4 - 8 September 2007


STAG are part of a large Hug who live with our Dads here in Morecambe. We are Fred Tooley and Gladly Ball jointly the chiefs of our Hug. We wrote this account of a holiday we had with some of our other friends, when our Dads went on one of their many visits to Northumberland staying with Uncle Kenny and Aunt Pam.



We set off early and took the M6 motorway north. It was a lovely day and we could see the Lakeland Fells that our intrepid Hug walking club (Shaun, Tetley, Allen & Grizzly) climb. In due course we crossed into Scotland (Alasdair and Rory were glad be in their home country again). After stopping so that our Dads could have some food (they're always thinking about their tummy), we continued on to the nice town of Moffat. Here we saw the Star Hotel that is in the Guinness Book of Records as the narrowest hotel in the world.

From here we took a narrow road that opened out into a valley and rather wild countryside with the hills either side. It was very beautiful and exciting. We came eventually to two lochs called Loch of Lowes and St Mary's Loch and we stopped between them so that our Dads could take some pictures. We hopped out of the car and went and sat on a bank looking at the view of Loch of Lowes.

back row (l-r)- Elmer, Ally & Alasdair
Front row (l-r) - Dunstan, Hal, Fred, Kingston, Gladly, Rory & Bramble

As you can see it is really so beautiful and we did not want to leave but we had a long way to go. After what seemed a long long time we finally got to West Weetwood Farmhouse where we were staying. Dunstan who is Pam's favourite went in with our Dads and they all had a chat. Later we came in and settled in our Dad/Uncle Gerry's room that has a comfortable sofa that we immediately took over!



Today Elmer and Dunstan went out for the day going to Chillingham Castle to meet Julie (Aunt Pam's daughter) who runs the cafe. There you go food again! There was a huge log fire and the Lads enjoyed keeping warm by it. Later they had a drive to Warkworth where there is another castle and finally on to the harbour of Amble. After sitting looking at the boats Dad took their picture sitting on some nets...

If you look closely you might just spot Warkworth Castle in the distance over Elmer's head.



Today our Dads were going into Scotland so Alasdair and Rory naturally went along and took Hal and Kingston with them too. The scenery was lovely as they followed the River Tweed north eventually to the nice town of Peebles. The Lads jumped out and headed down to the river.

They then decided to go for a walk along the river while our Dads went to the shops and to a cafe - food again! After rounding a bend they suddenly heard a plaintive mooing, and up ahead they saw a Highland cow. It had lost its mum and dad and so was an orphan and had no one to care for it. All the Lads were so sorry and concerned, and Alasdair said "we canna leave him here on his own", so they all agreed to adopt him and happily he came home to join the Hug – ah!

They wondered what our Dads would say but they both immediately took to him and Uncle Brian decided that he should be called Hamish! There is a very posh (4*) hotel called the Peebles Hydro and on the way home our Dads went there to have afternoon tea (scones, jam, cream, shortbread and tea). It was delicious they said. As we say they are always thinking about their tummy! Dad/Uncle Gerry has said that he is going to treat Uncle Brian to four nights there next June, so you can guess who will be coming along too!



Today it was our turn with Ally, Bramble and Dunstan to go out. They went first to Ros Camp (a viewpoint where you can see for miles and it is said 7 castles too. It was too much for Uncle Brian, but Uncle Gerry made short work of the climb to the trig point. Well after having climbed all those fells in the Lake District he would. Now we drove over the moors and near to the coast, before going to Heatherslaw Mill. Yes you have guessed it food again!! Afterwards we all went on the Heatherslaw Railway. It is a narrow gauge and the little engine with its carriages, chugs along slowly by the beautiful River Till, to Etal.

We sat in the carriage and then at Etal went to look at the engine as it ran round to the other end of the train.

The guard (Mick) saw us and after asking the driver Carl, they said that while they did not allow humans to sit on the engine, it was alright for bears, so we all jumped at the chance.



So ended our lovely holiday and all that remained before we came home was for us all to have our picture taken at Uncle Kenny and Aunt Pam's. Our Dads have stayed with them for many years, first at the Percy Arms Hotel in nearby Chatton, and when they left there here at Weetwood. However they are retiring this year so it was the last time we shall stay here but not the last time our Dads and us will see Uncle Kenny and Aunt Pam and all their family!


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