Allen's 18th Birthday Walk


Date - 25th August 2022 Distance - 5.25 miles
Ascent -
800 ft
Map - OL7
Start point - Car park by Biketreks, Ings (SD 4479 9860)


Summits Achieved

Name Height (ft) Height (m) Grid Ref
School Knott 760 232 SD 4254 9742
Grandsire 818 251 SD 4321 9728



It was Monday and Dad was as usual at Elaine's Tearooms in Feizor.

All was well with us as the cake and tea had arrived, courtesy of Grizzly, Little Eric and Shaun.

"Ooh tea", cheered Allen.

"I know you're gasping for a cuppa" laughed Tetley, as Allen is the arch tea belly

"What's the cakes?", asked Southey.

Little Eric replied, "Grizzly has made Chorley cakes and there is butter to spread on them. I've done the blueberry slice."

"Super" cheered Shaun. "We haven't had blueberry slice for a while and I really like it."

So with steaming mugs in paw and cakes on our plates we were all content and there was quiet for a while.

"The cakes are scrumptious" said Allen. "Thank you pals as always", as he took another Chorley cake.

"So I see", laughed Grizzly, "that's your third, and you've had three of blueberry slice."

"Well he is the arch cake stuffer as well", said Southey.

"You're not far behind", said Allen.

"I know, I'm a cake stuffer too."

Shaun was looking at the iPad. "There are two days down for a potential walk with Uncle Eric this week. Wednesday or Thursday."

"I was rather hoping that it would be Thursday", replied Allen. "It will be my 18th birthday."

"It does not seem that long ago since you were adopted and joined the walking club", replied Tetley. "How time flies."

Allen went on, "when I came to live here, I could not have imagined the amazing adventures I would have, and complete so many challenges. The Wainwrights, Birketts, Howgills, Wainwright Outlying Fells and Yorkshire Dales. How fortunate I have been."

"Aye lad", agreed Shaun, "we certainly have the very best Dad in all the world."

"I love him so much", replied Allen.

"Have a look at the weather, Shaun", suggested Little Eric.

A few taps and he had the forecast on screen. "Hmm looks like you will get your wish pal, as there is rain for Wednesday, but dry on Thursday."


"So where to go, as it is really our turn to come up with a suggestion", mused Southey.

"Uncle Eric is not able to tackle the high fells anymore, but maybe we could do some modest hills", suggested Tetley.

"How about School Knott and Grandsire. I think Uncle Eric climbed them from Windermere, but we usually do them from Ings. So that route will be new for him", said Grizzly.

"That's a good idea", said Allen. "It will be nice to climb to summits on my birthday."

Shaun had the OS Maps app open, and said, "we take the gated road from the A591. If we take the first footpath on the right to get to Whasdike Farm, that will also be a new path for us."

"Sounds like a plan", said Little Eric. "Will you see what Dad thinks as usual Allen."

"Sure, once he is home from Elaine's.


The Walk

We awoke to a calm is cloudy morning.

"Happy Birthday Allen", we all called out and then each of us gave him a hug.

"Thank you pals. Going for a walk is just the present I wanted."

"Happy Birthday Allen", said Dad as he passed taking his gear to the car.

"Thanks Dad, and thank you for all the wonderful adventures you have taken me on over the years. I love you."

Minutes later Dad called out, "I'm ready", so we dashed out and settled in the car.

"Have a good time", called out our pal Craig. "Make sure Dad is careful."

"We will", called back Tetley.

The drive was familiar up the M6 then along the A591 the main road into the Lake District, to Ings where we parked in the large car park by Biketreks.

"Ooh", pointed Grizzly, "Cafe Ambio has gone and the unit is empty."

"What a shame", replied Dad. "I was considering going there after the walk."

Uncle Eric soon arrived and our pals Barnaby and Lee went across to say hello as usual.

"Hello lads", he said. "Good to see you all."

"And you Uncle Eric. Here's to a nice walk", replied Little Eric.

Ready for the off, we walked along past the petrol station, and into the village. "Look", called out Little Eric. "A pillar box. Please take a picture for my collection. It will also be a colourful one to start the story. It is quite old dating from the reign of King George V."

Soon we passed Ings Parish Hall. "Hmm", mused Tetley. "The building looks like it may have originally been the school."

Looking more closely, Allen said, "there is a date stone. It was originally built in 1650 and then rebuilt in 1869."

Just a little further, Southey said, "there's an very old road sign warning of a school. So your surmise must be right Tetley."

We then passed the Watermill Inn that has its own brewery. "That has grown in size over the years", commented Dad.

Turning left we walked the narrow road, passing beneath the Oxenholme to Windermere railway line.

Beyond the road bent sharp right and then left. Here Shaun pointed, "there's our footpath through the gate."

The gate was a little awkward to open due to the support post having rotted and needing replacing. Crossing the pasture the path led through a wall gap and onwards to climb a stone step stile and follow the path to another stone step stile.

There were lots of sheep, Allen saying "I was hoping for a sheep picture free story as it is my birthday."

"I know pal", agreed Southey, "but those three are just begging for a picture."

"Aye" agreed Tetley. "As they say in Yorkshire, "hear all, see all, say nowt."

The path led to a gate into a walled/fenced track leading to Whasdike Farm.

Just before the buildings, Shaun pointed, "the path is left between the fence and building."

This led to a gate, and then up to a stone step stile by a tall tree...

...beyond walking half right to join the farm access road.

Joining the road it soon went sharp right, Shaun saying, "we continue ahead on the path by the wall."

"Wow", called out Grizzly. "There's a fine view to the Lakeland Fells. Quite atmospheric with the cloud behind and hanging in the valleys. Wetherlam is to the left, then going right, Crinkle Crags just having cloud on the tops. Right of that is Bowfell and Esk Pike then Allen Crags with behind Great End, and far right the Langdale Pikes."

"I'm named after Allen Crags. It is alphabetically the first of the 214 Wainwright Fells", commented Allen.

Striding on we soon came to the bridge and stile into Schoolknott Plantation.

Pleasant strolling through here, despite the muddy path for Dad and Uncle Eric.

Exiting the far side, Shaun instructed, "we continue to the junction with the path from Windermere, joining it to go left and make the ascent to School Knott summit."

"Yippee", called out Little Eric, as we arrived. "Come on pals time to have our picture taken."

Super views from here, first of Windermere lake and town, with the distant fells behind.

And this this zoomed shot of the Langdale Pikes. "The views could be sharper, but at least the fells and mountains are in view", remarked Southey.

The clear path from the summit led down to School Knott tarn. "Nice reflections", said Little Eric.

"Ok" said Shaun. "We round the end, cross the outfall, and then over the broken stile in the wall and follow the narrow path."

Dad said to Uncle Eric, "we need to cross that rough ground and make the climb to Grandsire via the gate in the wall."

"I do not really fancy that."

"Well we do not have to climb it that way", said Shaun. We can join the Dales Way and head along below it towards Hag End. Before the wall there is a path up to the summit. That is the way we have come down in the past."

"Ok let's do that", replied Uncle Eric.

Before this we passed a trod where the sheep were coming along in a line. "Sorry Allen, but I've got to take that."

"Follow my leader", laughed Southey.

On the Dales Way, as we neared the wall ahead, Shaun pointed, "there's the path to the summit."

The narrow trod was never in doubt and soon we were at the summit of Grandsire, a rocky outcrop.

As we scrambled out again for our picture gathering round our pal on his birthday, Tetley said, "aww, the cairn that adorned the summit has gone. A shame."

We took time to take in the superb views again. "Wow", said Allen. "Crinkle Crags, Scafell Pike, Bowfell and Esk Pike. Wonderful."

Turning our backs on the mountains, Grizzly said, "there are some lovely pastoral views."

This first showing the access to Hag End that we would walk along.

And this looking more to the east. "That's Lily Fell" pointed Shaun. "It would be nice to be able to climb it, but sadly it is private land."

So leaving the views behind, we descended by same route, and followed the path through Hag End and to the road.

"Go left and through that gate, then soon take the path left across the grass."

This led to a stile in the fence...

...the path running by the fence to swing away through the wood and exit via a stone step stile and then down to a narrow lane.

"We cross and then it is through that kissing gate", said Shaun.

This brought us to the house called Yews. Crossing the access via stiles either side, and following the waymarked route to another kissing gate.

"Where now?", asked Little Eric.

"Go half right and cross the tiny stream and then follow the clear path", replied Shaun.

This brought is to another kissing gate and then soon to the road.

Along this section Tetley called out, "wow that's a superb view of one side of the Kentmere Horseshoe. Harter Fell, Kentmere Pike and Shipman Knotts."

Turning left on the road we just strolled back to Ings, passing St Anne's Church.

"I have some notes about this pals", said Grizzly. "Ahh here we are. There has been a Church on the present site since 1616. The rebuilding of the church in 1743 in its present form was due to Robert Bateman, an English merchant of Livorno in Tuscany, born at Reston, near Staveley. The chancel is floored with marble which Bateman had sent, possibly from the famous marble quarries at Carrara. On 6th October 1802 Dorothy Wordsworth recorded the following in her journal. “....Ings a neat little place, with a marble floor and marble communion table.....” In 1876, an extension was built to house the organ and vestry on the north side of the church. In 2012, the church underwent a major refurbishment in order to create a flexible, multi-purpose space. While the building retains its main focus as a place of worship it has been adapted for wider community use with an under-floor heating system."

"Thank you pal for yet again adding interest to our adventure", said Southey.

"Thank you Dad for a lovely walk and for your company Uncle Eric. It has made it a lovely birthday", said Allen.

"Yes a good day", replied Uncle Eric. "Many happy returns Allen."


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