For visitors to our site looking for walks in a specific area, here is a listing of our adventures in the Lake District National Park. Whilst in 2006 & 2007, we did more walks than are shown, a lack of variety of pictures meant that any others were not suitable for a story. This was before stories and a website was envisaged. From 2008 onwards, for the sake of consistancy, all walks are shown, whether or not there is a story or blog.

Where the text under 'walk details' is in green there is an associated story. Where it is in maroon, there is an associated blog walk. Click the link to find out more.





Walk Details

Accmpnd by Map Distance (miles) Link
04/01/2006 Loughrigg Fell from Ambleside   OL7 7.5 more..
30/09/2007 Pike o'Blisco, Cold Pike etc from Wrynose Pass   OL6 7.5 more..
07/10/2007 Allen Crags & Glaramara from Seathwaite   OL4/6 7.0 more..
25/11/2007 Brock Crags, High Street & Gray Crag from Hartsop   OL5 8.5 more..
27/11/2007 Holme Fell & Black Crag from Glen Mary Uncle Eric OL7 7.0 more..
02/01/2008 Brunt Knott, Gurnal Dubs & Ulgraves from Garnett Bridge Uncle Eric OL7 10.0  
09/01/2008 An exploration of Rusland & Satterthwaite Uncle Eric OL7 6.0 more..
20/02/2008 The Naddle Horseshoe Uncle Eric OL5 7.0  
02/04/2008 Gowbarrow Fell, Great & Little Meldrum, Watermillock Fell & Little Mell Fell & Aira Force Uncle Bob OL5 8.5  
09/04/2008 Watch Hill, Setmurthy Common & Clints Crags Uncle Eric OL4 7.0 more..
07/05/2008 Orthwaite Bank, Great Cockup, Meal Fell, Great Sca Fell, Little Sca Fell, Lowthwaite Fell & Longlands Fell Uncle Eric OL4 8.0  
24/06/2008 Monk Coniston Estate & Tarn Hows Uncle Eric OL7 5.0  
01/07/2008 Gale Crag, Hartsop above How, Hart Crag & Dovedale from Cow Bridge Uncle Eric OL5 6.0 more..
13/07/2008 Birk Fell, Wetherlam & Black Sails from Tilberthwaite   OL6 6.0 more..
15/07/2008 The Nab from Hartsop Uncle Eric OL5 7.0 more..
22/07/2008 Outerside, Stile End & Barrow via Stoneycroft Gill Uncle Eric OL4 5.0  
27/07/2008 Swarth Fell (Ullswater) & Bonscale Pike   OL5 4.0 more..
17/08/2008 Thornythwaite Fell, Combe Head, Stonethwaite Fell & Rosthwaite Fell   OL4 5.0  
24/08/2008 High Tove, Middle Crag, Shivery Knott, Watendlath Fell, Armboth Fell & Fisher Crag from Thirlmere   OL4 5.0 more..
14/09/2008 Grasmere, Sour Milk Gill, Stythwaite Steps (full walk aborted due to fall)   OL7 2.5 more..
26/10/2008 Great Stickle, Tarn Hill, Dunnerdale Fells. Bigert   OL6 7.0  
28/10/2008 Caermote Hill & Faulds Brow Uncle Eric OL4 5.5  
02/11/2008 Glenridding Dodd, Heron Pike & Sheffield Pike from Glenridding   OL5 5.0 more..
05/11/2008 Ascent of Troutbeck Tongue   OL7 5.0  
12/11/2008 Green Pikes, Pikes, Caw, Raven's Crag, The Knott etc   OL6 6.0  
16/11/2008 Stang Hill, Arnsbarrow Hill & Top O'Selside from Nibthwaite   OL6 4.5  
14/12/2008 Red Screes from Ambleside   OL7 6.5 more..
30/12/2008 A walk in Grizedale Forest Uncle Eric OL6/OL7 9.0 more..
04/01/2009 Pinnacle How, Four Stones Hill, Bampton Fell & Low Kop   OL7 6.0 more..
21/01/2009 Great How from Swirls, Thirlmere Uncle Eric OL5 6.0 more..
25/01/2009 The Knott and Muncaster Fell (Hooker Crag)   OL6 7.5 more..
10/02/2009 Nabs Moor, Howes & Mosedale from Swindale Uncle Eric OL5 8.0 more..
22/02/2009 Walna Scar, White Pike, White Maiden from Torver   OL6 6.5 more..
26/02/2009 Rusland Pool, Backbarrow, Bigland Barrow & River Leven   OL7 8.0 more..
01/03/2009 Bleaberry Fell, High Seat & Shoulthwaite Gill   OL4 5.5 more..
16/03/2009 Yew Bank, Beacon Fell, Beacon Tarn & Wool Knott from Woodland   OL6 6.0 more..
19/03/2009 Tarn Crag, Codale Head, High Raise, Sergeant Man & Blea Rigg from Grasmere   OL6/OL7 10.0 more..
29/03/2009 Whitbarrow from Mill Side   OL7 7.0 more..
05/04/2009 Reston Scar, Hugill Fell & High Knott from Staveley   OL7 7.5  
16/04/2009 The Knott, Great Stickle, Tarn Hill & Stickle Pike Uncle Eric OL6 5.25 more..
19/04/2009 Brown Rigg, Standing Crag, Coldbarrow Fell, Ullscarf & Wythburn Fell   OL4/OL5 7.8 more..
26/04/2009 Cocklaw Fell & Green Quarter Fell from Sadgill   OL7 4.75 more..
02/05/2009 Great Worm Crag, Green Crag, Great Crag etc from Birker Fell Road   OL6 8.9 more..
24/05/2009 Hampsfell from Cartmel   OL7 8.5 more..
31/05/2009 Western Circuit of Gavel Fell   OL4 7.4 more..
21/06/2009 Heughscar Hill from Askham   OL5 7.25 more..
24/06/2009 A Walk in the Uldale Fells to Knott Uncle Eric OL4 9.0 more..
05/07/2009 Oswen Fell, Burnbank Fell, Carling Knott, Blake Fell, Sharp Knott & High Hows from Lamplugh   OL4 6.5 more..
08/07/2009 Flat Fell & Dent from Wath Bridge. Cold Fell from Coldfell Gate Uncle Eric OL4 7.25 more..
16/07/2009 Carron Crag & Grizedale Forest   OL7 5.5 more..
19/07/2009 Tarn Crag, Harrop Pike, Grey Crag & Great Howe from Sadgill   OL7 7.0 more..
25/07/2009 Hindscarth, Dale Head & Robinson via Scope End, from Newlands Church   OL4 9.0 more..
05/08/2009 Ponsonby Fell, Stone Pike & Swainson Knott from Blengdale Uncle Eric OL6 7.75 more..
09/08/2009 Eycott Hill, Little Eycott Hill (3.5m). Great Mell Fell (3m)   OL5 6.5 more..
25/08/2009 Black Combe, Stoupdale Head, White Combe & White Hall Knott Uncle Bob OL6 7.0 more..
30/08/2009 Orrest Head & Allen Knott from Windermere   OL7 6.0 more..
06/09/2009 Little Hart Crag, High Hartsop Dodd, Middle Dodd & Red Screes   OL7 11.0 more..
13/09/2009 A round of Skiddaw   OL4 13.5 more..
15/09/2009 St Raven's Edge, Caudale Moor & Hartsop Dodd from The Kirkstone Pass Inn Uncle Eric OL5/OL7 5.25 more..
27/09/2009 Whinlatter, Lord's Seat, Broom Fell, Graystones etc from Spout Gill   OL4 8.5 more..
08/10/2009 Thorn Crag, Langdale Pikes, Thunacar Knott & Pavey Ark from New Dungeon Ghyll Hotel   OL6 6.3 more..
15/10/2009 Cunswick Scar & Scout Scar from Kendal Uncle Eric OL7 8.5 more..
10/12/2009 Rowantree Force, Stainton Pike & The Knott from Millgate, Corney Uncle Eric OL6 7.5 more..
13/12/2009 Threlkeld Knotts from Wanthwaite (2.75 miles), Bracken How, Round How, Common Fell, Swineside Knotts, Brown Hills & Glencoyne Park (4.5 miles)   OL5 7.25 more..
15/12/2009 The Wasdale Horseshoe, from the A6 Shap Summit Uncle Eric OL7 6.5  
09/02/2010 Ascents of Binsey & Aughertree Fell Uncle Eric OL4 3.25  
23/03/2010 Lickle Valley & Dunnerdale Ramble from Broughton in Furness Uncle Eric OL6 7.50 more..
01/04/2010 Lowick Common, Lowick Beacon & River Crake from near Spark Bridge Uncle Eric OL6/7 6.50 more..
06/05/2010 Watches, The Edge, Ullock Pike, Long Side, Carl Side & Dodd from Dodd Wood Uncle Eric OL4 7.25 more..
09/05/2010 Brownthwaite Crag, Gowk Hill & Red Crag from St Peter's Church, Martindale   OL5 6.50 more..
26/05/2010 Mires Beck, Birkhouse Moor, Red Tarn, Catstycam & Red Tarn Beck from Glenridding Uncle Eric OL5 8.0 more..
30/05/2010 Rough Crag, High Street, Rampsgill Head, Kidsty Pike, High Raise, Low Raise & Castle Crag (Mardale), from Mardale Head   OL5 9.5 more..
06/06/2010 Adam Seat, Little Harter Fell & Harter Fell from Mardale Head   OL5 4.75 more..
09/06/2010 Ling Fell, Burthwaite Heights, Lothwaite, Rivings & Sale Fell from Wythop Valley Uncle Eric OL4 6.50 more..
15/06/2010 Rowling End, Causey Pike, Scar Crags, Sail, Crag Hill & Eel Crag from Stoneycroft Bridge Uncle Eric OL4 7.0 more..
13/07/2010 Brown Crag, Helvellyn Lower Man, Helvellyn, White Side, Raise & Sticks Pass from Stanah Uncle Eric OL5 8.5 more..
21/07/2010 Great Calva, Little Calva & White Hause from road near Peter House Farm Uncle Eric OL5 7.5 more..
25/07/2010 Eskdale Fell, Dawsonground Crags, Whin Crag & Goat Crag from Woolpack Inn   OL6 7.0 more..
01/08/2010 Greenup Gill, Lining Crag, Greenup Edge & Low White Stones from Stonethwaite   OL4 7.25 more..
08/08/2010 Low Birk Fell, Bleaberry Knott & Birk Fell, The Knight, Place Fell, High Dodd & Sleet Fell from Sandwick   OL5 6.0 more..
19/08/2010 Kinn, Grisedale Pike, Hobcarton Head, Hopegill Head, Sand Hill & return via Coledale Uncle Eric OL4 7.5 more..
02/09/2010 Roman Road, Froswick, Ill Bell, Yoke & Garburn Pass from Troutbeck Uncle Eric OL7 10.5 more..
16/09/2010 Lanes & woods of Skelwith & Tarn Hows from Clappersgate Uncle Eric OL7 10.75 more..
21/09/2010 Sale How & Hare Crag from Peter House, via Skiddaw House (8.4m). Little Cockup from Orthwaite Road (1.6m)   OL4 10.00 more..
10/10/2010 Harter Fell (Eskdale), Demming Crag & Horsehow Crags from Birks Bridge, Seathwaite   OL6 5.25 more..
17/10/2010 Mickleden, Stake Pass, Black Crag, Buck Pike, Rossett Pike & Rossett Gill, from the Old Dungeon Ghyll Hotel   OL6 7.25 more..
10/11/2010 Skelgill Bank & Catbells from Hawes End (2.3m). King's How from Bowderstone car park (3.7m)   OL4 6.0 more..
16/11/2010 Castle How, Swinescar Pike, Lang How & Silver How from Grasmere Uncle Eric OL7 6.0 more..
14/12/2010 Elterwater, Skelwith Bridge, Colwith & Little Langdale Uncle Eric OL7 6.5 more..
23/01/2011 Ascent of Cockup, from the Orthwaite road, via Barkbeth   OL4 4.25 more..
12/02/2011 Hare Stones, High Pike, Great Lingy Hill, Little Lingy Hill & Coomb Height from Mosedale Head   OL5 6.25 more..
20/02/2011 School Knott, nameless summit, Grandsire and Dales Way from Ings   OL7 6.25 more..
24/02/2011 Claife Heights & Latterbarrow from Ash Landing, Far Sawrey   OL7 9.0 more..
01/03/2011 Crookdale Horseshoe, taking in High House Bank, Robin Hood, Lord's Seat, Great Yarlside, Little Yarlside & Whatshaw Common Uncle Eric OL7 8.25 more..
10/03/2011 In the countryside to the N and NE of Staveley, nr Kendal from Barley Bridge Uncle Eric OL7 6.25  
16/04/2011 Blawith Knott, Tottlebank Height & Burney from the Giants Grave beside the Woodland Road   OL6 6.0 more..
24/04/2011 Throstlehow Crag, Scar Lathing, High Gait Crags, High Scarth & Silverybield from Brotherilkeld, Eskdale   OL6 9.5 more..
01/05/2011 Dodd (Lorton), Hope Gill, Ladyside Pike & Swinside from near Hopebeck   OL4 5.0 more..
24/06/2011 Ascent of to High Snockrigg from Newlands Hause (1.4m). Ascent to Lad Hows from Cinderdale Common (1.6m)   OL4 3.0 more..
28/06/2011 Birkett Fell, Hart Side & Glencoyne Park   OL5 7.0 more..
03/07/2011 Scale Knott, Mellbreak & Mosedale from Buttermere   OL4 9.0 more..
10/07/2011 Fellbarrow Group - Darling Fell, Loweswater Fell, Low Fell, Sourfoot Fell, Smithy Fell, Fellbarrow on Mosser Fell & Hatteringill Head on Whin Fell   OL4 6.75 more..
30/07/2011 Arnison Crag, Trough Head, Gavel Pike, St Sunday Crag, Cofa Pike & Grisedale from Patterdale   OL5 10.0 more..
14/08/2011 Bowness Knott, Brown How (Ennerdale), Herdus, Great Borne, Gale Fell, Starling Dodd & Little Dodd (Ennerdale), from car park below Bowness Knott   OL4 8.5 more..
21/08/2011 Little Dodd (Loweswater) & Hen Comb from Maggie's Bridge   OL 4 5.0 more..
31/08/2011 Esk Pike, Pike De Bield & Broad Crag (Scafell) from Seathwaite via Grains Gill   OL6 11.0 more..
22/09/2011 Ascent by north-east ridge of Grisedale Pike, then along north ridge to Hobcarton End and descent to start at Revelin Moss, Whinlatter   OL4 3.25 more..
30/09/2011 Lingmell (Ennerdale), Haycock, Little Gowder Crag, Caw Fell & Ennerdale Fell from car park below Bowness Knott   OL4 11.5 more
07/10/2011 Bigert from Ulpha Bridge   OL6 4.75 more.
14/10/2011 Irton Pike, Irton Fell & Great Bank from old quarry on Eskdale Bridge to Santon Bridge road   OL6 5.25  
27/10/2011 Exploration of Eskdale & attempt on summit of Pen Uncle Bob OL6 10.0 more
12/11/2011 Via Scale Bridge to Little Narrowcove, Upper Eskdale from Jubilee Bridge   OL6 9.0 more
19/02/2012 Walla Crag, Bleaberry Fell & High Seat from Great Wood, returning via Ashness Bridge   OL4 7.0 more
08/03/2012 Binsey & Whittas Park from Binsey Lodge   OL4 5.25 more
15/03/2012 Brock Barrow, Low Light Haw & High Light Haw   OL6 4.25 more
15/04/2012 Barf & Lord's Seat from Whinlatter Forest Park Centre   OL4 5.5 more
05/05/2012 The Naddle Horseshoe from the Swindale road   OL5 8.0 more
09/05/2012 Barf & Lord's Seat from Whinlatter Forest Park Centre Uncle Eric OL4 5.5 more
03/06/2012 Grange Fell, Watendlath & Great Crag from Rosthwaite   OL4 6.5 more
14/06/2012 Hesk Fell & The Pike from Ulpha Bridge Uncle Eric OL6 7.25 more
17/06/2012 Newton Fell north from Barrow Banks & Dixon Heights from Yew Tree Barn   OL7 5.75 more
20/6/2012 Eagle Crag, Sergeant's Crag & Langstrath from Stonethwaite Uncle Eric OL4 7.25 more
07/07/2012 Gummers' How & Birch Fell-3m. Cartmel Fell (Ravens Barrow)-1.75m   OL7 4.75 more
08/08/2012 Whin Ben, Whiteside, Gasgale Crags, Hopegill Head, Sand Hill & Gasgale Gill, from Lanthwaite Green Uncle Eric OL4 5.5 more
04/10/2012 Circuit of Thirlmere   OL5 11.25 more
10/10/2012 Ratherheath & Cunswick Scar   OL7 7.00 more
21/10/2012 An exploration of Potter Fell, including Brunt Knott & Ulgraves   OL7 7.75 more
11/11/2012 Dales Way ramble including Grandsire & Brant Fell   OL7 7.75 more
18/11/2012 Langhowe Pike, Great Ladstones, Seat Robert, High Weather Howe and Fewling Stones from Swindale   OL5 8.0 more
29/11/2012 Circuit of Devoke Water   OL6 7.75 more
16/12/2012 Knipescar Common, Whale, River Lowther & Bampton Grange   OL7 8.0 more
13/01/2013 Staveley Fell from Staveley in Cartmel (3.25 miles), Finsthwaite Heights from Newby Bridge (1.25 miles)   OL7 4.75 more
20/01/2013 Skelghyll Woods, Troutbeck, Wansfell & Wansfell Pike from Ambleside   OL7 7.75 more...
27/01/2013 Dunmallard Hill, Dacre & Dalemain from Pooley Bridge   OL5 9.75 more...
17/02/2013 Capple Howe, Sour Hows & Sallows from Browfoot Lane end   OL7 7.0 more..
27/02/2013 Crook. Crosthwaite & Underbarrow from Sun Inn   OL7 10.5 more...
14/03/2013 Torver Commons via Throng Moss Tarn, Long Moss and Sunny Bank from Brown Howe Uncle Eric OL6 6.5 more...
20/04/2013 The Wet Sleddale Horseshoe   OL5/7 8.75 more...
20/06/2013 Boat How from Dalegarth Station, Eskdale Uncle Eric OL6 5.0 more...
11/07/2013 Ulpha Park, Frith Hall, Castle How & Beckfoot from Duddon Hall   OL6 6.0 more...
08/08/2013 Bannisdale Horseshoe-south section Uncle Eric OL7 8.5 more...
14/08/2013 Upper Eskdale & Pen from Jubilee Bridge   OL6 9.0 more...
25/08/2013 Wren Crag, High Rigg, Naddle Fell & St John's in the Vale from Smaithwaite Bridge   OL5 5.25 more...
14/09/2013 Raven Crag, Castle Crag (Shoulthwaite) & The Benn. Castle Rock from Smaithwaite Bridge   OL5 3.5 more...
29/09/2013 Loughrigg, Rydal Cave & Loughrigg Terrace from Grasmere   OL7 6.0 more...
17/11/2013 Souther Fell from Mugrisedale   OL5 5.25 more...
24/11/2013 Colwith, High Park & Iron Keld from Skelwith Bridge   OL7 7.75 more...
29/12/2013 Esthwaite Water & Grizedale Forest   OL7 5.75 more...
11/01/2014 Carrock Fell, Round Knott & Miton Hill from Stone Ends   OL5 5.25 more...
16/01/2014 Knott Rigg, Ill Crag (Newlands) & Ard Crags from Newlands Hause   OL4 3.5 more...
30/01/2014 High Spy & Maiden Moor from Grange in Borrowdale   OL4 6.75 more...
12/03/2014 Grasmere & Easdale   OL7 4.0 more...
30/03/2014 Castle Crag from Grange in Borrowdale   OL4 5.0 more...
01/04/2014 Esthwaite Water & Grizedale Forest   OL7 5.75 more...
08/04/2014 Stone Arthur from Swan Hotel, Grasmere   OL7 3.0 more...
19/04/2014 Wallowbarrow Crag & River Duddon from Birks Bridge   OL6 6.0 more...
03/05/2014 Branstree, High Howes, Selside Pike & Brown Howe from Mardale   OL5 5.25 more...
26/05/2014 Greenburn Horseshoe - Steel Fell, Calf Crag, Gibson Knott & Helm Crag from Grasmere   OL5/7 9.25 more...
31/05/2014 Mungrisedale Common, Bannerdale Crags, Bowscale Fell & The Tongue from Mungrisedale   OL5 10.75 more...
05/06/2014 Simpson Ground Reservoir, Cartmel Fell & Simpson Ground Allotment from Chapel House Wood Uncle Eric OL7 8.5 more...
08/06/2014 Blencathra from Scales, visiting all tops per Birkett   OL5 7.75 more...
12/06/2014 Buck Barrow, Kinmont Buck Barrow, Whitfell etc from Corney Fell Road Uncle Eric OL6 7.5 more...
22/06/2014 Low Kop, Wether Hill, Loadpot Hill & Arthur's Pike from Moorahill Farm   OL5 11.25 more...
26/06/2014 Bannisdale Horseshoe-north section Uncle Eric OL7 8.75 more...
01/07/2014 Steel Knotts, Beda Fell & Hallin Fell from St Peter's Church, Martindale   OL5 7.25 more...
20/07/2014 Angletarn Pikes, Brock Crags & Rest Dodd from Patterdale   OL5 9.0 more...
23/07/2014 Little Carrs, Great Carrs, Swirl How, Great How on Swirl Band, Grey Friar & Hell Gill Pike from Three Shires Stone, Wrynose Pass Uncle Eric OL6 6.75 more...
31/07/2014 Hard Knott Roman Fort, Border End, Hard Knott, Yew Bank & Lingcove Bridge from Jubilee Bridge Uncle Eric OL6 7.0 more...
21/09/2014 Kentmere Pike, Goat Scar & Shipman Knotts from Longsleddale   OL7 6.25 more...
05/11/2014 Lingmoor Fell & Side PIke from Blea Tarn   OL6/7 5.75 more...
18/11/2014 Satterthwaite, Rusland, Thwaite Moss & Force Mills from Blind Lane car park Uncle Eric OL7 5.25 more...
29/11/2014 Holme Fell, Black Crag, Tarn Hows & Glen Mary   OL7 7.5 more...
03/12/2014 Caw, Pikes & Green Pikes from Seathwaite Uncle Eric OL6 4.75 more...
24/01/2015 Grassgarth Lane, The Heights, Browfoot, Croft Head, Mickle Moss, High House and Grassgarth from Ings   OL7 7.0 more...
12/08/2015 Great Worm Crag from Birker Fell Road Uncle Eric OL6 4.5 more...
05/01/2016 Staveley to Ings circular Uncle Eric OL7 8.75 more...
13/03/2016 Lower Eskdale & Muncaster Fell from Muncaster Castle Uncle Eric OL6 7.25 more...
24/05/2016 Rough Crag, High Street & Mardale Ill Bell from Mardale Head Uncle Eric OL5 6.25 more...
29/05/2016 The Knott, High Street, Thornthwaite Crag & Gray Crag from Hartsop   OL5 7.75 more...
05/06/2016 The Dodds-Clough Head, Great Dodd, Watson's Dodd, Stybarrow Dodd & associated Birketts from Dockray   OL5 13.0 more...
21/06/2016 Black Star on Honister Crag, Fleetwith Pike & Haystacks from Honsiter Uncle Eric OL4 7.0 more...
12/07/2016 Grasmoor, Wandope, Whiteless Pike & Rannerdale Knotts from Cinderdale Common Uncle Eric OL4 7.5 more...
30/07/2016 The Calder Horseshoe (Grike, Crag Fell, Lank Rigg etc) from the Coldfell road   OL4 8.0 more...
06/08/2016 Glede Howe from Swindale   OL5 4.5 more...
04/04/2017 Winster Valley & Barkbooth Lot Nature Reserve Uncle Eric OL7 7.0 more..
10/08/2017 Seathwaite Fell from Seathwaite Farm Uncle Eric OL4/6 6.5 more..
20/08/2017 The Buttermere Ridge (High Crag, High Stile & Red Pike) from Gatesgarth   OL4 8.5 more..
01/04/2018 School Knott & Grandsire from Ings   OL7 6.0 more..
09/05/2018 Ratherheath, Staveley & Cowan Head from Ashes Lane Uncle Eric OL7 6.5 more.
22/05/2018 Birkbeck Fells round from A6 Shap summit Uncle Eric OL7 9.0 more.
01/08/2018 Reston Scar & Hugill Fell from Staveley   OL7 2.5 more.
07/08/2018 Rusland Valley Ramble from Colton Church Uncle Eric OL7 8.0 more..
10/10/2018 Old Shap Road via Shap Wells Hotel from A6 summit Uncle Eric OL5/7 8.5 more..
21/11/2018 Kelly Hall Tarn, Coniston Lakeshore & Greaves Ground from Torver Uncle Eric OL6 8.25 more..
01/12/2019 Broadgate, Sunkenkirk Stone Circle, Knott Hill & Hallthwaites   OL6 5.5 more...
03/12/2019 Craggy Plantation, Spring Hag & Dales Way from Staveley Uncle Eric OL7 5.5 more...
18/12/2019 Cunswick Scar, Fell Gate, Lindreth Brow & Scout Scar   OL7 9.5 more...
28/12/2019 High Borrans, Croft Head, Browfoot & Grassgarth from Moor Howe   OL7 8.25 more...
18/01/2020 Loughrigg, Rydal Cave & Loughrigg Terrace from Grasmere   OL7 6.0 more...
04/03/2020 Buckholme-Lonning, Isel & Irton House from Armathwaite Hall   OL4 7.25 more...
16/05/2020 Around Crook   OL7 6.0 more...
08/07/2020 Monk Coniston, Tarn Hows & Boon Crag   OL7 6.0 more..
14/07/2020 Circuit of Crummock Water   OL4 9.25 more...
16/07/2020 Isel Park, Sunderland & Clints Crag from Blindcrake   OL4 6.75 more...
21/07/2020 Gummer's How & Birch Fell   OL7 4.0 more...
15/09/2020 Broad Oak, Fell Edge & Township Allotment from Bowland Bridge Uncle Eric OL7 7.5 more...
05/10/2020 Hudscales, Heskete Newmarket & Watersmeeting from Caldbeck   OL5 6.5 more...
07/10/2020 Circuit of Loweswater   OL4 4.0 more...
14/10/2020 Around Winster Uncle Eric OL7 6.25 more...
07/11/2020 Chapel House Plantation, Simpson Ground & Cartmel Fell from Staveley in Cartmel   OL7 9.5 more...
28/11/2020 Mill Side, Foulshaw & Ulpha from Witherslack   OL7 9.0 more..
22/02/2021 Whitbarrow from Mill Side   OL7 7.0 more..
26/02/2021 Rusland Pool, Backbarrow, Bigland Barrow & River Leven   OL7 8.75 more..
15/04/2021 Brown Pike, Buck Pike & Dow Crag from Torver   OL6 8.0 more..
22/04/2021 Dollywagon Pike, Nethermost Pike & Hevellyn from Dunmail Raise   OL5 7.25 more..
18/06/2021 Whin Rigg & Illgill Head from Eskdale   OL6 9.5 more..
22/06/2021 Seat Sandal from Dunmail Raise   OL5 3.25 more..
30/06/2021 The Fairfield Horseshoe from Ambleside   OL5/7 12.25