Date - 29th October 2017 Distance - 6 miles
Ascent -
Map - OL41
Start point - Elaine's Tearoom, Feizor (SD 7900 6768)


Summits Achieved

Name Height (ft) Height (m) Grid Ref
Giggleswick Scar 1050 320 SD 8059 6562



Tea and cakes had arrived, Allen calling out, "great, I'm....

"..dying for a cuppa", finished Tetley, laughing heartily.

They got the mugs and plates, while Grizzly announced, Little Eric has made chocolate coated flapjack, and I have done peach and apricot slice."

Tetley lent a paw helping Shaun pour the tea, then passing the mugs around.

There were murmurs of satisfaction as the cakes were devoured. "Love the flapjack", said Shaun.

"The fruit slice is scrumptious", added Tetley.

Little Eric suddenly paused with a slice of cake halfway to his mouth. "Where's Southey. He's a real cake stuffer, and not like him to miss out."

"Don't know to be honest", replied Allen. "but like me he can smell tea a mile off."

Sure enough a few minutes later he came trotting in. "Ooh tea. Lovely."

A steaming mug was quickly passed to him and a slice of each cake put on his plate. "Thanks pals."

"So where have you been?", asked Grizzly.

"Oh seeing Dad. I bring news that we are to walk on Sunday. He would like to start from Elaine's so he has decided to redo Giggleswick Scar taking in the Celtic Wall."

"I love that walk", cheered Allen.

"Me too", went on Little Eric. Then raising his mug said, "here's to Sunday and to the best Dad in the world."


The Walk

The day was clear sunny day, such days being in short supply lately.

Even for us the drive to Elaine's is now very familiar, and Dad parked by the cafe wall arriving around 10:30.

"I'm going to have a pot of tea before setting of", Dad informed us.

"What a surprise", laughed Tetley in reply. "We'll have ours in the car, as Shaun packed the flasks before setting off."

Going in Sharon saw him, getting the usual response, "what are you doing here?" Already cafe was pretty busy.

Refreshed, Dad then got ready and soon we were off along the road to take the track left towards Stackhouse. Shortly through a gate the way is wide and grassy with a gentle climb.

"At the signpost we go right down by the wall and through a gate", advised Shaun. Then he said, "I don't really need to say as you are so familiar with the route." (Readers my wonder why the sky is so grey in this shot. That is because we have borrowed it from the story last year).

Following the clear grassy path and through a gate in left wall, it was on to another gate in next in wall to right, and then on to another gate in the wall on left.

So ignoring the path dropping right by the wall, we kept ahead, to a gated step stile and on through a broken wall to then branch left on the narrow trod and make the short climb to the large summit cairn on Giggleswick Scar.

"Come on pals", called Southey, "it's picture time."

The views were pretty clear today, Allen pointing, "that's a grand view of Pen-y-ghent." (Dad was using his iPad to take the pictures today, so like this one below they may not be quite a sharp as when he uses his Canon DLSR).

Made our descent to rejoin main path, then forked right to once again visit the Schoolboys Tower. This is associated with Giggleswick School, the tradition being that when each pupil leaves he adds a stone to the cairn.

Retraced to the main path then skirted left round the disused quarry and make a direct descent to the path through the wall.

"Ingleborough looks impressive", said Shaun.

"I get the hint", laughed Dad.

"That's nice looking to Stainforth Scar, with the many stone walls dividing the fields", said Tetley.

Walking on our way was baared by these sheep.

"That one by the path is posing for his picture", said Southey.

"Hmph", growled Allen. "No sheep picture free story again."

Striding on the path eventually comes by a wall to the right, crossing this via a stone step stile, then half left to shortly climb a ladderstile and so join path from Stackhouse. Onwards through the left of two gates and meander on to skirt a wall corner and through gate ahead.

We had gained height and Tetley commented, "Warrendale Knotts and the hills above Settle will make a nice shot.

At the next walls it was a dogleg right then immediately left to the gate in the wall ahead. On and on passing through another gate and then over a ladderstile over next wall.

"This is where we leave the this path, if we are to visit the Celtic Wall", said Allen.

Climbed right picking up a tractor track to a gate that is always locked. Nevertheless either side it is access land, so Dad nimbly climbed over.

We met three walkers here, and Dad stopped to chat with them for a little while.

Keeping straight ahead soon reached Dead Mans Cave.

This area of land is called Feizor Thwaite, and some time later we were to by accident discover that this is considered to be a summit. This is somewhere across the ground towards the Celtic Wall. So next time we come here we will have to officially bag the top. The GPS will be essential in this quest as there is no clear highest point.

Heading east, and with the Celtic Wall in sight, we paused to admire this view to Smearsett Scar with Pen-y-ghent to the right.

"I know you have taken the wall before, but it is an essential picture for our story", said Little Eric.

"And having our picture sitting on it too", insisted Tetley.

Settled again in Dad's rucksack, Dad made the steepish descent to the path below Smearsett Scar and turning left to follow the path that leads eventually into the farmyard at Elaine's.

"Look there's Brian and Gerry, the donkeys named after you and Uncle Brian", called out Grizzly. Gerry is by the fence.

"Thanks Dad, we have enjoyed this walk again", said Allen on our behalf.

"I have too", replied Dad. "I never tire of walking round here."

"The attraction of Elaine's Tearoom helps", laughed Tetley.

And this is where he went, the good thing being that we get to go in as well.

He had a ham cheese and tomato ciabatta and of course a large pot of tea. Molly, Sharon's eldest daughter looked after him. The cafe as very busy all the time.

Then it was off home but not before Dad had a chat with Uncle Jonathan.

Another grand day out.


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