Date - 13th November 2021 Distance - 4.25 miles
Ascent -
900 ft
Map - OL41
Start point - Elaine's Tearooms, Feizor (SD 7900 6768


Summits Achieved

Name Height (ft) Height (m) Grid Ref
Feizor Thwaite 1099 335 SD 8015 6719
Smearsett Scar 1191 363 SD 5024 6780
Pot Scar 1155 352 SD 7950 6788
Feizor Nab 1043 318 SD 7904 6808



Tetley and Southey were sitting quietly reading, when the whirlwind that was Allen came hurtling into the room.

"Whatever is going on", said Southey as their peace was shattered.

"Saturday is to be a good day for the weather, so Dad wants to take us walking. He has left it to us to come up with ideas", said Allen rather breathlessly.

"Well just calm down while we ponder on this", replied Tetley.

After a minute or so, Allen said, "it is increasingly difficult to find new places and new paths, as we have walked so extensively over the years."

"Well I for one am quite happy to repeat walks as they are in lovely areas that are just a joy to walk", replied Tetley.

Just then Shaun with Grizzly and Little Eric arrived.

"Ooh" cheered Allen, "tea! I'm...

..."gasping for a cuppa", laughed Southey. "You are always ready for tea, as I am too. I'm definitely taking after you."

Tetley had got the mugs saying, "I'll lend a paw to fill them pal."

"Thanks" replied Shaun.

This was soon done and we all had steaming mugs in paw.

"So what are the cakes today?", asked Shaun.

"Chocolate coated flapjack from me", said Grizzly, and from Little Eric, peach and apricot slice."

"Lovely", called out Tetley as we all dug in.

There was quiet for a while, then Allen said, "the flapjack is scrumptious pal."

"So I see", laughed Grizzly. "You are on your third piece already. Truly you are the arch cake stuffer."

"I love the peach slice Little Eric", said Tetley.

"Thanks pal. I love baking, it is so relaxing."

So then Southey turned the conversation back to walking, explaining what Allen had told him and Tetley.

With iPad in paw and looking at the walks we had done this year, Grizzly said, "it is ages since we went to Yorkshire, let's do that on Saturday.

"Good idea", replied Tetley. "And I know we are sure to get Dad to agree it we walk from Elaine's at Feizor, so he can go to the tearooms afterwards. We have done the walks from there a lot, but the countryside and views are super."

"I agree" cried Little Eric. "I never tire of walking round there."

"How about we do the round taking in the four summits then walk through the bluebell woods and back along the lane."

"Super", said Allen, who draining his mug, went to see what Dad thought. "Will you fill my mug again please", he called out."

"OK" laughed Shaun. "That will be his fourth. What a tea belly just like Dad."

Southey held his mug out too. "That's your fourth", laughed Grizzly. "Seems Allen has a competitor for the tea belly crown."

Allen soon returned. "The prospect of Elaine's made Dad instantly agree."

"Great", cheered Little Eric. "Here's to Saturday."


The Walk

As Dad was getting ready and loading his gear, Allen said, "he is bound to go and have a pot of tea before we start the walk. So how about we pack the flasks and some biscuits to have in the car, while we wait."

"Good idea", agreed Shaun. "I'll get them ready then we can stow them in your rucksack."

The drive was ever so familiar to us and especially to Dad. He first went to Elaine's with Uncle Bob on 14th February 2009. He then took Uncle Brian, and after a while they went together nearly every Monday up just a week or so before Uncle Brian's death in September 2019. Dad still goes on Monday and now sits with friends Pat, Leo, Freda who is Leo's sister, and her friend Ken. We know too, that Uncle Brian is still there with them in spirit, and will be glad Dad is still going.

Pulling into the car park Dad, as expected said, "I'm going to pop into the tearooms before we set off."

"Ok", replied Tetley. "We've got tea and biscuits, while we wait."

"What a surprise", laughed Dad.

As he walked in Sharon said, "hi Gerry, what are what are you doing here."

"Going for a walk, before I have a meal here afterwards."

"Nice. I'll get you a pot of tea."

There was a little chat with other members of staff while he had this, then back at the car he was soon ready and with us safely tucked in the rucksack off we went.

"Cross the ford and take the Stackhouse path", said Shaun, although Dad did not really need directions.

The track led to a gate...

...and then climbed gently across the open pasture.

Little Eric pointed, "that's Pot Scar. One of our summits today. We will cross a stile in the wall we can see that ends at the edge of the precipice."

Looking back over Feizor, Tetley said, "there's Feizor Nab. It will be our last summit."

"That's the name we have unofficially given it", said Grizzly. "There is no name on the map just a spot height at 318m."

"Quite", agreed Tetley, "But we all agreed that it is a logical name being directly above the hamlet."

Strolling on we passed a wall corner where stands a tree. "Hmm, nice picture I suggest Dad", mused Southey.

Cresting the rise and ambling on, Shaun said, "we bear off left to that path rising up eventually to the gate on the skyline."

Nearing the top, we passed this cow. "It's one of Uncle Jonathan's, Elaine's husband", called out Allen.

A couple of minutes later we were at the gate onto Feizor Thwaite.

"Padlocked as expected", sighed Shaun. "This despite the fact that the land either side is designated as open access according to the map."

"Aye lad. Climbing time."

This accomplished we walked on a few yards to come to Dead Man's Cave. We had explored it before, so were content to just stay in the rucksack, while Dad took a picture.

"Feizor Thwaite summit next", said Shaun. "We need to head slightly right. I have the grid reference and will guide you using the GPS."

"Thanks lad. It is not always easy to find", replied Dad.

Just over 5 minutes later we were there at the small cairn. "Come on pals, picture time", called out Southey.

Continuing ahead we soon reached the Celtic Wall.

We can do no better than to quote from Wainwright's Walks in Limestone Country about this. 'On the brow of a small escarpment stands an antiquity of unique interest: a strong limestone wall approximately 65 feet in length, 5 feet in height and 5 feet wide at the base. (60 yards east is a smaller fragment of wall with the adjacent foundations from which the stones have been removed). The appearance of the wall, at first glance, suggests that is was built as a shelter for sheep, such structures being common in the district, but its unusual thickness and obvious age support a conjecture that its purpose was that of a defensive shield for an ancient encampment in the valley, the earthworks of which can still be traced. Excavation of the sites of similar walls, however has revealed them to be places of burial, and this was probably the use here. The wall is not seen from the paths in the vicinity and stands in lonely isolation on an elevated and unfrequented pasture, its remoteness (and surprising omission from Ordnance Maps) no doubt accounting for its excellent preservation. This interesting survival from the past, thought to be over two thousand years old, is known to local historians as the Celtic Wall'.

"There's our next objective", called out Little Eric pointing ahead across the valley. "Smearsett Scar."

Dad carefully made the steep descent to the valley coming to the gate in the fence by the old ruined wall.

"Huh", exclaimed Tetley. "This was has been locked by the farmer too now."

"So it has", replied Dad as he climbed over.

Walking ahead we crossed the Feizor to Stainforth path, and then along by the wall to the stile in the corner.

Just before, Grizzly said, "I love the view of the ridge here to Pot Scar. I know you have taken is many times, but can we have another today for our story."

"Sure lad", Dad said as he hauled out the camera.

Once over the stile we made the steep ascent by the wall, then continuing left to attain the summit of Smearsett Scar, with its shelter and trig point.

"Great", cheered Southey. "It's calm enough for us to sit on the trig point for the picture."

"Wow what super views", called out Tetley. "Never tire of being up here. We can see the Celtic Wall", then looking in the opposite direction, "superb of Plover Hill & Pen-y-ghent."

After drinking in the views for a few more minutes, we took the path along the scar to reach the large pile of stones at the summit of Pot Scar.

We needed no encouragement to hop out again and scramble onto it for the obligatory picture. Shaun said, "you ride on my back Little Eric, to get in position."

"Thanks pal, it would be very hard otherwise with my little legs."

Settled again we headed along close to the edge of the escarpment. "Nice shot of Feizor", commented Allen.

"Just Feizor Nab to go to complete the summits for today", pointed Tetley.

Our path went right to the substantial stone step stile in the wall seen in the above picture, then left up by it, to then drift away right to the small grassy rise and the small cairn that Dad had built for us on the first ascent.

"Will you add a few more stones to enlarge it please?", asked Grizzly.

"Certainly lad."

Here is the result...

...which we then sat on.

Now we descended towards Feizor Nick. Yesterday had been very wet and although grassy the ground was slippy and to our horror Dad's left foot slipped and his right leg partly folded under him.

"Ow", said Dad, as he lay there a few seconds before gingerly getting to his feet.

"Are you ok, Dad", said Little Eric worriedly.

"Yes it is a bit uncomfortable but I am sure it will wear off. There is no problem walking on. Not the first time this has happened."

"Thank goodness", said Southey with relief.

As we approached the Nick, there were two walkers on the main path ahead. We met them at the gate with other walkers coming the opposite way.

Beyond Shaun said, "it's right through the gate."

Dad was ahead of the walkers and he held the gate open for them.

One gentleman commented, "I see you have passengers."

We were heading left up to the stile into Wharfe Wood, the other gentleman saying, "we are going the long way round." Then he said, "I know you."

"Yes, I know you too", replied Dad.

It was David Alexander who had worked for Provincial Insurance the same time as Dad. What a coincidence! He is well like Dad, which was good to hear.

So over the stile we walked through Wharfe Wood.

"This will be magnificent in May when the bluebells and wood anemones are in bloom", said Allen.

The view opened out ahead, Tetley saying, "that's a dramatic view of Ingleborough. Not so good for walkers up there today with it summit in cloud."

Over a stile we entered Oxenber Wood. "Keep left at the fork", said Shaun.

Here it is looking back. We had come from the direction straight ahead. The path left drops down into the valley towards Austwick. We had walked that of course, but not our route today.

The path led on getting narrow and steep as Dad descended carefully to the valley through a gate in the wall.

Although Dad did not need direction, Shaun said anyway, "left across the pasture and through the gateway, or if you are feeling energetic, over the ladderstile to the right."

"Oh dear", said Southey. "That next field is full of sheep. Not what you wanted to see Allen."

"No pal, and seeing there is so many I am not going to get away without Dad snapping a few shots", he sighed. "And, I was doing so well towards getting a sheep picture free story. Hey ho."

The pasture was crossed to the right corner and the gate onto Hale Lane, turning left. We passed Cat Hole Barn...

... and then walked on with Feizor in sight...

...to soon arrive at the hamlet, and the joyful sight for Dad, of Elaine's Tearoom.

After changing Dad went and enjoyed a nice meal. It was a while later that Dad wrote the precis of the walk so we cannot remember exactly what he had, but we are sure that there was crumble and custard for pudding! As usual we came in too and sat on the table.

Of course he chatted with the staff.

"Thank you for a lovely day", said Little Eric.

"Aye", agreed Tetley, "it has been another grand day out."


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