Allen's 14th birthday walk


Date - 25th August 2018 & 14th September 2019 Distance - 5.25 miles
Ascent -
Map - OL41

Start point - Elaine's Tearooms (SD 7900 6768)


Summits Achieved

Name Height (ft) Height (m) Grid Ref
Feizor Thwaite 1099 335 SD 8016 6719
Smearsett Scar 1191 636 SD 8024 6780
Pot Scar 1155 352 SD 7950 6788
Feizor Nab 1043 318 SD 7904 6808



"It's my 14th birthday on Saturday", said Allen. "How the time flies. I find it hard to believe that it is nearly 8 years since I completed the Wainwright Fells. That was a momentous day I will always remember."

"You certainly and justifiably looked a very proud bear in that picture with Dad at the summit of Grizedale Pike", replied Tetley.

"So", went on Allen, "I wonder if Dad will take us for a walk to celebrate?"

"Well it is bank holiday, so I guess the Lakes will be out, and it will be very busy on the popular Yorkshire Fells", replied Southey.

"We'll have to get our thinking caps on", said Allen, but glancing out of the door, he went on, "but not before tea and cakes!"

This was prompted by the arrival of Shaun, Grizzly and Little Eric.

Southey and Tetley went and got the mugs and plates, then Tetley said, "I'll lend a paw to fill them."

"Thanks pal", replied Shaun.

Little Eric announced, "Grizzly has made cherry and ginger scones with butter and raspberry jam, and I have done chocolate coated flapjack."

"Those scones are my favourite", cheered Shaun, helping himself. Then after taking a bite, "they are delicious Grizzly."

"So is the flapjack", went on Southey.

"You are welcome", pals replied Grizzly and Little Eric in unison.

"We have been thinking about a walk on Saturday, being Allen's 14th birthday.

"We were discussing the same, while baking", replied Grizzly.

"Somewhere not too far bearing in mind it is bank holiday", mused Little Eric.

"I know we have been there a lot, but it is always nice to walk from Feizor, and it will mean Dad can go to Elaine's afterwards?", suggested Shaun.

"I think that's a good idea, and will encourage Dad", agreed Little Eric.

Allen had the iPad in paw and had opened the map app. "How about we redo all the summits. Start along the path to Stackhouse, then up onto Feizor Thwaite then Smearsett Scar and along to Pot Scar."

"Yes", agreed Tetley, who was looking over his shoulder. "Then we could perhaps go to that unnamed summit."

"That would be good as we have never been to it before", said Grizzly.

"So then what?", asked Southey.

"We would normally just walk down to the hamlet, but how about we go through Oxenber Wood?, suggested Shaun. "That will eventually drop us down to the ladderstile route between Austwick and Feizor. The paths through the woods will be new ground too."

"Great, so we have got a route, now we just need to convince Dad", said Little Eric.

"I'll go ", replied Allen, "after all it is my birthday."

So off he trotted iPad in paw, calling out, "please refill my mug."

"Tea belly" laughed Tetley, obliging.

Allen was back in short order, his face wreathed in smiles. "It's on", he cheered.

"Yippee", cheered Southey. "Here's to the best Dad in all the world.

14th September 2019
Allen here. Dad had planned to repeat this walk on my 15th birthday, but it was an extremely hot day, so it had been sensible to cancel. This was our first walk since March, because Dad needed to be home to care for our dear Uncle Brian. Whilst it was so nice to be out, the circumstances were very sad as Uncle Brian had passed away suddenly on 3rd September. Our little hearts are broken, and we are desperately sad for Dad. Friends for nearly 50 years there are so many happy memories for Dad to hold on to and remember him by. We are especially sad too for our pal Fred, who was Uncle Brian's special bear. At the summit of Smearsett Scar we sat quietly for some time with Dad, looking at the wonderful view to Ingleborough and Pen-y-ghent, and remembering with affection our dear Uncle Brian.


The Walk

We were up quite early and all wished Allen a Happy Birthday, and giving him a hug. "Thanks pals."

As we drove the ever so familiar route to Feizor, Tetley said to Dad, "I guess you will be having a pot of tea before setting off."

"Oh yes lad."

"There's no doubt who you take after, Allen", laughed Shaun.

So as Dad walked into Elaine's he was greeted by Elaine and Sue, saying, "what are you doing here."

Now suitably refreshed after the tea, Dad was then soon ready for the off.

The day was dry with quite a bit of sun but cooler than of late, but Dad was still OK in his shorts though he had his jumper on. We hopped into the rucksack, and then Dad turned left out of the car park, and along the road to take the track signed to Stackhouse.

This climbed gently passing through the gate and along by the wall on the left.

"I know it is your birthday pal and you are not keen on sheep pictures, but that one is just posing", said Southey.

"Oh I don't mind", replied Allen. "It's just great to be out and on my birthday too."

On the day in September 2019, at about the same spot there were a group and Dad quickly had the camera out. "Oh heck", called out Allen, "that's another sheep picture in the story."

"Yup", replied Tetley, with a laugh.

"That view looking back to Feizor is worth a picture Dad", said Little Eric.

"That's the unnamed summit to the right and the woods are where we will walk afterwards", said Tetley.

"I love the trees that are dotted about, adding to the landscape and the view", said Southey as we strolled on. "That one over there will add to our story too."

Soon coming to a junction Shaun said, "we keep ahead signed Stackhouse."

"That to Buck Haw Brow, was the route we took when we climbed Giggleswick Scar", commented Grizzly.

Approaching the first stile, Tetley said, "here's where we strike left uphill."

A narrow track joined a wider one that wound round to this gate.

"This gate is always locked, despite the land on either side being access land", commented Allen.

"Yes" pal agreed Dad, as he climbed over like everyone else.

"Dead Man's Cave now Dad?", asked Southey.

"Yes lad."

Dad then lined up the camera for this shot of the interior.

"Can we explore, please?", asked Southey.

"OK", agreed Dad.

So we hopped out and scampered down inside. There is the area that can be seen above, and also a narrow side passage off on the right. We peered down, Southey saying, "it is perhaps not wise to go down there, because if we get stuck, it will be hard for Dad to rescue us."

We then posed for our picture. As you can see some of us had got rather mucky...

...before we clambered out to settle back in the rucksack.

"To get to Feizor Thwaite summit, we should head slightly right", advised Shaun.

"That's a super view of Ingleborough with Pot Scar in front", remarked Grizzly.

The ground rose bit by bit, Tetley saying, "we should soon be at Feizor Thwaite."

Just minutes later, Southey called out, "here's the cairn."

"Picture time", called out Little Eric.

Settled again, Southey now said, "Celtic Wall next."

A few minutes later it came into view...

...and like before we sat on it for our picture.

This further section stands a few yards away.

It is not known how old the wall is, or exactly what purpose it served. There was, we think, an ancient settlement in the valley, so we wonder if it was built as a form of defence. Surely in the past the two remaining sections would have been joined and it could have extended further. All that is lost though in the mists of time.

Going to the right Dad now carefully made the descent near the wall to the valley, where we could look across to our next objective Smearsett Scar.

We crossed to the wall corner, meeting a couple who were heading towards Feizor. Dad stopped to chat and the lady liked us and the idea of us going on walks.

"Will you be calling in at Elaine's?", Dad asked.

"Oh yes", the gentleman replied.

Now by the wall we climbed the stile in the cross wall and then Dad made the steepish climb to Smearsett Scar and its rocky summit...

...topped by its trig point, on top of which we sat for our picture, despite it being a bit breezy.

The mountain behind us is of course Pen-y-ghent, one of the so called Three Peaks, together with Ingleborough and Whernside.

A narrow path now led from the summit towards the large pile of stones at our next summit Pot Scar.

The path meandered dropping down to the green area in the centre of the picture and then led over the stile in the cross wall...

...and climb gently to the large pile of stones at Pot Scar.

"Come on pals", encouraged Allen, "let's clamber up for picture."

"You can ride on my back pal", said Shaun to Little Eric.


The clear path led on, affording us this nice view of Feizor.

Onwards to come beside a wall to the left, and cross the stone step stile. Then we struck off left uphill on new ground to the unnamed 318m summit.

Seeing this fine conical cairn, Southey said, I hope that is the top."

He was to be disappointed as the ground rose further the summit being the distant slight grassy rise just left of centre in the shot above.

"There's no cairn", said Allen disappointedly.

"Well lad as it's your birthday I will carry a few stones to make a small one for you.

"Thanks Dad. Come on pals now it is picture time."

"What a pity does not have a name", said Southey.

"I know", replied Allen.

"It could be called Feizor Nab, as it is directly above the hamlet", mused Little Eric.

"That is a good idea,", replied Tetley. "Although not official I am for giving it that name."

"I agree", said Dad.

On the September day, Little Eric asked, "it would be nice to have a picture of the conical cairn to include in the story."

"Of course lad", replied Dad, as he lined up the camera. Pen-y-ghent, forms the backdrop.

"So descended to Feizor Nick, and then went right through the gate and immediately left into Wharfe Wood following the red banded posts.

As we strolled along, Tetley commented, "that Rowan tree is pretty."

"Hmm, lots of berries", mused Allen. "Sign of a hard winter."

"These woodlands are a mass of bluebells in May, and must be a wonderful sight", said Little Eric.

"I will have to bring you all to see them next year", replied Dad.

Back 2016, Dad had walked up on one of the usual Monday visits to Elaine's with Uncle Brian, and here are a couple of pictures

On and on the path eventually led to a stile in the wall, where it swung left through Oxenber Wood.

Coming to a junction we joined another path coming in from the right.

"We go left", instructed Shaun, "following the purple banded posts."

This led on and on, eventually descending to a gate into a field and the stiled route from Austwick to Feizor. Turning left Dad now climbed the nine ladder and step stiles to the road at Feizor.

The buildings to the left are where Elaine's tearooms are located, and now Dad's destination for refreshments.

"That was a lovely day, and has made my birthday", said Allen. "Thank you Dad."

So we now had our picnic in the car. There was a surprise for Allen too.

Grizzly said, "Little Eric and I have made you this cake."

Looking at it Allen saw that it was iced and had the words "Happy 14th Birthday."

"Thank you pals", he said, giving them a hug.

Meanwhile Dad had gone into Elaine's. He was about to sit in the lower room, when Uncle Leo popped his head round the corner, and Elaine called out, Pat and Leo are sitting in the top room."

So he sat with them to have his meal, having a long chat.

He told us , "that has rounded off my day perfectly."


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