Date - 31st March 2021, 5th May 2021, 21st July 2022 & 26th December 2023
Distance - 5 miles (4.25 miles - May 2021), 4 miles - July 2022 & December 2023
Ascent - 270 ft
Map - OL41 Start point - Scorton picnic area (SD 5042 5041)


Summits Achieved

No summits were reached on this walk



All was well, as Shaun, Grizzly and Little Eric had arrived with the tea and cakes.

"Great", cheered Allen, "I'm gasping for a cuppa."

"And a few pieces of cake", added Southey.

"Too right pal. You and I are real cake stuffers", agreed Allen.

Tetley had got the mugs etc., and was helping pour the tea.

"Thanks", said Shaun. "What are the cakes today?"

Grizzly replied. "Little Eric has made chocolate topped flapjack, and I have done fruit scones, butter and jam too of course."

"Lovely", said Tetley as we all tucked in.

"The flapjack is delicious", said Southey taking a second piece.

"As are the scones", went on Shaun, who was also on his second.

"Scrumptious", agreed Allen. Then he asked, "are there any oat cookies, Southey, or did we scoff the lot?"

"Yes we did, but knowing what a hit they were, I have done another batch."

"Super", cheered Little Eric and Grizzly. "We love them."

Then our thoughts turned to walking. "We will not get out this weekend as the first F1 Grand Prix is on, and Dad will want to watch, and especially too our pal Martin", said Shaun. Then checking the iPad he went on, "the weather looks ok for next week, so let's hope we will get out then."

"There is that second walk from Scorton Picnic Area. The north loop Allen and Tetley devised", mused Little Eric. "We could suggest that to Dad."

"I know the route", said Allen. "I'll get the copy of the map and go and see, once I have finished my tea."

A minute or so later, his mug was empty, saying, "will you refill it for when I return please, Shaun?"

"Sure tea belly. You've only had three so far."

"What a character Allen is", said Tetley. "I love him to bits."

Soon he returned. "Thanks pal", he said accepting the steaming mug from Shaun. "Dad is happy about the suggestion. He had originally planned we would walk on Tuesday, but he has decided to go to Elaine's for a take-away. The slight easing of restrictions allows this. So, the walk will be on Wednesday."

5th May 2021
Due to our Dad having some back pain, it was sensible for now, until he he sorted out by his osteopath Dennis, to stick to level walks. The prospect that the spring flowers would be in bloom led us to suggest repeating this walk. Readers will note that the distance is shorter. This can be explained by find the correct path immediately at Guys, and not missing the gate into the caravan park, nor diverting to photograph Street Bridge.

21st July 2022
Dad suggested this walk to Uncle Eric, as it is an area he has not walked. The day was cloudy and cool, a far cry from the temperatures of over 30 degrees at the beginning of the week. Dad and us too were very happy the heatwave was over!! The distance was shorter again. This is explained by the further diversion of the Wyre Way following the removal of the M6 footbridge. After passing under the M6 bridge by the river, the path now keeps ahead by the river to then follow the boundary round to the left and halfway through the kissing gate onto a track and left to come to Guys. Effectively it no longer goes via Nan's Nook.

26th December 2023
There have been very few dry days this month. Storms and rainy days and strong winds at times. Today however was an exception dry and light winds, so we were so glad when Dad said "we must have a walk today." It was decided to repeat this walk. The paths through the woods were unsurprisingly very muddy, and Dad took care not to slip. We saw no one on the outwards leg the large caravan park being completely deserted. After crossing the fields on the return leg and entering the woods we met three gentlemen one with his dog that was enjoying a wash in the stream. Dad had a little bit of a chat, during which a couple running passed by. So good to be out in the fresh air. Thanks Dad.


The Walk

It was about 10:00 when Dad was ready. "Come on pals", called out Tetley. "Time to get settled in the car."

We knew the route from last time. "Are you going via the M6?", asked Shaun.

"Yes lad, there are still the roadworks near the University."

Off the motorway we joined the A6 south, and in a few minutes, Grizzly piped up, "the left turn on to Hollins Lane is coming up."

Shortly Dad then took the narrow road right that wound down to our start point at...

"It's a lot busier", commented Little Eric.

"School holidays and the stay at home rule is gone now", replied Tetley.

Dad was soon ready and with us safely snuggled in the rucksack, Southey issued instructions. "Turn right out of car park, cross the bridge then it is immediately right along the Wyre Way, by the river.

Here the level soil path led through the trees. "It will be fabulous along here in a month or so when the wild garlic is in flower", commented Allen. "Might be worth repeating the walk."

Shaun said, "that notice on the signpost indicates that the route has been diverted due to the footbridge over the M6 being removed last year."

"I am sure the new route will be clearly defined", replied Grizzly.

As Dad strode on, Little Eric said, "look some spring flowers are in bloom. They are wood anemones."

We were in fact still a bit too early for the wild garlic, on the repeat, but this gives some idea what it will be like in another week or so.

Despite this little disappointment, Tetley said, "the bluebells are out and look beautiful. Oh how I love to see them. Spring is such a wonderful time of year."

Dad took a number of pictures and we have selected these for the story.

At the end of the wood, this footbridge crosses the stony remains of the wall.

Beyond a fenced path led on keeping by the River Wyre. Looking across the large field, Shaun said, "the original route would have been on the far side and through that distant gate to where the removed footbridge crossed the M6."

Now the route passes under the M6.

"That sign tells us to now follow the yellow topped posts left round the field edge", called out Southey.

Half way down the second side a waymark pointed left through a gateway and up the pasture. Seeing a defunct stile Allen said, "this must be where we rejoin the original route."

Shaun said, "the path is right across field to a lane, where we go right to Guys."

Here the waymarks deserted us, and we got a bit lost, as the map seemed to indicate the route was beyond the buildings. Dad crossed the grass but there seemed to be no way through, so came back, only to try again to find the way across the grassed area.

"Let's try that path left round the pond", suggested Grizzly.

This proved to be a good idea as soon Shaun said, "it must be through that gate with the waymark."

Here we deduced the correct route, as there was a waymark for walkers coming the other way. "Ahh", said Tetley. "We should have taken the path that went underneath the buildings."

"We'll know for next time", stated Little Eric.

And indeed here is the correct route we followed in May, which as can be seen is in fact clearly signed.

Through the gate we crossed the huge field with the caravan park over the stream to the right. "There are two gentlemen following us", commented Allen.

"Those trees left might make a nice picture", suggested Grizzly.

"Look", pointed Tetley, "the blackthorn is blossoming."

"Why is it called blackthorn?", asked Southey.

"Because pal, the blossom comes out before the leaves, whereas the leaves come first then the blossom on the hawthorn", replied Tetley.

"Thanks. You are ever so knowledgeable, pal."

All this distraction meant Dad walked past the waymarked gate and footbridge into Sunnyside caravan park. The two gentlemen had seen it Shaun saying, "we need to backtrack a bit."

Dad strolled on past the caravans, to then go right onto a track, where the gentlemen were discussing their route. Ours was straight on but they wanted a path bearing left, and Dad said, "it must be down that fenced path."

"Thanks" they said.

There was also a bit of discussion about the route at Guys and they too had got lost. "A sign there would be useful" remarked Dad.

From Sunnyside the Wyre Way, is initially a wide track...

...that leads to the private Fox's Lake fishery.

Only members are allowed here, and Southey called out, "the Wyre Way is through that gate into woods by the river."

We ambled on and in May were rewarded with more beautiful bluebells.

Shaun said, "this path will bring us out onto the road at Street Bridge. We crossed it many times in the car on the way to to different start points when climbing the Bowland Fells."

"There's a date stone with initials" pointed Allen. "JT, and year that looks like 1885."

Grizzly said, "I looked it up. The date is actually 1835, although I admit from here it does look like 1885. Grade II listed, the listed details describe it as constructed in punched sandstone blocks with chamfered rustication. Single Elliptical arch with keystone. Band below solid parapet with coping."

"Thank you pal for yet again adding interest to our story", replied Allen

As we emerged onto the road we met the gentlemen again, and Dad chatted a little with them about the route so far.

He took this shot of the River Wyre from the bridge, and then we walked on leaving the gentlemen to have their lunch.

In about 100 yards, Southey pointed to a signpost, "that's our route right."

Going to open the gate, Dad found it was padlocked so he had to edge round above the stream. Seeing us, a gentleman asked if we were ok.

This prompted a long chat with him about walking in Bowland and the Lake District and walks on the fells. He had done a lot of them too. Then they got onto F1, something he likes as well. They discussed last Sunday's race and about the different drivers. During this the gentlemen walkers who had stopped for lunch passed by saying, "you've not got very far!"

In May we took the opportunity to rest and have a snack. Little Eric asked, "can we have our picture taken here before we set off again?"

"Of course lad."

"That stile left is our route, and then across the fields and into woodland", said Southey.

Extremely muddy in places on this section that finally brought us to a wide track below Salisbury Farm, where again we met the gentlemen, who were debating the route. Dad said, "go right as per the waymark."

A lady with here dog also discussed the route indicating there was a path off the track round the corner. The gentlemen walked on but Dad stopped to chat a little longer with the lady. She commented, "a lovely warm day", noting that Dad was in shorts and t-shirt.

Dad replied, "from the forecast by the weekend it will be long trousers and coats again!"

As we set off again, Tetley muttered, "I wonder if we will actually get back to the car, with all the stops Dad has made to chat."

We did not see the gentlemen again and wonder if they kept on the track rather than going left along the narrow waymarked path.

This soon came to a junction, Shaun advising, "go right."

A tree had fallen across the path, so this was only accomplished after Dad had clambered underneath

The path soon led to this footbridge. "That's right. We are on the correct route", confirmed Shaun.

Dad paused on the bridge to take this of the brook. "Nice reflections", commented Little Eric.

The path led right to a stile into a huge muddy field that Dad paddled his way across. Through the kissing gate we continued in the direction towards Foxhouses Farm Cottages.

Not noticed originally, in May, Allen pointed, "there's a tree house."

Then Grizzly pointed, "those trees coming into leaf will make a nice shot."

After a stile a walled path wound its way through the buildings and out to the access, where we paused for Dad to take this of the desirable properties.

"Just follow the access to the road and turn right", instructed Southey.

"I like that farm sign", pointed Tetley. "Take a picture please, Dad."

From the road, this tree at the farm was just coming into leaf.

"We walked this section on the southern loop", said Shaun. "Shortly we will pass again the beautiful thatched Bland's Cottage."

Reaching the next junction, Southey said, "turn right to cross the M6 to the car park."

On the March day, Little Eric said, "we have not had our picture taken. Without fail we have to appear in each story."

"Sit on that picnic table then", pointed Dad.

"A lovely walk, said Southey. "Thank you Allen and Tetley for researching the route."

"I've enjoyed it lads", said Dad. "Not too long, which has suited me today."


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