Date - 22nd March 2020 Distance - 4 miles
Ascent -
Map - OL41
Start point - Elaine's Tearooms, Feizor (SD 7900 6768)


Summits Achieved

Name Height (ft) Height (m) Grid Ref
Feizor Thwaite 1099 335 SD 8016 6719
Smearsett Scar 1191 363 SD 8024 6780
Pot Scar 1155 352 SD 7950 6788
Feizor Nab 1043 318 SD 7904 6808



Allen and Southey were huddled over the laptop.

"What are you looking at?", asked Tetley as he strolled in.

"The pictures Dad took on the walk from Hurst Green", replied Southey. "There are lots to choose from and they will make and interesting story of our adventure."

"The leaflet about the Tolkien Walk gave lots of additional information about various places we passed, so there is lots to write about", went on Allen. "It will be quite a challenging story to write and one to take our time over."

"After nearly 400 tales, we've had plenty of practice so I am sure it will be accomplished", reassured Tetley.

Glancing away, Southey called out, "here comes Shaun, Grizzly and Little Eric with the tea and cakes."

"Great", cheered Allen, rubbing his tummy in anticipation, "I'm feeling a bit hungry."

"No change there then", laughed Tetley, as he went to help Shaun fill the mugs with tea.

"Thanks pal", said Shaun.

"So we are having a scone day", announced Little Eric. "Grizzly has made a choice of fruit or cheese, while I have made cherry and ginger."

"There is butter raspberry jam and cream", went on Grizzly.

Well we all tucked in and for a while there was just quiet.

"They are quite delicious", said Allen.

"I can see", replied Grizzly, "that's your fourth."

"Good job we made plenty", said Little Eric, "we've all had at least two or three."

"Allen and I have to live up to our cake stuffer reputation", after all said Southey.

Then our thoughts turned to more serious matters.

"This Coronavirus is going to stop the country in its tracks", said Shaun, "and sadly thousands of people will die before it is over."

"That could take months", said Tetley. "Everywhere will be closed and there will only be walks for us from home or very close to home."

"Dad has decided to take us for a walk on Sunday from Elaine's", informed Grizzly. "It will likely to be the last time for months he will be able to go there, as the tearoom will be closed, and any way it is hardly local."

"Here's to Sunday then", cheered Southey, raising his mug.


The Walk

The day was dry with blue skies but breezy at times and cool.

"Not shorts weather", remarked Tetley.

"No lad, that's for sure", replied Dad.

From the car park Dad went left and then shortly left again on the path signed to Stackhouse, through the gate and climbing gently across the open pasture.

As the ascent levelled and we approached the first stile, Shaun pointed, "best to take the left fork here."

This brought us to a junction where it was left to wind on uphill.

Here we paused to look back on our route so far. "That's Austwick in the distance", commented Grizzly.

"What a lovely pastoral scene", said Southey. "Oh, how fortunate I was to be the one of many of my brothers to be adopted by Dad on that day at the Wordsworth Hotel. And for you pals to let me join the walking club."

"You're welcome", replied Allen. "We have lots of fun and laughs together."

Very soon we arrived at the gate in the wall. Despite both sides being access land, the gate is always locked, so as normal Dad made short work of climbing over.

"Let's have a look again at Dead Man's Cave", said Little Eric.

Today we contented ourselves with just peering down inside, having explored it in the past.

"Feizor Thwaite summit next", called out Allen.

"Yes pal", agreed Shaun. "We need to turn left, then drift a little right to find the cairn. I have the grid reference, so can use the GPS to guide us."

The ground ahead rose gently, and a few minutes later Tetley called out, "there's the cairn."

"Come on pals, picture time", cried Southey.

Off again, we headed to the Celtic Wall that almost immediately came into view.

Behind on the far side of the valley is the ridge, that at its southern end culminates at its highest point, Smearsett Scar.

"Our next objective", pointed Tetley.

"That's a fine view of Pen-y-ghent with Plover Fell at its left end", pointed Little Eric. This is one of the Yorkshire Three Peaks, together with Ingleborough and Whernside.

A short steep descent by the wall brought us into the valley, with this superb view of the ridge towards Pot Scar that we would walk along.

Crossing the path between Feizor and Stainforth, we kept by the wall to the right, then climbed the stile and climbed on steeply by the wall, to then go left up the slope to the trig point and shelter at Smearsett Scar.

"Before any of you say anything, it is too windy to sit on top today", stated Dad.

"We know", replied Southey.

We paused to look around at the extensive views, before, with us safely tucked in the rucksack again, Dad strode out on the clear path along the scar.

The highest point is Pot Scar topped by a huge pile of stones, were we had our picture taken again. Strolling on, Allen soon called out, "there's Feizor. There are a few more cars than when we set off."

The path dropped down and led across to come beside a wall that we crossed using the stone step stile.

"Are we going to the unnamed summit, that we now call Feizor Nab as suggested by Little Eric?", asked Grizzly.

"Oh yes of course lad", replied Dad. "It is a standard part of this walk now."

So immediately Dad went left the path climbing and drifting away right, passing this fine conical cairn.

"There's the highest point", called out Southey. "That small grassy rise a little to the left ahead."

As we arrived Grizzly said, "here's the small cairn you built for us Dad, on our first visit.

"There's still a bit of snow in the gullies on Ingleborough", commented Little Eric. "That's the top of Crummack Dale in the foreground. We have walked round there a few times."

Having settled in the rucksack, Dad reversed the route, then went more to the left.

"That tree will make a nice picture?", suggested Allen.

"Look, sheep", pointed Southey. "That one sitting down is posing."

"Hmph", grunted Allen, "there goes the sheep picture free story."

At a path it was left to the gates and cattle pens at Feizor Nick.

Here it was left down to towards Feizor.

"Those trees against the blue sky will be another good picture", said Grizzly.

At the bottom of the hill, a gate gives access to the hamlet with its pretty stone houses. By a wall these flowers gave a splash of spring colour...

...and a little further we passed the old village pump and trough...

...to arrive back at Elaine's.

"There's Uncle Leo and Aunt Pat's car", pointed Tetley.

As Dad was getting his boots off they arrived back from their walk and they chatted.

The tearoom now has to close by order of the Government due to the virus. So Dad said his goodbyes to Elaine, Sharon, Sue and Molly for the foreseeable future. How long it will be before the virus finally disappears no one knows. So he has to be patient, but eventually life will get back to normal and Monday will once again be Feizor day as Uncle Brian used to day.

Take-away was allowed, so Dad came home with a plated delicious beef dinner for his tea.

Finally before we left, Dad took this of Uncle Jonathan's cattle.

"Thank you Dad for a lovely walk", said Grizzly, as we drove home.

"We will be back here again in the future", went on Tetley.

"Of that there is no doubt", replied Dad. "It may be some months, but as Arnie says, 'I'll be back'"


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