Date - 26th April 2021, 7th September 2021 & 28th December 2010
Distance - 5.5 miles (5.75 miles - 7 Sept. 2021)
Ascent -
470 ft
Map - OL7 Start point - Yealand Redmayne (SD 5023 7551)


Summits Achieved

Name Height (ft) Height (m) Grid Ref
Hanging Hill 288 88 SD 5231 7650



The narrative and photographs below relate solely to our adventure on 26th April 2021. The 2010 date referenced above, relates to doing this walk with Uncle Eric. For a reason that is a mystery there are no pictures from that day, but this maybe because there was drizzle to start and all through the walk the conditions were very misty obscuring any views. Still, although on a very different day weather wise, we can now bring this walk to life for both occasions.



It was Saturday, and we were still feeling euphoric after our ascent to Helvellyn.

"I cannot thank Dad enough for his efforts to take me to tick off those Wainwrights", said Little Eric. "I really felt for him on the long descent and we were all glad to get to the forest road."

"Yes pal, but the good news was that Dad's knees did not hurt like they used to do, so that bodes well for doing some more fells", said Allen.

"Such amazing views" went on Southey. "There are not many days when they are so good."

Shaun had poured the tea with Tetley's help and passed the mugs round.

Grizzly said, "I have made chocolate coconut and cherry slice, while Little Eric has done chocolate caramel shortbread."

"Oh pals, you are truly spoiling us, they are two of our most favourites", cheered Allen, helping himself to one of each.

Southey did the same, and taking a bite said, "the coconut slice is scrumptious."

"And so is the chocolate shortbread", said Shaun.

Allen took another slice, then said, "The weather is not so sunny next week. Dad has decided not to go to Elaine's on Monday, rather take us for a walk."

"Great", cheered Little Eric. Then pausing in thought, he said, "if I remember right, Dad has his second Covid vaccination tomorrow. There is the possibility that he may get a reaction, so we should not expect to go on the fells."

"You are right, pal", agreed Tetley. "We need to come up with a suggestion for a local walk."

"Let's have a look at the walk index document", said Grizzly, as he booted the laptop.

The file open we scanned down the list. "How about this", pointed Shaun. "Yealand Redmayne is not far, and the route looks to be nice."

"Come on Southey", said Allen, "help me get the binder down off the shelf."

This done they found the sheet in question. "The last time we did it was 2010, so it will be new to you Southey", said Allen.

"Check to see if we wrote a story after that day", said Tetley.

"No pal", replied Grizzly. Then after a few more taps, "the reason being there are no pictures."

"Well that will be remedied for sure if Dad agrees to our suggestion", laughed Little Eric.

Taking the last bite of his cake, Allen said, "I'll go and ask." As he went out of the door he called out, "please refill my mug please."

"That's not a surprise, tea belly has only had two so far", laughed Tetley.

Soon back Allen said, "thanks", as he took the recharged mug. "Dad likes the suggestion, and thanks us for being considerate as he is having his vaccination."

"How can we be anything else", stated Tetley. "What a wonderful life we have had being taken by Dad on all those adventures."


7th September 2021
Due to Covid, this was the first time we were able to walk with Uncle Eric this year. We were overjoyed, and so happy to see him and have his company. It was decided to repeat this walk, as although Uncle Eric had done it in 2010 he had no recollection and was happy to repeat. The day was sunny and hot. We are having a two day heatwave, before unsettled conditions return. We took it very leisurely enjoyed a lovely day.



The Walk

No early start today, as it was just a few miles via Carnforth and Warton to Yealand Redmayne.

"The start is Well Lane, that we walked along on the that walk from Tewitfield", said Shaun.

Arriving we saw that the road was narrow, Little Eric saying, "where are we going to park safely?"

"I'll turn along by the far side of the children's playground", said Dad.

Rounding the corner Allen called out, "look there's a parking area. This must have been where we met Uncle Eric in 2010."

"I had forgotten about that", replied Dad, as he pulled in.

Dad got his boots on, while we jumped into the rucksack, then with this on his shoulders off we strode to go right then left onto Well Lane.

"We go the end then this time take the track left", advised Southey.

"Then through the first gate on the right", he went on.

The track bent sharp right, Tetley saying, "must be down here."

"But there's no gate", said Southey.

"Things change pal", said Shaun. "This walk was published well over 30 years ago, so we have expect that the instructions may not be entirely accurate now."

The track ended close to a house at a gate and stile.

Here, as can be seen, the waymark points to the gap stile by the wall and there another pointed us half right to a ladderstile by a water trough.

"The ladderstile is as per the instructions, said Southey. "Now we walk the diagonally left to the corner, cross a track and then go immediately left into a large narrow field, to walk parallel with the hedge on the right."

At the end a stile took us to the A6. "Cross carefully and go left on the narrow road", advised Shaun. "Ignore the road to the farm and continue to the t-junction."

"Look at those pretty flowers in the verge. A nice picture for the story Dad", suggested Little Eric.

"Any idea what is is called?", asked Allen.

"No", replied Grizzly. "Good job we have our hug flora experts Bracken and Moss to ask."

Seeing the picture, they told us it's Greater Stitchwort.

At the junction Shaun said, "go right to cross the railway line and then Yealand Road Bridge over the Lancaster Canal.

Pointing a few yards ahead, Southey said, "we take that track going left and keep by the right boundary as we cross the fields."

In September, the fields were planted with maize. Dad and Uncle Eric had to force their way through between the rows.

About half way, Dad paused to line up the camera on this tree on the skyline.

The path continued through fields and kissing gates and over stiles, skirting the boundary of Burton M6 Services.

After one stile, Tetley said, "how about we sit on there for our picture pals."

"Ooh yes", agreed Allen.

Past the Services the path ran above the motorway. "After the last gate before the motorway bridge, our route is left by the wall", stated Shaun.

"At the signpost", assumed Allen.

"We are climbing Hanging Hill", said Grizzly. "Unfortunately the summit is in the adjacent field and there is no access.

Dad paused to take the tree by the wall. "A nice shot against the blue sky", commented Little Eric.

Over the brow Dad climbed the stile and was about to head down the clear path, when Tetley said, "at the top of the hill left, the gate is open. There it is just a few yards left into the adjacent field to the summit."

"OK, we'll see if we can get there", agreed Dad as he started up.

As we passed through the open gate, Grizzly called out, "the gate is open into the summit field."

"Yippee", cheered Southey. "Another little top bagged. Picture time again."

"Nice views", commented Allen. "Farleton Knott for one."

"And that to Burton in Kendal with Hutton Roof Crags behind", pointed Little Eric.

We then got settled again and Dad walked down to the stile then following the path left to another stile. "We head half left to Moss Bridge over the Lancaster Canal to cross it and walk down to the road", advised Southey.

At the road Shaun said, "turn right."

This very soon took us past Hilderstone and Hilderstone Farmhouse.

"Past the buildings we will soon take the bridleway left that will lead us eventually all the way back to the A6", said Southey.

This good track led on and on at one point the spring blossom forming an arch.

Soon after we passed a small area of woodland. "Ooh look", called out Grizzly. "Bluebells. What a lovely sight. Spring really is here."

Finally we came to the A6 opposite the track to Hazel Grove Farm.

"Cross the road then walk left on the verge to the second gate on the right", said Southey.

The verge was uneven and rather narrow and we had to contend with the speeding traffic. "I'll be glad to get this section done", commented Tetley. "Rather unpleasant."

On the opposite side of the road the footpath sign indicated our path. Big gates blocked the access but a smaller one had been provided for walkers. Reaching the buildings Shaun pointed, "through that gate to the right then round the back of the buildings, to a stile in the hedge."

Behind the buildings, Allen pointed, "there's the stile."

Ahead then by the hedge we came to a gateway. "That's our route right by White Moss", said Southey.

Dad strode the good path keeping ahead when a track went of left. Then Tetley called out, "look there's one of those Waist High Passimeter Awards. We have seen them before when we were walking in Wyresdale."

"It has seen better days", commented Grizzly. Then peering closely he said, "it relates to the adjacent gate, but I hardly think that plain wooden one deserves an award. In fact the gate looks to be new, and has replaced the one given the award."

Looking over into the enclosure, Little Eric said, "must be that metal gate, which too has certainly seen better days.

Dad strode on and quite soon Shaun advised, "take the gate left into the field, and then through the gate at the top."

By this a ewe and lamb were standing and Dad was quick to snap a shot. "Oh no", huffed Allen. "So near to the end and my luck deserts me."

"You've done pretty well lately", said Grizzly. "I can't remember that last time Dad took a sheep picture."

Allen's luck really deserted him, as there were more sheep in the next field that begged to have their picture taken.

"The path is to the right through that gate, then left to the gate to the road", called out Southey.

There we turned left to walk through...

...with its many stone houses such as this.

Nearing the path to the car park, Little Eric called out, "there's the post box. Nice picture to finish the story. Quite an old one dating for the reign of King George V."

"That was a nice walk", said Southey. "Thanks for repeating it pals."

"No problem", replied Shaun. "To be frank I could not remember any of it, so it was like doing it for the first time."

"I've had enough now", said Dad. "I'm feeling tired. I am having a bit of reaction to the Covid vaccine yesterday."

"Thank you for taking us out", said Allen. "A nice time as always."


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