Date - 14th January 2017 Distance - 9 miles
Ascent -
Map - OL7 Start point - Plain Quarry (SD 5523 7616)


Summits Achieved

Name Height (ft) Height (m) Grid Ref
Hutton Roof Crags 899 274 SD 5560 7746
Farleton Knott 853 260 SD 5410 8037



Looking up from the the book he was reading, and seeing Southey intently tapping away on the iPad, he asked, "what are you on with pal."

"Looking at the weather forecast for the weekend. Saturday looks to be a good day, and I was wondering if we might get out for a walk."

"If Dad's free, I'm sure he will want to take advantage of a good winter day", enthused Allen.

Just then the tea and cakes arrived.

"Ooh great", cheered Southey, "my tummy was rumbling a bit."

"And I'm gasping for a cuppa", added Allen.

"You two are really tea bellies and cake stuffers", laughed Grizzly. "Just like Dad."

Tetley and Allen brought the plates and mugs, Tetley lending a paw to help Shaun fill the mugs. "Thanks pal", said Shaun.

Little Eric then announced, "there are cherry and ginger scones that Grizzly has made, and I have done flapjack."

"Lovely", cheered Allen, helping himself to the flapjack. Then after taking a bite, he said, "it's scrumptious pal."

"So are the scones", called out Shaun.

"Thanks", replied Grizzly. "I bring news too. Dad has told me that we are to go walking on Saturday. He wants to try some modest hills too to see how his back holds up. So he has made the decision for us. We are going to Hutton Roof Crags and Farleton Knott."

"That's a lovely walk with some fine views", said Tetley. "It is nearly five years since we last did it."

"For me it will be completely new", cheered Southey, "so I can't wait."

"Roll on Saturday", cried Little Eric, raising his mug in salute.


The Walk

We woke to a bright winter day with little wind, so not as cold as previous days. Sunny, but in the afternoon it tended to cloud over.

"I don't suppose Dad will be taking a picnic?", said Grizzly.

"No pal", replied Tetley. "He is going to Greenlands for a snack afterwards."

"But we need food", said Allen.

"I know. So Little Eric and I will make sandwiches and pack some cakes."

"Oh thanks", replied Allen.

A little later, Dad called out, "I'm ready."

So this was our cue to get settled in the car. The drive was not too far. Through Carnforth and up the A6 to shortly turn right towards Burton in Kendal. Immediately before the village we took the road right to come eventually to the rough car parking to the left at Plain Quarry.

Before us was the signed kissing gate and following the good path, we soon crossed another coming from the second section of the car park, then just walked on and on climbing gently through the trees.

After a while Southey said, "are you sure we are going the right way?"

"Yes pal", replied Shaun. "It will unerringly bring us to Hutton Roof Crags summit, but it is just a long way."

Higher up areas of woodland had been felled, with just a few remaining, like this group stark and bare against the blue sky.

For Southey's sake, Shaun said, "the path leads us to a gate in the wall, from where it is just a short climb to the summit."

If you think that there has been a sudden change in the weather, it is because this picture was taken on the walk in 2012.

Very soon we were at the trig point, Southey calling out, "come on pals, let's sit on the top for our picture."

Settled again, Southey asked, "which way now."

Shaun pointed, saying "our direction is towards Farleton Knott, so along this narrow path off to the left."

Southey looking doubtful, as it appeared to disappear into impenetrable bushes, so Allen reassured him, "I know the path does not look promising and there will be some very narrow sections through limestone pavement, but Shaun is right."

So off Dad strode, the path never really being in doubt. After a while we could see some cairns on an outcrop to the right. "That looks interesting", said Tetley, "let's go and have a look."

Seeing the stones stood up, Little Eric said, "I know this is morbid, but it has the look of a graveyard."

"I know what you mean pal", replied Grizzly. "It is strange."

As we walked on Southey commented, "you were right Tetley, the views are terrific."

Allen pointed, saying, "to get to Farleton Knott, we will walk along by that distant wall."

"Past those sheep", mused Southey, who was winding Allen up about sheep pictures.

"Hmm", said Allen, keeping his paws crossed that they might have moved away.

Raising our eyes, to the distant view, Tetley echoed our thoughts. "the Lakeland Fells look truly magnificent."

"Wow", said Southey. "What can we see?

Allen was quick with the answer. "The whole of the Coniston range, then to its right the Crinkle Crags, Bowfell and Esk Pike. In the near distance the prominent hill is Whitbarrow Scar."

"Southey had read the walk and said, "I guess we are getting near to the limestone scar of Uberash Breast. Is it difficult to get down?"

"No lad", replied Dad, as we walked to the left, and then he said, "here's the path down."

It was steep but short so the descent was soon accomplished.

Onwards, the route finally led to the Hutton Roof road, and on through the gate opposite to walk the wide track.

Unfortunately for Allen the sheep were clustered on our path, so Dad could not resist getting a shot or two.

"Oh well", sighed Allen. "At least that's got it over with for this walk."

The track led up through small crags to come by the tall wall and then across Newbiggin Crags.

"At a cross fence it will be through the gate, and then on ahead by the wall", instructed Shaun.

The path here was undulating finally dropping to the geological fault that divides Newbiggin Crags from Farleton Knott. A short climb then brought us to the summit with its large cairn, where we did not need a second asking to sit for our picture.

"Wow", said Southey more superb views.

"Yes", agreed Tetley. "Just goes to show that you do not need top be on the highest mountains to get the views."

Pointing Shaun said, "that's the Howgills. Just a shame about the wind farm."

The summit was clear of snow, yet the path in the col that we took left, was covered as were others through the woods later.

This soon curved right skirting the east side of Newbiggin Crags.

"Look at those cattle", called out Little Eric, "my they do have long horns."

They were very gentle and did not bother us, one posing for Dad to snap a shot.

"That is a fine view of Ingleborough", called out Grizzly.

"I get the hint", replied Dad as he hauled the camera out of the bag.

Reaching a junction with a rising path from the left, Shaun said, "we go right by the wall."

This avoided the farm and eventually fairly soon opened out into a wide pasture, where it was left to the road at its summit. Opposite was this signpost.

"That's our route", advised Shaun.

This meandering path led for 1.3 miles at times through woodland and skirting to the east of Hutton Roof Crags.

We met two young ladies, one being Kirsty who lives in Silverdale. She saw us, and said to Dad, "I know of you. You take the bears on every walk. I have read some of your stories, and I like how well you describe the route."

Dad then introduced us, before going our separate ways, at which point she said, "I walk in your footsteps".

Made our day!!

The path was to lead us to Hutton Roof, passing the huge perched boulder, but due to the snow we inadvertently took a side path left.

Sadly for Southey he did not see the boulder, as instead we reached the road by St John's Church.

This Grade II listed church was built in 1880–81 to the design of Lancaster architects Paley & Austin, replacing an earlier chapel built in 1757. Constructed in stone with ashlar dressings and roofed in slate. The plan consists of a two-bay nave, a north aisle, chancel with an organ loft and vestry to the north. The southwest tower incorporates a porch. The tower has a stair turret on its southwest corner. The top stage of the tower has two-light bell openings with louvres. The parapet is embattled, and on the summit of the tower is a pyramidal roof with a weathervane carrying the date 1881. (source Wikipedia)

Joining the road we now went right to walk to and through the village. "We go right here", said Shaun pointing to the sign.

Initially this led through houses, and the out onto a track and into pastures. with Park Wood to the right. The stiled way led over this little clapper bridge...

...and on and on, eventually to this gate onto the road.

Going right it was just a half mile back to the car park.

"What a lovely walk", cried Southey. "I have enjoyed every minute."

"Super", agreed Tetley. "Well worth the repeat."

"Refreshment time?", asked Grizzly.

"Yes lad, I'm going to Greenlands Farm."

While Dad was enjoying his tea, shortbread and chocolate rice crispy cake, we had the rest of our picnic in the car.


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