On 26th March 2023 Grizzly passed 6000 miles walked


Date - 19th March 2021, 4th June 2021 & 26th March 2023
Distance - 7 miles
Ascent -
520 ft
Map - OL41 Start point -Scorton picnic area (SD 5042 5041)


Summits Achieved

No summits were reached on this walk



Allen and Tetley were looking intently at the iPad, and were deep in discussion.

"What are you on with?, asked Southey as he came into the room.

"Oh", said Allen, "you made me jump."

"Sorry pal."

"We have been trying to find a new area to walk, while keeping fairly local. Not too easy bearing in mind all the walks we have done", said Tetley. "I am pleased to say we have an idea. I'll let Allen tell you."

"On the walks in Bowland that we did in 2015, we used parts of the Wyre Way. So why not walk some more of that, we thought. Then there was the need to find a place to park, and looking at the map Tetley spotted the car park of the Scorton Picnic Area. It is just a little way off the A6, and the Wyre Way runs right past it."

"Sounds promising pals", said Southey. "Well done."

Allen was about to go on when he saw Shaun coming with Little Eric and Grizzly. "Ooh tea and cakes. That must come first."

"Of course tea belly and cake stuffer", replied Tetley, letting out a bellow of laughter.

He got the mugs and plates, passing the latter round.

Grizzly said, "I have made Chorley Cakes and Little Eric has done chocolate caramel shortbread."

"Two of our most favourites", cheered Southey. "Thanks as always."

So there was quiet for a while as we downed our tea, and enjoyed the wonderful cakes Grizzly and Little Eric had made. Allen these days has his match with Southey for cake stuffing, Little Eric commenting, "you are each on your fourth."

"Well both are truly delicious", replied Allen.

"What about the proposed routes for walks you were telling me about?", said Southey.

"I'll let Tetley continue with that."

Briefly Tetley told us the discovery of the Scorton Picnic Site, then said, "Allen and I have ideas for two walks. Here, I'll show you on the map."

We gathered round, Tetley pointing, "first in a south loop. The Wyre Way to Scorton, then continuing south to then head east and walk through Grize Dale below Nicky Nook. Then north to Sykes Farm where we cross west to the start."

"That looks a great walk", said Little Eric. "I am sure Dad will approve."

By now Allen had had his fill, so took over to indicate the second walk. "This one is a loop to the north. Again starting on the Wyre Way all the way to Street Bridge. Then return on these footpaths past Salisbury Farm and Foxhouses."

"Super", agreed Grizzly. "All of it will be new ground. Thank you both for researching this and devising the routes."

Shaun said, "what are the weather prospects?"

"Monday looks OK", replied Little Eric. "We could see if Dad will do say the south loop."

"I'll go", volunteered Allen, grabbing the iPad and making for the door.

"I know he said he was full, but he's bound to want another mug of tea", said Tetley.

"I know", replied Shaun, refilling Allen's mug.

He soon returned, with a big smile on his face. "The south loop one is on for Monday."

"Great", cheered Grizzly, "can't wait."


4th June 2021
Wanting to avoid the crowds during the half term holidays, we decided to repeat this walk. A sunny day and warm, so Dad was glad to be in just t-shirt and shorts. Much better conditions underfoot, due the recent dry sunny weather, so there was no ploughing through mud and Dad's boots were still completely clean at the end. The trees were now in full leaf and the blossom out in the trees, and the bluebells and other wild flowers in the woods and hedgerows, making it a joy to be out this the beautiful countryside. This is a really lovely walk, and we were so happy to be doing it again. Dad took some pictures, some of which we have added to our original story, to illustrate the contrast in the seasons.

26th March 2023
After and unsettled week today was dry and quite sunny, although clouding over as time went on. We decided to repeat this delightful walk. The conditions underfoot were much the same as when we first did the walk, and hardly surprising as there had been lots of rain. We met many people enjoying the countryside like us, particularly through Grize Dale. For our pal Grizzly, the walk was significant as he passed 6000 miles walked. He joins Shaun and Tetley in this achievement.


The Walk

Dad had the route in mind to get to the start, and as he indicated left onto the Bay Gateway towards the M6, Shaun said, "wouldn't be easier to go through Lancaster."

"Yes lad, but Uncle Tom, who lives behind us works at the university, and he told me there are temporary traffic lights on the A6 there, which cause long delays. So to avoid them I am using the M6 to junction 33, there joining the A6."

From there it was just a few miles until the sharp left turn onto Hollins Lane. Allen now said, "we want the first right across the railway and then just follow the road until we cross Cleveley Bridge. The car park is just a short way on the left."

This road was single track between hedges for part of the way, so Dad was glad not to meet any vehicles coming the opposite way, especially a tractor!

Dad got ready, meanwhile we snuggled into the rucksack. The day was pleasant with some sun but cool in the wind.

"OK", said Dad has he shouldered the rucksack, "where do we go Shaun?"

"Right out of the car park and take the wide track left just before the bridge, onto the Wyre Way."

The gate was padlocked so Dad climbed the stile on the left.

"Great a dry path", said Grizzly. "Let's hope we have plenty of them today, after all the mud we have encountered recently."

The fact that there is a private sign on the gate, and the warning notice about the area being patrolled should perhaps have made us doubt Grizzly's assertion. And sure enough it was not long before Southey pointed, "there's a waymark and sign directing us left."

Ongoing we were on a narrow path between a fence and hedge, Grizzly saying, "oh dear, I spoke too soon."

"Yuck", said Dad, as he paddled on, "mind you I am not surprised. There has been so much rain."

A stile led into a field. "Oh more mud", called out Little Eric.

The path was by the fence and we continued along the stiled and gated route.

"There's a restoration project and a half", laughed Tetley.

Shortly now we crossed a footbridge and walked on to a gate by this little stone bridge spanning Park Brook. "The route is over the bridge then follow the path left between fences", advised Southey.

"It's a wonder that tree in the centre has not caused more damage to the structure", commented Allen.

The path led over another footbridge and soon to the road, where we turned right into..

The village is pretty, Grizzly saying, "this is the former impressive gatehouse to Wyresdale Park."

Soon we passed St Peter's Church.

Grizzly told us, "the church was built in 1878–79 for the Ormrod family of Bolton and Wyresdale Hall, the architects being Paley and Austin of Lancaster. It cost £14,000 and provided seating for 250 people. Its plan consists of a nave and chancel under a continuous roof, a north aisle, south porch, and a west tower surmounted by a broach spire. The building and the red roofed lychgate carry Grade 11 listed status."

"Thanks lad", said Dad. "The spire is a landmark from the M6 and in those days when I was working away and travelling home from the south, seeing it meant I was thankfully nearly home."

Southey issued instructions, "take the next left Tithe Barn Lane that passes under the M6."

Beyond the motorway, Allen said, "look a seat. Good place to sit for our picture."

Striding on up the road, on the day in June, Allen called out, "those laburnum and rhododendrons will make a lovely picture."

Shaun said, "we will come to Mytten Hall where the the road bends sharp left. Just after we need to find the path right across pasture. We will still be on the Wyre Way."

"There's the signpost", called out Little Eric.

More soft ground here as Dad made his way to come by the fence on the left to a gate between these two trees.

"Just look at the mud!", exclaimed Tetley.

At the far side of the next field there were two sets of waymarks. "This is where we finally leave the Wyre Way and take the leftward path along by Woodacre Great Wood", instructed Southey.

"That is not how the map shows it", said Grizzly, "but there is no doubting the direction of the waymark."

At the far side we drifted a little left to a gate and across the next field. Here we joined a grassy path descending towards Throstle Nest Farm that has been redeveloped as housing.

"We are on the correct path", assured Shaun.

Going right through the gap in the hedge, we skirted the boundary to gate onto Higher Lane. "Turn left", said Southey.

As we walked along we suddenly heard the noise of a helicopter passing overhead. Peering Tetley said, "it's the NW Air Ambulance. Looks like it is headed to Preston Hospital."

"Oh I hope the patient is not too seriously injured", said Little Eric worriedly.

Almost immediately Shaun said, "take the track right. It will lead us to and through Grize Dale."

On the June day, looking left, these very contented cows were lying companionably in the field.

After a little way we came across this seat. "There is writing carved in. I wonder what it is about", said Allen.

As can be seen it is a memorial to Vicky-Lynn who had died at the age of just 14. "How tragic", remarked Grizzly. We did as requested and rested awhile and thought of her.

We also thought about Uncle Brian and how he would have loved to walk through this dale with the Grizedale Brook for company.

We sat here again in June, and Little Eric asked, "will you take our picture please Dad?"

As well as Tetley having recently got a new t-shirt, it should be noted that our pal Southey is now wearing trousers. Very smart he looks too!

The path led on and on into and through the beautiful dale with its steep sides clothed with trees. A very popular path judging by the number of people we passed through here.

Even more so on our repeat with the trees in full leaf, and the hillsides being clothed and by the paths too bluebells adding the the sylvan beauty.

"That is Nicky Nook rising up to the left", said Southey. "One of the Bowland Fells we climbed in 2015."

"Wow", called out Tetley on the June day. "Just look at the magnificent rhododendrons on Nicky Nook."

At the far end the track became wide and surfaced as we passed Grizedale Reservoir. "One of the many catchments of providing water for Lancashire", commented Allen.

Beyond the reservoir the track continued to a road. We met a cyclist here and Dad chatted to him about walks etc.

"That is Harrisend Fell away to the right, with Fell End Farm in the foreground", said Southey.

"Ah yes, we drove past that many times on our quest to climb all the Bowland Fells", said Tetley. "The road runs along the bottom at the left then further up towards the right."

"We go straight ahead on the road", advised Shaun.

The distant view opened up. "That is Black Combe, and we can see Heysham Nuclear Power Station", commented Grizzly.

"Behind the tall tree is the tower of the motorway services", Dad said. They are called Lancaster Services now, but were originally Forton Services and for me they will always be that."

"Where the wind turbines are to the right is Morecambe. Let's wave to our pals", called out Little Eric.

Soon now we came this ford across the road. "Oh no", said Little Eric.

"It's alright pal, there's a bridge", pointed Tetley.

Round the corner we continued on towards Sykes Farm, this overgrown track leading off left. "The yarrow is wonderful. So typical of summer", pointed Grizzly, in June.

Just past the buildings, Shaun pointed, "we go through that gate on the left."

The route now was well waymarked, first across the field, where these goats with young were grazing in June...

...to a gate and along a very muddy fenced path with this pond to the right.

Through the gate at the end the direction was left, to soon go right as waymarked past these tall trees of an old fence line.

This led us to a waymarked gate into the next field. There were sheep in the field to the right one having a black lamb.

"Aww so cute", called out Tetley. "Get a picture Dad."

"So close to a sheep picture free story", huffed Allen. "But I have to admit, so cute."

"The map shows the path is through Cliftons", said Shaun. Then as we walked the access road, he said, "we must go over the stile left and cross to Arkmere Lane."

"It would have been easier to walk the access track", said Little Eric.

At the road Shaun pointed, "it is private, hence why we used the stile."

Turning right and passing Lee Green Farm, and this school bus stop.

Never seen anything like that before", commented Grizzly.

The field opposite was carpeted with buttercups in June. "What a beautiful sight", commented Tetley.

"And those trees on the field boundary are worth a picture too", called out Shaun.

Soon we passed Bland's Cottage. "What a lovely thatched house", said Allen.

At the next junction Southey said, "turn right to pass over M6 to get back to the car."

Just before we met again two ladies we had passed earlier, and Dad chatted.

They said, "we are exploring the area and finding new places to walk with travel restricted."

"Like me and my companions", replied Dad turning so they could see us.

"Immediately they both said, "he's our favourite with the red nose."

"That's Allen", replied Dad.

Dad told them how many are in our Hug, and then introduced the rest of us and briefly explained each ones character, and about the website and stories.

On saying Little Eric liked post boxes and hoped one day to see one from the reign of Edwards VIII, one lady said, "yes they are very rare. I know of one at Lower Green in Poulton-le-Fylde."

"That's very interesting. Thank you."

He chatted on a little longer then on saying goodbye, one lady said, "I am so glad to have met you."

As we drove home, Shaun said to Allen and Tetley, "you devised a super walk, pals. Thank you."

"And as always thank you Dad for taking us", said Grizzly.

Little Eric was excited about hearing where an Edward VIII post box was and asked, "can we go and see it?"

"Well we'll have a look at the map and see if we can devise a walk to include it", said Tetley.

"Right", said Dad, "that's your next challenge."


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