Date - 21st June 2023 Distance - 5.25 miles
Ascent -
760 ft
Map - OL7
Start point - Section of old road at Otter Bank (SD 5316 9723)


Summits Achieved

No summits were reached on this walk



Tetley and Southey were reading their Dalesman and Lake District magazines.

Seeing Allen tapping away at the iPad, Southey said, "what are you on with pal?

"At the end of the month Dad is going to Armathwaite Hall, and I am hoping that we will get to go too and do a walk. Before that however we have a day down with Uncle Eric. We will need to come up with a suggestion."

"One to the north of Kendal, saving Uncle Eric a distance to drive", replied Tetley. "We could have a look at the index of walks."

"Good idea", agreed Allen. "That file is on the iPad now."

As he was about to open the file, Shaun appeared at the door with Grizzly and Little Eric.

"Ooh tea", cheered Southey. "I'm like you Allen, gasping for a cuppa."

The mugs were soon filled and Grizzly opened the cake tins. Chocolate coated flapjack from Little Eric, and blueberry slice from me."

"Lovely", said Tetley, taking a piece of each. Then after a few bites, he went on, "they are delicious as usual pals. Thank you."

Southey then produced a tin. "I've made some scones. Sultana and cheese. There is butter and raspberry jam too."

"Thank you pal", replied Little Eric. "You are ace at making scones."

Allen had one of each and said, "the scones are scrumptious pal. Thanks."

Then Tetley said, "we were about to look at the index of walks to come up with an idea for the date with Uncle Eric. We thought somewhere north of Kendal."

"Ok" said Grizzly.

We scanned down and down, Shaun calling out, "how about this one, number 213. Only done before in 2004, so only Tetley and I were walking then."

Carefully we lifted the binder down and retrieved the details. "It starts at Otter Bank in the A6 north of Kendal", said Allen. "We may have all done parts of it on other walks, but it is a nice area. I'll see what Dad thinks. Please refill my mug pal, I'm still a bit thirsty."

"That will be your fourth. I am sure you have hollow legs", laughed Tetley.

Allen was soon back. "Dad likes the idea, but we will have to see if Uncle Eric agrees too."

He did, but there was a complication because, when he and Dad spoke the night before the weather forecast was not too good. However often it changes over night, so they agreed to speak in the morning. Thankfully the forecast rain had gone away.

"Great", cheered Little Eric. "Let's get into the car ready for the off."


The Walk

The start point was a parking area that had once long ago been the original A6 road, at Otter Bank.

Uncle Eric was there before us and we called out a cheery "Good morning."

"Hello lads, nice to see you too."

Dad was soon ready, and we made sure to be safely tucked in the rucksack. As we walked up the narrow lane off the A6, Shaun pointed, "that's the route signed to Garnett Folds."

Access had been through the small wooden gate.

Walking on by the hedge, the next boundary was crossed by...

"Wind left round the knoll to another stile, then it is half right under the power lines to pass to the right side of Edge Bank Farmhouse", advised Southey.

Looking at the buildings, Tetley mused, "no longer a farm. Now just a residential community."

The access brought us to a narrow road where we joined the Dales Way. It was here that we met the only other walkers today. A group of 5 young men being guided by lady from house on left.

As they passed by one said "I like the teddies, essential kit."

Dad replied, "they go on all the walks. Some have walked over 7000 miles."

Passing Garnett Folds, it was on along the gated way.

"There are not a lot of gated road now", commented Grizzly.

"Kingsdale in the Dales is one", replied Tetley. "Oh and that off the A591 at Ings."

"And the one at Hoses on the narrow road below Stickle Pike", added Allen.

"That tree will make a nice picture", suggested Little Eric.

The lane led to the drive to Goodham Scales.

"We keep straight on along the narrow path that leads to New House Farm that we can see in the distance", stated Shaun.

"What glorious views of the Whinfell Range", called out Allen. "We had quite some adventures climbing to all the summits."

At New House, Tetley said, "we have been here before on another walk."

"I remember", agreed Shaun. "The Dales Way goes straight ahead up the fellside. We came in the opposite direction down to New House and then on the path we have just walked."

Southey said, "but today we take the access drive that leads to a narrow road, where we go right."

This took us past Mozergh Cottage. "I like the name sign. Please take a picture Dad", pointed Grizzly.

Then we came to Patton Mill that dates from 1246.

"Left here, by the River Mint", called out Southey.

The path led to a fence. "Oh dear", said Tetley, "that's going to be difficult to get over."

Dad looked along pointing, "the spars have fallen off at the left end Eric. We will be able to squeeze under."

"The path is on round by the river", said Shaun.

"I'm not sure", said Dad initially. However our pal was right as usual. "I should not have doubted you lad."

A stile left in the hedge took us into a large pasture. "Go right", said Southey.

"Wow, just look at that tall group of trees", exclaimed Little Eric, craning his neck.

After a further stile by the river, the path led to a gate at the end of the hedge, and then right to another gate in a few yards.

"Straight up the pasture", said Shaun.

Then over the stone step stile...

... and on through a gate in left boundary and then across the pasture to another gate.

"Ignore the gate rather go right by the wall", called out Shaun. "It's then over another stile and across the footbridge."

Climbing the steps we reached a track that led left to and through High Biggersbank and out to road.

"Right here, then after a while we take the By Way left", said Southey.

"There's another fine view of the Whinfell Ridge", pointed Grizzly

The By Way meandered on and on eventually to a narrow road.

By a gate Tetley said, "those flowers are pretty."

At the lane, Shaun said, "we go left. It will bring us to Selside School, with countryside all around."

The children were playing, Allen saying "what a truly idyllic place to go to school!!"

It was built subscription in 1831 and rebuilt in 1897.

"There's a seat", called out Little Eric. "Come on pals let's have our picture taken."

Beyond the school grounds a gate led onto the first part of Dry Lane, a wide grassy track.

There were sheep grazing, and this ewe and lamb just stood posing. "Oh no", grumped Allen. "There goes the sheep picture free story again!"

The track led to a gate onto a narrow lane, where beyond the second section of Dry Lane led off.

This was clearly signed.

Laughing Tetley pointed, "it is ironic, the sign indicates Dry Lane is liable to flooding."

The lane climbed passing this small pretty tarn that is unnamed. "That will make a nice picture Dad", suggested Allen.

A little later, Shaun pointed, "that hill his Hayfell. The avenue where we live is named after it. The summit is Benson Knott, which we have been too."

At the end we joined the outwards lane going right to the start.

"That was a lovely walk", said Little Eric. "Beautiful scenery and wide open views."

"Yes agreed Uncle Eric. "I have enjoyed it."

It was lovely having your company too", replied Grizzly.

"And yours lads."

Apart from the group of walkers we saw no one else, only sheep and cows.


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