Date - 20th May 2020 Distance - 3.75 miles
Ascent -
Map - OL41
Start point - Elaine's Tearooms, Feizor (SD 7900 6768)


Summits Achieved

Name Height (ft) Height (m) Grid Ref
Feizor Thwaite 1099 335 SD 8016 6719
Smearsett Scar 1191 363 SD 8024 6780



Tetley arrived with the post to find Allen and Southey huddled over the laptop.

"What are you on with pals?"

Southey replied, "looking at the pictures Dad took on the walk from Crook. They have turned out well, so there will be plenty to include in our account of that adventure."

"Those he took of the sheep and lambs are good so I am not going to get away with a sheep picture free story", moaned Allen.

"Never mind", said Tetley. "There will only be very few overall." Then he said, "the Dalesman and Lake District magazines have arrived. Here are yours, pals."

"Thanks", said Southey for them both.

Allen glanced out of the door. "Great", he cheered here comes the tea and cakes."

"I'll get the mugs and plates", volunteered Southey.

This done, Tetley helped Shaun pour the tea. "Thanks pal", said Shaun.

Grizzly announced. The cake today is chocolate caramel shortbread from me, and Little Eric has made chocolate topped flapjack."

"Two of our very favourites", said Allen, helping himself to a piece of each.

So contented there was quiet for a while.

"Another mug of tea, Tetley?, asked Shaun.

"Yes please."

He also refilled Allen and Southey's mugs, as both being tea bellies, he did not need to ask.

"The cakes are scrumptious", enthused Southey.

"So I see", laughed Little Eric, "that's your third piece."

"Just keeping up with Allen", he replied laughing.

Then turning our thoughts to walking Shaun said, "I bring news of our next walk on Wednesday. Dad has written to Aunt Freda to see how she is going on, after Uncle Mel's death a few weeks ago. From this he had found out that she and her daughter are meeting up with Uncle Leo and Aunt Pat at Feizor. So Dad has decided to go and see them all and have fish and chips for lunch."

"That will be super", cheered Allen. "Good for Dad to see friends and have company."

Shaun went on, "the plan is to get there soon after 10:30 so we can have a walk before the meet up at 13:00. Uncle Leo and Aunt Pat are getting there early too so they can have a walk. It would be lovely if we could all walk together, but that will not be possible under the COVID-19 restrictions."

"So what is Dad's plan?", asked Grizzly.

"To take the path towards Stainforth the cross Feizor Thwaite, and down and up to Smearsett Scar then drop down and walk to Feizor Nick and down to the hamlet."

"Super", cheered Little Eric. "Here's to Wednesday."


The Walk

Another beautiful warm and sunny day greeted us, as Dad got his gear loaded, then with us settled on the front seat, we took the ever so familiar drive to Feizor, arriving about 10:35.

Soon after Pat and Leo arrived and they chatted for a little while before we went our separate ways.

"How nice it will be when we will be able to walk again together", commented Tetley, as we strolled down the lane to go left at the signpost and take the path through the gate towards Stainforth.

Beyond the clear track climbed gently, Dad pausing after a few minutes to take this shot looking back to Feizor.

Sheep and lambs were grazing. "Oh dear", sighed Allen, "I am not going to be able to stop you getting some pictures."

"Never mind, pal", sympathized Southey. "It is only a short walk, so we need a good few pictures for the story."

And sure enough, almost immediately opportunities presented themselves to Dad.

"That lamb", pointed Grizzly.

"And that ewe and lamb", whispered Shaun.

"Huh, you are all ganging up on me", said Allen, laughing.

A few yards further on the opposite side of the path this group of cattle were lazing in the sun. "They're Uncle Jonathan's", said Tetley.

Striding on we passed the path junction, where right leads to Giggleswick Scar.

Although Dad needed no directions Shaun any way, "we got straight on towards that cross wall, but before take the left fork and and follow the track as is winds uphill to the gate in the wall.

Dad of course had to climb over, as it is padlocked shut. Not of the first time, Tetley said, "I do not know why as the map clearly shows that the either side is access land."

"Another one of lifes' mysteries", mused Grizzly.

Keeping ahead in yards we arrived at Dead Man's Cave.

"We have explored the cave in the past", commented Little Eric. "I guess we will give that a miss today."

"Yes", agreed Dad.

So heading ahead and a little right we made for the small cairn that marks the summit of Feizor Thwaite. For whatever reason again today Dad had some difficulty locating it.

"There?", pointed Allen to a protruding rock.

"No lad", replied Dad.

He cast about wandering right. "We've gone too far", said Shaun.

So he headed left and after a bit more wandering around, Tetley finally pointed, "there it is."

"Thank goodness", stated Dad. "I do not know why I seem to have a problem finding it.

So quickly we scrambled out of the rucksack, Little Eric calling out , "picture time."

Looking east, Southey said, "there's Pen-y-ghent with Plover Fell at the left end of the ridge. Worth a picture despite there being a bit of haze."

Shortly then we reached the Celtic Wall.

"I know we have had our picture taken here a few times in the past, will you take it again today?", asked Tetley.

"Sure lads", replied Dad. "Now get settled", he went on as he lined up the camera.

Back in the rucksack, Dad strode off, crossing right to come beside the wall and then carefully make the steepish descent towards the valley.

"I know you have taken this picture many times, but it is always worth including the shot of the Pot Scar ridge", said Allen.

Onwards we crossed the path from Feizor to Stainforth, and then along by the wall. Once over the ladderstile, the steep ascent followed to finally reach the summit of Smearsett Scar.

"Picture time", called out Southey. "Sadly though it's too windy to sit on the top of the trig point."

Dad had taken off his cap as it nearly blew away, and this was to have a bearing on how we now completed our return to Feizor.

Having got back into the rucksack, Shaun said, "if we are going to return via Feizor Nick, we need to head down north to gain that path", he pointed .

So off Dad went making steady progress, after a while Dad commenting, "the sun is a bit hot on my head."

"That's because you have left your cap on the summit", said Tetley.

The rest of us tried not to laugh, but we just could not help ourselves.

"Oh heck!" exclaimed Dad, as he turned round to slog up the slope.

"I can just hear Uncle Brian laughing and saying stupid boy", said Grizzly.

"Hats and sticks seem to be your nemesis", laughed Shaun. "It must be about four sticks you have lost or left over the years and it is not the first cap you have lost."

"No lad", replied Dad. "I dropped my NASA cap while out with Uncle Bob in Yorkshire, and I recall leaving one in the same manner as today on Hen Comb"

"Just what are you like", laughed Allen.

Soon the summit was regained and his hat retrieved.

Looking at the time, Shaun said, "we have to be back for 13:00, so it is no longer feasible to go via the Nick."

"Yes", agreed Dad. "We'll descend by the initial route and use the Stainforth-Feizor path."

Through the wall and over the hill to the right, we soon came into sight of Feizor once again.

Continuing the path came beside the substantial stone wall, which was climbed via this step stile...

...to then follow the continuing path shortly into the farmyard at Elaine's, arriving just a short while after 13:00.

Aunt Pat and Uncle Leo, Aunt Freda and her daughter Beverley were already there, and they set up a table and chairs to sit on. Dad kept his social distance sitting close by. While chatting with them, he enjoyed the delicious fish chips and peas and tea. So nice to see them all and have some lovely company.

A gentleman and his Thai wife, who Dad had met before some years ago at Elaine's were there too. They are friends of Uncle Leo and Aunt Pat. For a while Dad chatted to Uncle Leo and the gentleman. There was amusement and laughter as Dad recounted leaving his cap at Smearsett Scar.

His wife recalled that Dad collected bears, and she fussed first our pals, Mei Li Red Panda, Lenny Lemur and Zebadee the zebra. She them came to see us, and picked us all up individually while Dad told her our names and the order we had joined the club. We loved the attention!!

We were a very happy group as Dad drove us home, after another grand day out.


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