Date - 18th May 2021 Distance - 3.75 miles
Ascent -
Map - OL2 Start point - Country Harvest (SD 6813 7313)


Summits Achieved

No summits were reached on this walk



It was Monday, and we were having a quiet time. Shaun had arrived with the tea and Grizzly and Little Eric had brought cakes.

"Just the ticket", said Allen.

"Yes", agreed Southey. "I'm ready for some cake, as like you I'm hungry."

"I'm always hungry", replied Allen, "and ready for tea."

Tetley had got the mugs and helped Shaun fill them and pass them out. "Thank you pal", said Shaun.

Little Eric announced, "Grizzly has made Chorley cakes, and my contribution today is chocolate coated flapjack."

"Ooh scrumptious", enthused Tetley.

Grizzly then went on, "there are fruit scones that Southey has made."

"Even better", cheered Allen. "You really do spoil us. Thank you!"

There was quiet as we all tucked in. The cakes are lovely Grizzly", said Shaun, taking another.

As are the scones", said Tetley. "You are quite the dab paw at them, Southey.

Not wanting Little Eric to be left out of the appreciation, Allen said, "love the flapjack, as he took yet another piece having had two already."

Shaun then commented, Dad is at Elaine's seeing Uncle Bob and Aunt Ann. He is meeting them later in the week too, and with the rather unsettled weather we may not get out for a walk this week."

"Well never mind, we have done a lot already this year during the lockdown, and now that Dad is able to meet up with family and friends we must expect that to take priority for a few weeks."

Later that evening our pal Grizzly, had gone to watch a television programme with his pals, after which we came rushing into the room with an excited look on his face. "We are going walking tomorrow, and for the first time since 2016 we will have Uncle Bob for company. It will just be a short walk as Uncle Bob is waiting for another hip operation, so does not want to overdo it."

"Walking with Uncle Bob!", cried Allen. "That will be wonderful. I can't wait."

"We have had so many great adventures with him over the years. It will be so good to see him again", said Shaun.


The Walk

Uncle Bob and Aunt Ann had brought their caravan over to the Thornbrook Barn site. "Are we meeting him there?", asked Little Eric as we set off.

"No lad", replied Dad. "Because of Covid visitors are not allowed on the site, so we are meeting a Country Harvest. It is at the junction of the A65 and the A687 Burton in Lonsdale road."

We were on time and Dad got his boots on.

Then Tetley called out, "here's Uncle Bob, he has walked the short distance from the caravan site."

"Hi Uncle Bob", called out Grizzly. "So so nice to see you again and we looking forward to your company today."

"Nice to see you lads", he replied.

We quickly got settled in the rucksack, then Uncle Bob said, "we walk round the end of the building and across to the stile.

Here Dad snapped Uncle Bob. "Just like the old days", laughed Tetley.

"There are cows with calves", said Little Eric.

"Best then to skirt round to the left", replied Allen.

Camera out both Dad and Uncle Bob were taking pictures.

Seeing the results later, Southey said, "you must include this one, as I like the way you have framed one calf through the cows legs.

The path crossed a footbridge, and then drifted a bit left to a stone step gap stile in the wall.

Dad crossed first, and then said, "Bob I'll take your picture before you cross."

Beyond Shaun said, "we cross the pasture and go through that gate and on towards Lund Farm but keep along the left boundary."

"Oh those trees, fresh in leaf, look beautiful" pointed Little Eric.

Ewes and lambs abounded here, Allen sighing, "there goes my sheep picture free story."

"Yes pal", agreed Tetley as he saw Dad lining up the camera.

At the end of the wood to the left, Shaun pointed, "we cross that stile."

"What a beautiful pastoral scene with the River Greta", said Grizzly. "So typical of England."

Over the stile we turned back dropping down close to river that brought us to a stile into the wood.

Here the path descended and was rough.

"That might be a bit difficult for you Uncle Bob", said Allen. "Let Dad go first then he can direct you down."

This was accomplished safely and we followed the path, where there were bluebells and wild garlic either side.

Let's sit amongst the wild garlic", suggested Little Eric.

As Dad helped us get back into the rucksack, Tetley called out, "look Uncle Bob, I've got a new t-shirt. My old one was literally falling to pieces."

The path led out into a field, Uncle Bob saying, "it would be nice to stop and sit for a little while to have a drink and snack."

"That tree branch looks suitable", suggested Dad.

A nice break, and as Dad made to get up, Uncle Bob said, "wait while I take your picture."

Continuing across the field we drifted right to come close to the river.

"That tree in the next field will make a nice shot", suggested Southey.

A stile in the fence gave access to a narrow path that led on above the river to a gate left into a field.

Shaun instructed, "we continue ahead to the corner."

Here we had to cross a stile and the a short rough section above the eroded river bank.

A sign indicated that this path had been legally closed, but no alternative route had been provided. So Dad and Uncle Bob just carefully crossed and then stepped down into the field beyond. "No problem for you, being such experienced walkers, but I can see why the council have closed the route", remarked Shaun.

The path went left through a gate and on to come to the steep steps up to road at New Bridge on to the A65.

"Turn right, then first left into the village of Ingleton", advised Shaun.

This impressive viaduct that carried a long closed railway line dominates the village. "What a lovely scene", commented Southey.

At the junction we turned left crossing again the River Greta.

The road led left, Little Eric shortly calling out, "there's the postbox. Please take a picture Dad for my collection.

The road took us under the viaduct, and looking up, Tetley said, "I wonder how many bricks it took to line all the arches?"

"Thousands, I bet", replied Grizzly.

Walking on, we passed an area where old military vehicles were stored. There were lorries painted white that had once been used by United Nations personnel. "Look", pointed Allen. "A howitzer. It's an enormous gun."

By now we were nearly at the end of the walk, as the road led past this beautiful recently restored property called Halsteads. "Very impressive", commented Little Eric.

On the edge of the grounds is this huge copper beech tree.

Opposite sheep were grazing, and Dad could not resist taking this of a ewe with her two lambs.

"Humph", grunted Allen. "I can only hope for a sheep picture free story next time."

"Never mind pal", replied Southey consolingly.

Very soon we arrived at Thornbrook, where Aunt Ann was waiting at the end of the drive. They were all going to have a snack lunch at Country Harvest. A toastie and drink. Lovely food Dad told us..

Meanwhile we sat in the car to have our picnic. Lovely sandwiches, cake and tea.

As Dad returned to the car, Tetley said, "fantastic view to Ingleborough. Worth a picture to round off the story."

Now time to say goodbye, Grizzly said, "A lovely walk and just great to be with you Uncle Bob. Let's hope we can do another one soon."

"Nice to walk with you lads. It has been a cracking day."


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