Tetley's 17th birthday walk


Date - 27th June 2015 Distance - 7.5 miles
Ascent -
Map - OL41
Start point - Delph Lane car park (SD 5457 4555)


Summits Achieved

Name Height (ft) Height (m) Grid Ref
Hazelhurst Fell 1408 429 SD 5634 4802
Winny Bank 1506 459 SD 5581 4817



Tetley and Southey were quietly reading their Dalesman and Cumbria magazines, when Allen commented, "Dad is not at the Lifeboat shop this coming weekend, nor has he got any other commitments, so we should be able to get a walk in."

"It would be nice to go on Saturday as that will be my 17th birthday, and what better way to celebrate it than out on a walk", responded Tetley.

Quickly navigating to the Met Office app, Allen replied, "it is the best of the two days."

"Well Saturday it is then", said Southey.

"So where to go", mused Allen, who pausing suddenly called out, "tea", as he saw Shaun, Grizzly and Little Eric come into the room.

He and Southey dashed off to get the plates, while Tetley told them about going walking on his birthday next Saturday. He then helped Shaun fill the mugs and pass them round.

Grizzly announced, "there are cherry and ginger scones with butter and jam that I have made, or chocolate caramel shortbread made by Little Eric."

"Ooh my favourites", replied Southey. "I really do appreciate the time you take to make these delicious cakes, pals."

"As I have said before, it is a pleasure, as I find it so relaxing", replied Little Eric.

So we were all content with oohs and aahs as they were truly scrumptious.

"As it is your birthday, we should really let you chose the walk, Tetley", said Shaun.

"Besides Beacon Fell, Dad had printed off another walk taking in Longridge Fell that I think he intended us to do next", replied Tetley, who by now had the printed map showing the summits, in paw. "I fancy doing Hazelhurst Fell however, which is at the west end of the ridge running from Fair Snape Fell."

"Sounds good to me", agreed Allen. "I'll get the map, so we can plan a route."

This was soon spread out and Tetley quickly pointed the area out, saying, "there is a track running beneath the fell, that can be accessed by crossing the rough terrain from the house called Stang Yule, on Delph Lane."

"Oh yes I see, and then we would make the descent down the track to Hazelhurst Farm", said Shaun. Then his eyes travelled more east and he went on, "there is a summit between Hazelhurst Fell and Fair Snape Fell, called Winny Bank. Why don't we take that in as well, adding another to our listing."

"Yes why not", agreed Grizzly.

Shaun then said, "there is a small parking area on Delph Lane just a little way past Stang Yule, so that will be the start point."

With this in mind we soon worked out the rest of the return route and it was all highlighted on the map. "Right, I'll go and see what Dad thinks", said Allen.

It was a few minutes before he returned and we were beginning to get worried. However the smile on his face reassured us that the walk was on. "Sorry I took so long, but Dad was on the phone. Yes the walk is on. He says he cannot believe that you are 17, Tetley. How time flies by."

"Yippee", cried Little Eric and Southey. "Roll on Saturday."


The Walk

We got up early to get the picnic packed and stowed in Allen's rucksack, then once Dad had loaded his gear we dashed out and settled in the car, calling our goodbyes to Uncle Brian.

We had been down Delph Lane a few times now, so Dad was familiar where the parking area was. Just 15 miles from home and a far cry from some of the distances Dad has had to drive to get to starts in the Lake District, most notably 90 miles to Ennerdale. The day was dry with quite a bit of sun but breezy at times.

So from the parking it was left uphill back in the direction we had come to the house called Stang Yule.

"We have to pass behind the house, so we should take that footpath going right, which we have walked before on our exploration of Bleasdale", said Shaun.

This led to a surfaced track running beside the wall, then turning left behind the house and through gates to open fell.

As we passed the house Tetley voiced our thoughts saying, "I still wonder how the house got it's name."

"I dared to wonder that we might see the owner, so we could ask", went on Allen.

This next section of the walk was to be the hardest for our Dad. The map showed a track for part of the way across to the main track up the fell, but in fact it was overgrown and little used, so nothing more than a grassy depression that headed north-east over Oakenclough Fell. It soon petered out, as expected, and then it was just a rough traverse of the heather and bilberry moor.

"Well", said Dad, "it's not that I am a stranger to this kind of terrain and at least it will not persist all the way to the first summit."

"What is that plant with the white flower?", asked Southey.

"Cotton grass", said Grizzly. Adding, "and that is Hazelhurst Fell behind."

Finally this section was completed and with the end of the woodland to the right we joined the stony track that emanated from a gate into the woodland. Going a few paces left, the track forked. "We keep straight on to take the path climbing the fell, ignoring the fork bending sharp right", said Shaun.

Soon the track bent right as it climbed the Hazelhurst Fell. Knowing that the trig point was off the to the left, Southey asked, "how far initially do we follow the track."

"To the highest point and then see how the land lies", replied Allen.

Reaching the brow, Little Eric suddenly called out, "look there is a rough track going left, that is used by grouse parties. Seems a good idea to follow it."

"Agreed", replied Shaun.

After little Grizzly, called out, "there's the trig point to the left."

A narrow trod now struck off left to take us the short distance to it.

"Come on pals, let's sit on top for Tetley's birthday picture", called out Little Eric.

"Time for lunch", said Allen firmly.

"OK, lads", agreed Dad.

There were fine views and we enjoyed these while eating our sandwiches. Then Grizzly, carefully got a container out of Dad's rucksack, and opening it revealed a cake with icing and the words, 'Happy 17th Birthday Tetley'.

Little Eric and I have made this for you", he said.

"Oh pals, thank you so much", replied Tetley, giving them a hug.

We all sang Happy Birthday, not Dad though as he is tone deaf! Then Tetley cut his cake and shared it out, and we allowed Dad to have a piece too.

Looking up Allen called out, "there's a glider going over."

After a few more minutes, Dad said, "it's time we were setting off again."

"OK", we called out packing up and settling in the rucksack again.

Our route was retraced to the main track turning left to continue along it. "Wow that is quite a view of Bleasdale", remarked Southey. "That tree clad hill must be Beacon Fell, which we climbed last time."

Looking along the track Allen said, "that is Winny Bank, the next objective."

The track can be seen dropping into a dip where it crossed Clough Heads Brook, to then undulate on reaching a junction. "Our descent route will be right", said Shaun, "but first we have to go left for Winny Bank."

The track rounded the fell to the left, and as it climbed gently, we looked for a way on to it, but a deep gully and steep unclimbable banks prevented this.

Looking ahead Tetley said, "I wonder what that stone standing to the left of the track is about?"

This is what we found. A poignant memorial to the airmen over the years, and particularly during the Second World War, who have crashed on the Bowland Fells. We stood in silence to honour them.

Reaching the brow, Grizzly said, "the gully has all but disappeared so we should be able to get on to Winny Bank."

As Dad crossed the rough ground he saw a walker, who by the time we had reached the summit area was a little way to the right. Shortly another walker approached, Dad engaging him in conversation. It turned out that they were brothers, who were walking from Parlick to Nicky Nook above Scorton. Quite a way and we have to say that Dad did not envy them!

The summit area is pretty flat with a few humps and so hard to judge the highest point. However casting about, Dad walked a little way left and Allen called out, "look there is a small cairn."

"OK that's the summit then", said Grizzly.

We wasted no time in clustering round for our picture.

"Great", cheered Southey, "that's the summits done."

Settled again in the rucksack Dad crossed back to the track, which we retraced to the junction, then going on ahead.

Quite a steep descent for a while the track zig-zagging to pass the woods seen in the centre where the rhododendrons were in bloom...

and through a gate into pasture, where shortly on the left by the wall stands this seat, with a dedication to Raymond John Ashurst, a former gamekeeper.

Cows and a bull occupied the pasture. The cows were rather inquisitive, while the bull just stood aloof, giving us a beady stare.

Soon now another gate was reached on to the tarmac lane by Hazelhurst Farm. "We go right", instructed Shaun.

This led through Clough Heads Wood and past Clough Heads Cottages to a junction. "We came along the cross lane on the Bleasdale walk", said Southey, "I remember the buildings."

Shaun said, "you are quite right pal. Today we now go straight across through the right hand gate."

The fenced track took us to a gate into a field and then on to a kissing gate into a large rough pasture.

"The route is diagonally left", advised Shaun.

"OK lad, but I think we will keep by the fence for a bit to avoid walking through the cows.", replied Dad.

As it turned out they totally ignored us, and we arrived at a gate. Little Eric said, "that is a nice view of Fair Snape Fell and Parlick.

Beyond a track led us through Broadgate Wood and on to Broadgate Farm. Just before the buildings, the path is now diverted left through a kissing gate and then right across a track to a waymarked gate into a field. Walked up this by the fence on the left.

"The map shows the path goes through the fence", said Shaun.

However as we progressed it was apparent that again the path has now been diverted. It kept on by the fence to a kissing gate, and then to another that was now redundant as fence has gone, to pass to the right of High Moor. Followed the fence round left to a gate onto the access road.

"There's a fine view of Beacon Fell, where we walked last time", said Grizzly.

Going right the road was soon reached and we turned right uphill, where these wild flowers brightened the verges...

to soon reach the parking area, where Dad's car awaited us.

"Thanks for a super day Dad", said Tetley. "It has been a great birthday celebration."

"Happy Birthday lad", replied Dad, "I am glad you have enjoyed your day."


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