286062)


Summits Achieved

Name Height (ft) Height (m) Grid Ref
Black Crag (Mickleden) 1929 588 NY 2554 0806
Buck Pike (Mickleden) 1988 606 NY 2527 0775
Rossett Pike 2136 651 NY 2492 0756



It was Friday, and Shaun with Little Eric riding on his back and Grizzly arrived to find Allen and Tetley huddled over the laptop.

"What are you on with?", asked Little Eric.

"Looking at the pictures from our last walk to Harter Fell and the two Birkett summits", said Tetley. "They have come out fine we will be able to write a story."

Allen looked up his face brightening when he saw the flasks. "Oh tea. Great, I'm gasping for a cuppa."

"As usual", laughed Tetley, as he got the mugs, and then helped Shaun fill them and pass them out.

"Thanks pal", said Shaun.

Grizzly had got the biscuit tin and we all dived in.

All of us having looked at the pictures, Grizzly said, "I wonder if Dad will take us out this weekend."

"If the weather is reasonable I am pretty sure he will", replied Allen. "We need to come up with an idea."

"Mopping up some more Birketts", suggested Tetley. He quickly brought up the outstanding list and we scanned down. "How about these from Great Langdale. Black Crag, Buck Pike and Rossett Pike."

"Oh yes", agreed Little Eric. "As well as bagging the Birketts I will tick off another Wainwright in Rossett Pike."

Shaun had opened the map and we looked at the route. "Along Mickleden, then up the Stake Pass to the ridge to cross left and do the summits. Then back via Rossett Gill and return along Mickleden."

"Oh Rossett Gill. That is steep and we have bad memories of the last time we descended that", said Allen. "Dad got his foot wedged in a crevice and twisted his knee, so endured a rather painful walk back to the car."

"Well let's hope he gets round without mishap this time", said Little Eric with feeling.

"We still need to ask Dad if the walk is going to be on", said Shaun. "Off you go Allen."

"Ok pal, but please fill my mug up again for when I get back."

"What a tea belly", laughed Tetley as Allen trotted out of the door. "It will be his third mug."

Allen was soon back and the smile on his face told us Dad had agreed. "Yes the walk is on so roll on Sunday." Then accepting the steaming mug he went on, "thanks pal."


The Walk

We made sure to be up early as Dad intended to start walking soon after 09:00, meaning we were to set off from home about 08:00.

Allen and Tetley said, "We'll lend a paw getting the picnic ready."

"Thanks", said Grizzly

This done it was safely stowed in Allen's rucksack. "We never take it for granted that you carry the picnic on every walk, pal", said Grizzly. "It is much appreciated."

Seeing that Dad had got his kit loaded, we dashed out to settle in the car, having called our goodbye to our dear Uncle Brian and the rest of our many Hug pals.

The route we took was familiar, via the M6 then the A591 through Windermere to Ambleside, where we took the road to Coniston. At Skelwith Bridge, we took the road right that leads through Chapel Stile and past Elterwater into Great Langdale.

Near Elterwater there was a terrific view of the Langdale Pikes. "How majestic", called out Little Eric.

"Where are you parking?", asked Tetley.

"At the Old Dungeon Gill. It is a National Trust car park so free as I am a member", replied Dad.

Dad was soon ready and we got settled in the rucksack. The day was to be mainly cloudy and cool, more so on the tops where there was a light wind.

Shaun advised, "take the path round the rear of the hotel and on through a gate that leads to the wide path through Mickleden."

Allen commented, "the rising ridge to the left is The Band that leads up to Three Tarns. Going left from there is the ascent of the Crinkle Crags and right is the steep ascent to Bowfell." Then he said, "it's majestic to the right with Pike o'Stickle and Loft Crag rearing up."

Herdwicks, our favourite sheep were grazing, this one posing for Dad just minutes later.

"Huh", said Allen. "I guess I am going to have to put up with a few sheep pictures today."

"For certain pal", replied Tetley.

As the path curved round, Shaun pointed, "there are our objectives. Rossett Pike, Buck Pike & Black Crag, sandwiched between Rossett Gill & the Stake Pass."

A couple of minutes later these Herdwicks unconcernedly passed by.

Laughing Grizzly said, "I wonder if they are saying, 'there's that human who brings teddy bears and a sheep on walks, and who likes tea and cake. The tearoom must be further on in the direction we are walking'."

"Ha ha", laughed Little Eric.

Mickleden Beck runs by the path this pretty pool making a nice shot.

Reaching the footbridge over the beck, Shaun said, "we cross, then immediately go right up the Stake Pass, below Black Crags."

With all the bends on the path, Grizzly said, "I think Snake Pass would be a better name!"

Part way we met this Herdwick. "Oh it is just posing for you Dad. Please take a picture", implored Little Eric.

Topping out we reached the point where the path crosses Stake Gill.

Tetley said, "to the right the ridge rises to High Raise and left the valley is Langstrath."

Shaun instructed, "our route is left on that small path towards the crags ahead."

Further it appeared to split and we took the left path. Shortly Shaun said, "we are actually on the route in the Wainwright book, but this bypasses Black Crag. It would have been easier going round the back."

"Never mind lad, I'll just cut up right."

This involved some steep ascent over rock and grass to climb the crags, but finally the summit was attained.

"One down", cheered Allen. "There is no cairn, so will you get the flag out for our picture, please Dad."

"That's a super view down to Mickleden, even with the low cloud", commented Grizzly. "The paths we walked can be seen clearly."

Black Crag done the next section was easy. As we got settled Shaun said, "we traverse to cross Littlegill Head and rise straight up to Buck Pike."

Arriving, Little Eric said, "there's a small cairn marking the top for us to sit by."

Tetley remarked, there is no doubt this is the summit, as there is the small tarn in front and slightly left across the depression, just as shown on the map."

A clear path led on from here unerringly to the substantial cone shaped cairn on Rossett Pike.

"Yippee", cheered Little Eric. "Another Wainwright ticked off."

So far we had seen no other walkers as they seemed to have ascended via Rossett Gill. But, as we descended to the main path, we passed a couple who were on their way to summit Rossett Pike.

"Right", sighed Dad, "it's down Rossett Gill."

"Take care Dad, as we know what happened last time", implored Allen.

"I will lad, it was a bit painful getting back to the car after I had twisted my knee."

The pony route is now the path, a long winding and steep descent, but it had been substantially repaired, so making the going easier. Dad indeed took care, and got down without mishap, to arrive at the footbridge over Mickleden Beck again, and return along the valley to the car.

"That is a dramatic view of Pike o'Stickle and Loft Crag", pointed Grizzly, "A super picture to round off our story."

"Another good day", said Tetley.

"Thank you Dad, as always", chimed in Little Eric.

"Another corner of Lakeland done and two more Birketts ticked off", added Shaun.

"I guess you will be going for some refreshments", said Grizzly.

"Aye lad I plan to stop at Brambles Cafe in Chapel Stile."

"Good", said Allen. "We can have our picnic in the car."

Dad had a pot of tea and a gorgeous piece of chocolate cake.

There was a bit of banter with the lady serving, when he said, "could I have some hot water."

"You can ask", she said. Then smiling went on, "of course you can have it".

Dad remarked, "I will pay."

Laughing she said, "I should have held out longer."

Grand day!


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