Summary & Summits

Walk statistics Name of Summit Height (ft) Height (m) Grid Ref
Date - 22nd April 2010 Sickers Fell 1634 498 SD 6702 9426
Map - OL19 Knott (Sedbergh) 1407 429 SD 6764 9408
Distance - 7 miles        
Ascent - 1630ft        
Start - Joss Lane, Sedbergh (SD 659922)        


Walk Blog

Just over two months since we embarked on the Howgill catch-up walks, here we were on the last one in the main Howgill massif. Allen has now caught up with Shaun, Grizzly & myself. We met Uncle Eric at Joss Lane car park in Sedbergh, where we had started from only a week last Sunday on our climb to Calders, Arrant Haw, Crook, Winder etc. The day was dry throughout with sunshine but cloudier later and there was still that cold wind. Our outward route was the same, along the road, then passing Hill Farm and up by Settlebeck Gill to open fell via the kissing gate. Here we dropped down, crossed the gill and climbed to the wall corner, to then follow the track (it is in fact a pipe track), under the slopes of Crook. Eventually it turned north into Ashbeck Gill reaching a small dam and the foundations of the long gone recording hut for the Water Board. At one point the pipe was exposed. This was or maybe still is a source of water supply to Sedbergh. Here we crossed the beck and made a direct ascent to the summit of Sickers Fell with its stylish cairn. We leapt out to have our photo taken. Walking a few yards east, the cairn on Knott was clearly in view and we made a beeline to it - another photo! So that was the hills done. From here there were superb views to the fells to the north - Arrant Haw, Calders & Great Dummacks, and looking back to Crook & Winder. Now Uncle Eric had devised a return route that took us by the river into Sedbergh, and most enjoyable it was to be. First it was necessary to reach the confluence of Grimes Gill & Hobdale Beck, far below us. The descent was very steep and we can say with certainty that Dad was glad to get that over with. Crossing the becks, we then headed south along by Hobdale Beck, where we found a nice spot by to have lunch, out of the wind. Then on to climb by the wall to a gate by a sheep pen. Once over this we made a descent over rough pasture, above the ravine of the beck to the track from Fawcett Bank. It was right here, along this track and then the road passing Thursgill, Ellerthwaite and on to Buckbank, where we descended to River Rawthey. The delightful path on the north bank led over many stiles to come to New Bridge. As we walked along there were fine views to the right of the fells we had walked under and climbed earlier. At New Bridge we switched to the south bank to walk to Millthrop, then along the road and over the fields to the start. An excellent varied outing and most enjoyable! Afterwards Dad and Uncle Eric went to the Howgills Bakery & Cafe for tea and cake. Uncle Eric had not been here before and was impressed. Saying goodbyes, Dad drove us home via the Lune Valley, so that he could visit Mr Williamson at Barbon to stock up on his delicious marmalades & chutneys.



Walk Scenes

Sedbergh & Settlebeck Gill larger image Ashbeck Gill larger image


Sickers Fell summit backed by Calders & Great Dummacks larger image At the cairn on Sickers Fell with the Union Jack for
extra colour
larger image


Hobdale Beck larger image

Above the River Rawthey, we climbed the bank by this complex of stiles, near Scrogg House larger image

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