Date - 14th October 2020 Distance - 6.25 miles
Ascent -
Map - OL7
Start point - Parking by Lindeth Lane (SD 4147 9420)


Summits Achieved

No summits were reached on this walk



Allen, Tetley and Southey were huddled over the laptop, when Shaun, Grizzly and Little Eric arrived with the tea and cakes.

"What are you looking at pals?", asked Little Eric.

"All the pictures Dad took while we were on holiday at Armathwaite Hall", replied Southey. "Besides those taken on our two walks there are so many from around the hotel too.

"Enough for Fletcher and pals to write a story as well", commented Tetley.

"It's going to keep Dad very busy typing up the accounts", replied Shaun. "It will need plenty of time, so we must be patient, if it takes a week to two for them to come to fruition."

"We had a truly wonderful time", said Allen. "It is so good that we can go regularly now and get out for walks. However, I know we all wish that Uncle Brian was still alive and still going with Dad." Saying this his eyes filled up with tears.

Tetley put a consoling paw on his shoulder. "I know pal. We miss Uncle Brian so much."

A sure way of cheering Allen was up to have tea, so Southey went and got the plates and mugs, then helped Shaun pour the tea.

"Thanks pal."

"So what cakes have we got today?", asked Tetley.

"Chorley cakes from me", replied Grizzly, "and Little Eric has made blueberry slice."

"Yummy", called out Allen, taking one of each. Then, "the slice is delicious Little Eric."

"As are the Chorley cakes", went on Shaun.

"So I see", he replied, "you are on your second already."

So all content, Tetley said, "there are days down to walk with Uncle Eric this week. Tuesday or Wednesday."

Grizzly picked up the iPad and navigated to the Met Office app. "Looks like Wednesday will be the best day. I wonder if we can get Uncle Eric to suggest a walk, as Dad and us have been busy since getting home."

"I am sure, he will have some ideas in play", replied Allen. "It will be a nice surprise."

In the evening Dad spoke to Uncle Eric, and Wednesday was agreed for the walk. He came to tell us, saying "we are going to walk in the Winster valley."

"Super", cheered Shaun. "That is a beautiful area."


The Walk

We made sure to be up early, and dashed out to the car when Dad called out, "I'm ready to go."

As we headed to the Bay Gateway to access the M6, Southey asked, "what is the route to the meeting place."

"Much the same as when we walked from Bowland Bridge, except that we ignore that turning and keep on along the A5074", replied Shaun.

Allen went on, "the instructions say to park at the Brown Horse public house. However as Dad and Uncle Eric will not be eating there afterwards, the alternative is to continue a little way, and park on the rough area by the junction with Lindeth Lane."

When we arrived there it was full of works vehicles, Little Eric saying, "oh heck, what ever are we to do now."

Having passed, Dad drove on along the narrow road until he could find a convenient place to turn round. In the intervening time, some of the vehicles had gone, so there was space to park. "Phew", said Little Eric with relief in his voice.

We called out a cheery good morning to Uncle Eric, and our pals Barnaby and Lee who always come along to see him went for a chat.

Dad soon ready we settled in the rucksack, Shaun saying, "we walk up Lindeth Lane and then go left along a track that will take us to the main road again."

At the road we paused to view the onwards route. Southey had his face in the map. "It's along the grassy path opposite, between the walls, then at the corner we follow the left hand wall."

The path was grassy, but after the second gate became a rough track, with the wall still to the left, and open woodland to the right.

This led to a junction of paths with this three-armed signpost.

Smiling and with a laugh, Tetley remarked, "we do not want to go to the A5074, so there is no doubt the route is up the track half right."

"Nice hints of autumn colours in the trees", remarked Grizzly.

Strolling on, Southey suddenly said, "what is that bird sitting on the verge?"

"A young pheasant", replied Allen.

"Look at that holly tree full of berries. Reminder that Christmas is not too far off", observed Little Eric.

Tetley remarked, "the way Covid-19 is resurgent across the country, Christmas will pretty much be cancelled this year."

"No problem for Dad. He and Uncle Brian hated Christmas", laughed Allen.

"You're right lads. I will be very happy for us to be safe at home on our own."

A tractor and trailer appeared coming towards us, so Dad and Uncle Eric stood on the verge to let it pass. Looking back, we noted that sitting in the trailer were a number of country gentleman wearing masks with their dogs. Then strolling on we passed a group of about a dozen more.

"I wonder where they are going?", mused Shaun.

"Another of lifes' mysteries", replied Grizzly.

Southey said, "shortly we need to look out for a track with a recessed gateway on the left."

Soon, Tetley called out, "this must be it."

The track descended through more woodland, the ground carpeted with the fall of bronze leaves. "How beautiful", said Southey. "Nature is truly wonderful."

Out of the woodland, Grizzly pointed, "that's Winster House, nestling amongst the trees. The Internet is mostly silent about the house, other than to state it carries Grade II listed status."

"Lovely colours in the trees", commented Little Eric.

"What's the building on the right?", asked Allen.

"The former stable block of Winster House", replied Grizzly.

"Our route is left", called out Shaun.

This wide track led through more superb woodland, to a gate into pasture. Here Southey instructed, "we should walk on for 100 yards, and then go through the gate on the right and then immediately through the gate left."

Here in the huge pasture, Shaun advised, "we cross to the gate in the far right corner."

Looking right, Tetley called out, "look at that wavy wall. It reminds me of the one on Lingmoor."

"Look at that tree", pointed Grizzly. "Seemingly just growing out of the rock."

At the far side and beyond the gate, it was then on by the wood, to follow the wall round the end, to a gate onto the road.

"Turn right and walk to the A5074", instructed Shaun.

Uphill, this took us past the Winster Parish Rooms, a plaque informing us that they had been built by the people of the village in 1904.

Turning right along the main road, eagle-eyed Little Eric, spotted the postbox. "Please take a picture Dad."

Then passing the Brown Horse Inn...

...we came to this stone step stile in the wall on left. "That's the route and Thorneyfields is our next destination", called out Southey.

A narrow path climbed steeply to a gate, after which we followed a winding path over grass.

"Wow", called out Allen. "There's a terrific view of the fells."

"What can I see?", asked Southey.

"Swirl How, Great Carrs and then Wetherlam in the centre. To the right are the Crinkle Crags, with Bowfell on the far right."

The winding path led to another gate, where Tetley called out, "there is another terrific view of the whole Coniston Fells. From the left the highest point is Coniston Old Man, the going right is Brim Fell the ridge dropping to the dip that is Levers Hause. Right of that the flat ridge is Swirl How, with right and behind Great Carrs. Wetherlam is at the far right. There is a distant summit poking up behind Wetherlam, which I think is Scafell Pike."

"Thank you" replied Southey. "You are so knowledgeable."

We haven't had our picture taken yet", said Grizzly. "Let's sit on that rock."

Now Shaun said, "through the gate, we follow the path to a gate in the wall to the right. Then make the descent to a wide track, and turn left."

This led on and on, first passing this pretty tarn with its little island...

...and through gates to pass below the tree clad slopes of Bow Mabble Breast...

...and so reach the few dwellings of Thorneyfields

Beyond we followed the tarmac track that led to a road at a bend. "If this is the t-junction referred to in the instructions, then we go right", advised Southey.

At the bottom of the hill, Shaun said, "something is not right, that house Bateman Fold in on the wrong side." Then looking at the map he said, "ah, that was not the t-junction, rather the end of the access from Thorneyfields. There we should have just kept straight on."

"I'm sorry", said Southey as Dad and Uncle Eric turned round. "I misdirected you."

"Don't worry lad", said Dad.

At the corner we turned right and climbed on coming to the t-junction. "Now we go right for about 50 yards" called out Southey, "then take the track left that is called Green Lane."

The walled track climbed through more glorious woodland, with good views of the Winster valley. "How lovely it is along here", mused Little Eric.

Eventually the path began to descend and here we met the only other walkers today. A young couple from Ayrshire who were holidaying in Bowness. Dad and Uncle Eric stopped to chat for a while.

Shaun said, "the instructions warn of us needing to negotiate puddles across the path."

Very soon Allen said, "here's the first one."

Having negotiated this, we walked on, a few minutes later stopping so that Uncle Eric could have a little rest. "Let's sit on the wall and have our picture taken", suggested Grizzly.

"Good idea", agreed Allen. "One thing is for sure we are not camera shy."

"We must get that from Dad", laughed Tetley. "Uncle Brian used to say to him, 'you must have kept Kodak going'." (for younger readers Kodak made camera film that then needed to be developed to produce the pictures. Now obsolete in this digital age).

Further on the view opened out towards Stonehills Tarn. "Lovely reflections", mused Shaun. "Worth a picture Dad."

Soon the track became surfaced as we passed a house and then arrived at its junction with Lindeth Lane. Pointing to the track directly opposite, Allen said, "there's the track we walked at the beginning."

So, turning left we soon arrived at the cars, having crossed this hurrying stream.

A white car was parked behind Uncle Eric's, and he commented "it's brand new having a 70 registration."

By chance the owners a lady and gentleman arrived at the same time.

Uncle Eric having commented on the car, the gentleman said, "it is electric and we are very pleased with it indeed."

Uncle Eric then said, "it is not a local registration."

"No", the gentleman replied, "we are from Yorkshire, but have come over for a few days to celebrate my wife's 60th birthday."

Dad asked, "where are you staying."

"It's a secret", the lady replied. "A surprise for my birthday."

Dad then asked, "where in Yorkshire are you from."

"Thirsk", he replied.

"Ah, famous for James Herriot", Dad said.

"Quite" he said. "In fact we know Julian and his wife Ann very well. She is a very good violinist and this is how we met." (Just to clarify he was referring to the vet Julian Norton, who appears in the Yorkshire Vet programme broadcast on Channel 5).

Dad assumed then that the gentleman too was a musician.

Saying our goodbyes we wished them an enjoyable stay in the Lake District.

"That was a super day, Uncle Eric", said Allen. "Thank you for suggesting this walk."

"You are welcome", he replied.

So with the next walk date fixed, we said our goodbyes and headed home.

Grand day!


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