Date - 27th March 2020 & 28th October 2020, 27th January 2021 & 28th November 2023
Distance - 6.5 miles (7 miles - January 2021), (6.75 miles - November 2023
Ascent - 250ft
Map - 296
Start point - Hayfell Ave, Morecambe (SD 4406 6328)


Summits Achieved

No summits were reached on this walk



"The weather is so good at present, perfect for the Lakes", said Southey sadly, "but travelling any distance is not allowed due to the pandemic."

"I know pal, it is really annoying, but we have to obey the rules", replied Allen.

"Maybe Dad will take us out locally", suggested Tetley. "Perhaps we can come up with an idea. I know it will probably be a repeat, but it least we will get some fresh air and enjoy the sunshine."

Thinking was however put on hold for a little while, with the arrival of Shaun with the tea and Grizzly and Little Eric with the cakes.

"Come on cake stuffer", said Southey to Allen, "let's get he mugs and plates."

Tetley then lent a paw to help Shaun pour the tea. "Thanks pal."

Little Eric announced, "we have done tray bakes today. There is chocolate topped flapjack from Grizzly, and I have made blueberry slice."

"Ooh that's a new one", said Southey, taking a slice and taking a bite. "It's delicious", pal.

"As it the flapjack", went on Shaun.

"So", said Tetley. "We need an idea for a walk. ideally from home."

After a few moments thought, Shaun said, "why not do the Heaton with Oxcliffe one. I know we have done it a few times, but there are not too many options available."

"I do not mind", said Little Eric. "It will just be nice to be in the fresh air and enjoy the sunshine."

Allen drained his mug, then said, "I'll go and see what Dad says."

Tetley said, "you had better fill his mug again, as we all know what a tea belly he is."

"Just like Dad", laughed Southey, "and to be honest like me now."

Allen was soon back. "Dad is happy about our suggestion. He suggests just going along Hampsfell to the cycle track, rather than down Westgate and in a circle. By doing this he says we can make it a separate story"

"Sounds great", cheered Grizzly.

28th October 2020
The weather this week is very unsettled in contrast to March. Being the only free day Dad had for walking, we decided to repeat this, one reason being it starts from home, so Dad did not have to drive. The day was sunshine and heavy showers and a few times we dived inside the rucksack to keep dry. Not so for Dad, when a particularly heavy rain and hail storm passed over as we were walking the track from Oxcliffe Lane. Nevertheless Dad said it was good to get out in the fresh air and for us all to get some more miles under of paws.

27th January 2021
Apart from Monday when we had walked from Condor Green, today was the only other decent day for weather this week, so Dad agreed to repeat this walk. Everywhere was damp after the rain yesterday. Hardly any wind, so misty over the fields and poor visibility generally. A little variation of the route in that instead of walking through Asda, we took the road to Salt Ayre Leisure Centre and joined the cycleway there. Added distance too, in that Dad went via the pharmacy to collect this prescription.

28th November 2023
For a few days the weather has become settled. Sunny cold days and frosty nights. Dad has been busy so it was decided to walk from home, repeating this walk. We were surprised that it is almost two years ago. Clear views all round. Rather boggy across the fields to the farms. Joined the cycleway at Asda, and walked to Duck Pond Corner, going left along Peter's Path to Altham Road and so home. This accounts for the slight variation in the distance.


The Walk

The day was sunny throughout and mild, as we got settled in the rucksack ready for the off.

As Dad locked the back door, Grizzly said, "the garden is looking very neat and the heather adds a nice splash of colour. Let's include a picture to start the story."

From the gate it was right then shortly left on Hampsfell Drive to join the cycleway where we turned left.

This took us past Westgate school that like all others is currently closed, and so to Westgate. Dad crossed carefully, although there was little traffic, and then walked right passing the caravan parks.

"There's the footpath sign", pointed Tetley. "The path is narrow and goes between the caravans. It was overgrown last time."

"It doesn't look very accessible and the fence looks ready to collapse at any moment.", commented Little Eric as we peered down.

"Best to walk along Westcliffe Drive", said Shaun.

Near its end the route was then right again between caravan parks.

Arrow straight, it eventually swung left to bring us to Oxcliffe Road.

Although not necessary, as Dad knew the route, Allen said, "it's right here."

Dad strode out, passing after a little while Fanny House Farm, where in just a short way, our way was left, as indicated by this signpost halfway up a tall lamppost.

"That's hardly bear friendly", laughed Allen, craning his neck to read it.

This pointed us along the wide tarmac track between fields and towards the wind turbines.

Dad strode out, and we looked about. Grizzly pointed, "the gorse is in full bloom. We have walked along below there on another of our local outings."

Tetley laughed, " I remember the first time. After crossing the railway we entered a housing estate, that was just a maze of streets. It took Dad a little while to find his way out."

"Oh yes lad. I felt we were going round in circles."

Where this track turned right, by which stands this tree, the picture taken in January...

...Shaun reminded Dad, "it's straight on for a few yards then left over the stile."

A reinforced path by the hedge led to a bridge, where it was slightly left to a wooden footbridge and beyond up to Downlands Farm. As Dad walked across in January, Tetley remarked, "the fields are not a boggy as I thought they might be."

Beyond the buildings we followed the access. "That tree will make a nice shot, looking back to the farm", suggested Little Eric.

Next we passed North Farm, with its impressive sign.

Then past the entrance to Moss Side Farm. "That's pretty with the spring flowers", said Southey.

The track took us on towards the bypass road. Just before, Shaun called out, "we take the path left through that gate."

Unlike previous times it was padlocked. "That is definitely the footpath", said Dad.

The gate was extra tall, but he said, "I will not be beaten", as he climbed over.

The path became parallel with the road then passed under via a cattle creep, and then left on a broad grassy track.

Sheep were grazing, and Dad snapped these two shots. "Hmph", grunted Allen. "No sheep picture free story today."

On the January day, the tall gate was still padlocked, and as Dad headed towards it, Grizzly called out, "just look how flooded the path is on the other side. Maybe better to walk up to the bypass?"

"I agree", replied Dad.

Having carefully crossed the road, steps led down to a track and turning left we soon passed the cattle creep and continued on the broad track.

"Right", said Shaun, "we continue past the communications station and towards the embankment."

"It's gone!", exclaimed Tetley loudly. "The communications station, it's gone."

We were gobsmacked as there was no trace whatsoever that it had ever existed. "Good grief", said Grizzly. "I am not even sure exactly where it was sited."

And to prove it was once there, here is a picture from a previous story of this walk. This was taken in January 2017.

The track led to steps up over the embankment.

"Time for our picture", said Southey. "We can sit on the steps."

"Quite agreed Little Eric, we have to appear at least once."

A few yards across the grass brought us onto the road by the River Lune. It was high tide. "How beautiful and tranquil", commented Allen.

The road took us past The Golden Ball Hotel, which like all others is closed due to the virus. "I wonder how many months it will be before it can reopen?", mused Tetley.

At the roundabout we kept straight on to Asda, crossing the car park to join the cycleway left towards Morecambe. By way of a variation, in January we took the road to Salt Ayre Leisure Centre, to join the cycleway.

We left this to then walk along Westgate and so home.

"Thanks Dad for taking us out", said Southey.

"We have all enjoyed it added", Tetley. "It was worth it to get the surprise of the disappearance of the communications station."


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