Summary & Summits

Walk statistics Name of Summit Height (ft) Height (m) Grid Ref
Date - 8th August 2010 Low Birk Fell 1224 373 NY 4106 1904
Map - OL5 Bleaberry Knott on Birk Fell 1680 512 NY 4027 1826
Distance - 6 miles The Knight 1778 542 NY 4042 1763
Ascent - 2225ft Place Fell 2154 657 NY 4056 1695
Start - Sandwick (NY 423196) High Dodd 1644 501 NY 4158 1829
  Sleet Fell 1240 378 NY 4219 1875


Walk Blog

Shaun, Tetley & Grizzly needed to bag just three tops to break the psychological barrier of 500 Birketts. So it was decided to do the walk over Place Fell, where three of the six tops were outstanding. Little Eric would bag them all including the Wainwright. Our start point was Sandwick, reached along an extremely narrow road from Martindale Church. Fortunately we did not meet another car! The road just ends by houses and a farm. By the side of the house is the good track to Patterdale. Along this we went to eventually cross Scalehow Beck, then shortly at the wall corner, we struck off steeply up the fell through the shoulder high bracken that made route finding difficult. Finally the bracken gave way to grass and a reasonable path only to disappear into the bracken again. The cairn on Low Birk Fell was visible now and soon reached. Wow what a viewpoint - stupendous of Ullswater! From there the path was clearer as it wound through the bracken and over Kilbert How. Then climbing diagonally up the hillside and on unerringly to the cairn on Bleaberry Knott the summit of Birk Fell. Looking south we could see The Knight the next objective, backed by Place Fell itself. The path led right round a boggy area, but disappeared over the rocky knolls ahead. Nevertheless Dad kept on ahead over these and we reached as expected the path that rises from Ullswater. This was followed up to the col where we struck left to the narrow grassy rock edge of The Knight. Returning to the col we completed the climb to Place Fell and its trig point. This the Wainwright, was Little Eric's 80th. The weather had been sunny to start, but now the low cloud had moved across from the Helvellyn Ridge, so the views had completely gone. Two couples arrived and saw us, so Dad explained. After they had gone, another couple arrived. The lady, Adele Pennington, seeing them remarked to her husband that she is glad there are people as mad as her. She has a bear that goes walking but had not come today - he is called Ted the Mountaineer. She said he would have loved to have met us. During conversations later it came out that she had climbed Everest (twice) and Ted had been there too! Then a family from Leighton Buzzard arrived and they spotted us sitting on the trig point. Their son was fascinated and his Dad took his photo with us. He especially liked Little Eric. All in all it was a very lively time on Place Fell. In the mist we set off along the path over Hart Crag, coming out of the cloud as we descended. Onwards to Low Moss, to soon strike off to the summit rock and small cairn on High Dodd, and another superb lake view. Descended east to regain the path, following this to bear left along the shoulder to Sleet Fell. The large cairn at the north end is clearly not the summit. Consulting the map Dad read the landscape to determine the loop of a contour that is two humps split by a depression, the spot height being on the first one. When we got home Dad measured the map and found that he had correctly interpreted the map. We had the last of our many summit pictures today, here. From the ruined wall, a good path led down steeply at times, to join the outward track at Sandwick. A very satisfying walk and not only did we reach 500 tops, but we completed all the fells in the Eastern Area as defined by Bill Birkett. Time for food now, so Dad decided to go again to the Old School House in Tebay to see Steve and Joanne. He had a delicious roast beef dinner, followed by a lovely scone with butter and jam. Excellent. Thanks Dad for another super day.



Walk Scenes

Sandwick - where the road ends larger image Across the bracken to Low Birk Fell larger image


Ullswater from Smeathwaite larger image

At the summit of Bleaberry Knott on Birk Fell. Another Birkett ticked off larger image


Glenridding nestles by Ullswater while the clouds cover Helvellyn etc larger image

The Knight larger image


With Dad at the trig point on Place Fell larger image

Towards our final summit, Sleet Fell, with Hallin Fell beyond larger image

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