Date - 13th July 2023 Distance - 2.5 miles
Ascent -
Map - OL7 Start point - Layby on A65 (SD 5277 8879)


Summits Achieved

Name Height (ft) Height (m) Grid Ref
The Helm 600 185 SD 5307 8873



Tetley and Southey were looking at the laptop, when Shaun, Little Eric and Grizzly strolled in.

"What are you looking at?", asked Shaun.

"Just the pictures Dad took in our walk up Binsey, when we were at Armathwaite Hall", replied Southey. "Since we got back Dad has had a busy schedule, and only now has managed to edit them."

"There are plenty of good ones so it will make a good story, once Dad has the time to help us write it", went on Tetley.

Southey noticed the flasks. "Ooh tea, I'll get the mugs."

Tetley said, "there are no cake tins."

That's because Grizzly and Little Eric are having a day off", called out Southey. "I've made sultana, and cherry and ginger scones for us to have today."

"How kind pal", said Shaun. "Grizzly and Little Eric certainly deserve a day off. We never take it for granted all the baking you do pals."

"We know", replied Grizzly.

So with steaming mugs and scones with butter and jam, we tucked in.

Little Eric was about to take a bite, when he froze saying, "where's Allen? He never misses out, after all he is the arch tea belly and cake stuffer."

"Not sure", stated Tetley, "but as I have said before he can smell tea a mile off."

We sat quietly enjoying the scones. "They are delicious", said Grizzly. "You are without a doubt the ace scone maker."

"Well I use Elaine's recipe."

Just then our peace was shattered by the whirlwind that was Allen, burst into the room. "I'm not too late am I", he called out breathlessly.

"We've just eaten the last scone", replied Tetley.

Allen looked so crestfallen. Southey said, "He's only joking. There are still some of each left. Who are we to deny you."

He wasted no time tucking in and drinking his tea. Within minutes he was getting the mug refilled. Then three scones later, he said, "the reason I was not here is that I was talking to Dad. He has spoken with Uncle Eric. We are going for a walk tomorrow. Just a short one taking in The Helm and the area behind where the tarn is."

"Oh yes, Uncle Eric had suggested it before", said Shaun. "We have been to the summit a few times, but the area behind has not been explored."

"Roll on tomorrow", cheered Grizzly raising his mug.


The Walk

Up bright and early, and as soon as Dad has got his gear loaded, we dashed out to the car, calling, "goodbye" to our Hug pals. As Always when we meet Uncle Eric our pals Barnaby and Lee come along.

"Have a good time", called back Ralph. "Make sure that Dad takes care."

"Where are we meeting up?" asked Little Eric.

"The plan is to start from the layby just up the lane by the Station Inn in Oxenholme", replied Dad. "However Uncle Eric has told me that these days it is often full. It is close to Oxenholme Station, and we think that people are using the layby to avoid the car parking charges at the station. If that is the case we will park in the layby on the A65 near the turn off to Natland."

"Oh yes", said Tetley. "We have used that before when we walked through Natland on another circular walk.

And this is indeed what we did, Dad following Uncle Eric.

Parked Barnaby and Lee got out to say "good morning, Uncle Eric."

"Nice to see you", he replied., "and you too lads."

We were to enjoy a dry day with a cool wind on the summit.

Ready for the off we strolled the side road that runs under The Helm, Uncle Eric saying, "we go right here along the track that goes over the bottom of The Helm."

This eventually brought us to another lane. Allen said, "on another walk we crossed and took the access that leads to Helm End."

"That's right pal. Then we crossed the fields and eventually St Sunday Beck, to walk up beside it", added Tetley.

"Happy days", cheered Southey.

Pointing Shaun said, "today we take the path left reach the summit."

Through bracken first then on to open fell steepening on the last section. Here Uncle Eric makes the climb of the steeper section.

The summit gives extensive views over Kendal and beyond to the distant Lakeland Fells.

"Only 600 feet, but a magnificent panorama", commented Grizzly.

"It is too windy today to sit on the top of the trig point, so we will have to be content to sit at the bottom on the lee side", said Allen.

"Where now?", asked Little Eric.

"Cross the fence right and then descend to pass the tarn", advised Uncle Eric.

"Little Eric then asked, "what is it called?"

Shaun replied, "it is unnamed, but I suppose a logical name would be Helm Tarn."

By a cross fence Uncle Eric stopped to read a notice board. "It tells us that there is a herd of native Fell ponies that graze free on this side, to help with conservation and eating the rank grass helping to keep an open sward for wild flowers to flourish in."

We were fortunate to see them Dad getting this picture of two.

Uncle Eric went on, "there are also six rare breed Luing cattle and one white beef shorthorn grazing too."

Strolling on Tetley pointed, "there they are."

Doing some research later, Grizzly told us, "the white shorthorn is called Pearl. The five of the Luing cattle have names too. They are Vanilla, Victoria, Vienetta, Vimto & Violet. Oh and the fell ponies are called, Shannon, Ascot, Gypsy, Britannia, Rowan, Riva and Pluto."

"Thanks for that pal", replied Allen.

Past the tarn the path climbed to the ridge and then we descended to come to the B6254 by the Station Inn.

"It is along the narrow road below The Helm to get us back to the car", advised Shaun.

Along the way this bank of Willow Herb provided some colour.

Below to the right is Oxenholme. Uncle Eric pointed, "those houses were built originally for the workers on the railway."

Back at the car, Tetley said, "That was a lovely little walk, and thank you for your company and for suggesting it Uncle Eric.

"You are welcome lads. Nice to have your company too and your Dad of course."


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