Date - 22nd June 2021 Distance - 3.25 miles
Ascent -
1570 ft
Map - OL5 Start point -Dunmail Raise (NY 3277 1163)


Summits Achieved

Name Height (ft) Height (m) Grid Ref
Seat Sandal 2415 736 NY 3438 1151



Allen & Southey were huddled over the laptop, when Shaun, Little Eric and Grizzly arrived.

Looking up, Allen said, "ooh tea and cakes. I'll get the mugs and plates."

Southey then lent a paw to help Shaun pour the tea.

Little Eric announced, "the cake selection today is chocolate caramel shortbread from Grizzly, while I have made mincemeat slice."

"Lovely", replied Southey. "Two of our favourites."

As we tucked in, Little Eric asked, "what were you looking at pals?"

"The pictures Dad took on the last walk above Wast Water. They have come out really well and there are plenty for the story."

"Oh what a day that was", said Grizzly. "We were truly blessed and so fortunate to have such amazing views. I doubt there will be many days when they are better."

"The mincemeat slice is delicious pal", said Allen, who was now on his third piece.

"Good", replied Little Eric, "and good to see you living up to your cake stuffer reputation.

"You are not doing so bad either, Southey", said Grizzly.

"No, but this chocolate shortbread is just irresistible."

"I wonder if we will get a walk in this week", mused Little Eric. "Dad's diary is pretty full with really only Tuesday free."

"We could perhaps suggest a local walk, like the one we did in 2019 round High Borrans", replied Shaun.

Allen was about to take yet another piece of cake, when he stopped saying, "where's Tetley?"

"Not sure", replied Shaun, "but like you he does not miss out on cakes and tea, so I guess he will be along soon."

He was right as Tetley strolled in with and excited look on his face. "Thanks pal", he said taking the steaming mug and helping himself to cake. "I have been chatting with Dad, about our next walk. I had expected him not to want to do the fells this week, but he has told me that on Tuesday, he is taking us up Seat Sandal."

"Great", cheered Little Eric. "That will be another one ticked off in Book 1 Eastern Fells."

"The plan is to start from Dunmail Raise again ascending Raise Beck and then go right up Seat Sandal."

"We truly have the very best Dad", said Shaun raising his mug. "Here's to Tuesday."


The Walk

We got up quite early and packed the picnic. Grizzly said, "the walk is quite short so he plans to go to the River Bela Cafe at Milnthorpe for lunch afterwards. We can have our picnic while he drives there."

"Oh good, then I do not need to carry it in my rucksack", said Allen.

A very familiar drive taking the M6 to junction 36 then along the A591 past Kendal and on through Windermere and Ambleside, to then pass Rydal Water and Grasmere.

"It is so beautiful along here", said Southey.

Soon we were climbing Dunmail Raise, Dad saying, "like last time, I am going to the end of the dual carriageway section then doing a U-turn and pull off onto the verge."

Dad got his boots on while we settled in the rucksack.

"Right off we go", said Dad.

"Over the ladderstile and follow the path to the ravine", advised Shaun.

After a few yards, Southey said, "the view to Helm Crag is worth a picture for the story."

Rounding the lower slopes of Seat Sandal, the ravine opened up ahead. "It does not seem as if there is a path, but from last time we know a good one climbs the right side", commented Allen.

The route climbed steadily, with easy scramble sections past the waterfalls. "They are not as spectacular as last time due to the dry weather", said Tetley.

Looking down at the pool below, Southey said, "just look how clear the water is."

Above the top fall the path levelled, and we continued along the high fells coming into view. A cross of paths was reached, left being the steep ascent route we had taken to Dollywagon Pike.

"Our route is right here up Seat Sandal", pointed Shaun.

"That does not look as steep, Dad", said Little Eric encouragingly.

Before heading up Dad lined up the camera, as Grizzly said, "that's Fairfield.

"Aye lad. We will have to go there as part of the Fairfield Horseshoe if Little Eric is to complete Book 1. A very different challenge, but I hope to be up to it, as I feel that is the real stumbling block for completing his Wainwrights."

"You will be my hero Dad if you do that walk", said Little Eric with feeling.

So best foot forward, we set off. About halfway we met a couple Alan and Linda with their dogs and Dad chatted. They were on a quest to do Wainwrights.

They saw us so Dad explained about our adventures and mentioned the website. "We'll certainly have a look", said Linda.

As we said goodbye, Alan said, "maybe our paths will cross again sometime."

Heading on, soon the wall corner came into view, Tetley saying, "this is the summit. The cairn is just to the right."

"I found the climb easier that I expected", stated Dad. "Must be getting fitter."

"Time to pose for our picture", called out Grizzly.

The cairn picture was actually taken after our summit shot, the gentleman with his two lovely dogs arriving as Dad was doing this.

Seeing us he commented. "the teddies are doing the Wainwrights."

"Yes Dad", replied.

Then he explained that Shaun, Tetley, Grizzly and Allen had done them and that Little Eric was trying to complete the challenge.

The gentleman was doing them too, saying, "I have 91 to do."

They then chatted on about walks and routes before wishing him well.

The views were good but visibility was a bit hazy today, nevertheless we like this shot Dad took of Grasmere. Tetley said, "the lake to the right is Coniston Water and to the left Elterwater."

There was no alternative other than to now return by the outwards route.

As we made our way down Allen called out, "that is a fine view to St Sunday Crag."

"And a fine view to Dollywagon Pike and the steep ascent we made by the ruined wall", pointed Shaun.

"Aww look a lovely Herdwick lamb. Please take a picture Dad", called out Southey.

We met a young man and in conversation he said, "I am doing the Wainwrights and by the end of today will have ticked off 80. I am doing a big round - Birkhouse Moor, Helvellyn, Nethermost Pike, Dollywagon Pike, Seat Sandal, Fairfield, St Sunday Crag, Birks and Arnison Crag."

"Phew", stated Dad, "that is well beyond me, mind you I am 70."

"I love being out in the hills and I hope I will still be climbing them when I am your age."

After he had gone. Grizzly said, "he has got some hard walking still to come. The long steep ascent to Fairfield, and then the long steep descent to Deepdale Hause and the equally hard ascent to St Sunday Crag."

Further down towards the Raise Beck path, we were able to see clearly Grisedale Tarn that nestles below Dollywagon Pike, Fairfield and Seat Sandal.

Soon at the crossroads we turned left to head down the ravine, Dad stopping to take this of the rough path and beck at the upper level.

More Herdwicks were grazing here, this was standing sentinel on the far side. "The brown colour indicates he was born last year", said Grizzly.

"Ok", said Allen. "I do not mind pictures of Herdwick sheep, but that's it for this story."

Dad finds it harder coming down so took care on the rocky sections by the waterfalls, and after another few minutes, we could again glimpse Dunmail Raise back by the steep slopes of Steel Fell.

A further 20 minutes and Southey called out, "we can see the road and the car. Not far now."

The path through the bracken meandered left and soon Dad was climbing the ladderstile.

"Thank you Dad", said Little Eric. "I am glad to get that one done."

"A nice outing as always Dad", added Tetley.

Settling in the car we had our picnic while Dad drove to the River Bela Cafe to see Martyn and Sarah.

"Hi Gerry", they said as we walked in.

We got to go in too, and sat quietly while he ate. Dad had the lovely fish cakes with fries, and then scone with butter and jam and of course a pot of tea and extra hot water.

The food is quite excellent and Dad loves to come and is one of their regular customers.


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