2018 WALKS

Here is a full listing of our adventures in 2018. We hope our final listing will be longer than 2017, but appreciate that Dad has other calls on his time, especially looking after Uncle Brian, which must have priority of course!

Starting the year Dad has lost fitness, so will need to build this up before we think about venturing on the fells and mountains. Little Eric hopes to make further progress with the Birketts and Wainwrights. Even so is still adamant that Dad does not have to repeat all the fells to complete the challenge. Maybe too we will repeat some of the Bowland Fells. This was Little Eric's suggestion last year, but did not transpire. The rest of us like this idea too.

Otherwise we look forward to just enjoying the wonderful countryside of Cumbria, Lancashire and Yorkshire.

Where the text under 'walk details' is in green there is an associated story. Click the link to find out more.

Location codes: C=Cumbria, FB=Forest of Bowland, H=Howgill Fells, L=Lancashire, LD=Lake District, NP=North Pennines, Y=Yorkshire, YD=Yorkshire Dales



Walk Details


Accmpnd by Map Distance (miles) Link
07/01/2018 River Lune, Claughton & Caton Moor from Bull Beck L   OL41 7.25 more..
26/01/2018 Lancashire Coastal Path & Lancaster Canal from Hest Bank L   296/
7.0 more..
02/02/2018 Cam End, Pennine Way to Old Ing, Ribble Way via Nether Lodge from Gearstones YD   OL2 7.0 more..
07/02/2018 High Bentham to Greystonegill Bridge circular Y Uncle Eric OL41 4.5 more..
23/02/2018 Smearsett Scar, Pot Scar, Wharfe & Austwick from Feizor YD Pat & Leo OL2/
6.75 more..
20/03/2018 Smearsett Scar, Pot Scar, Wharfe & Austwick from Feizor YD Uncle Eric OL2/
6.75 more..
25/03/2018 School Knott & Grandsire from Ings LD   OL7 6.0 more..
01/04/2018 Lune Millennium Path, Condor Green, Lancaster Canal from St George's Quay, Lancaster L   296 11.0 more.
11/04/2018 Sunderland, Trailholme & Marsh Lea from Potts Corner L   296 5.0 more.
21/04/2018 Celtic Wall, Feizor Thwaite, Feizor Nick from Elaine's Tearooms YD   OL2/
5.75 more.
06/05/2018 Stainforth & Helwith Bridge from Feizor YD   OL2/
7.25 more..
09/05/2018 Ratherheath, Staveley & Cowan Head from Ashes Lane LD Uncle Eric OL7 6.5 more..
22/05/2018 Birkbeck Fells round from A6 Shap summit LD Uncle Eric OL7 9.0 more..
19/06/2018 Circular from Clapham Station Y Uncle Eric OL41 6.0 more..
24/07/2018 Stocks Reservoir Circular L Uncle Eric OL41 8.0 more..
01/08/2018 Reston Scar & Hugill Fell from Staveley LD   OL7 2.5 more..
07/08/2018 Rusland Valley ramble from Colton Church LD Uncle Eric OL7 8.0 more..
25/08/2018 Feizor Thwaite, Smearsett Scar & Oxenber Wood YD   OL41 5.25 more..
29/08/2018 Sugar Loaf Hill & Victoria Cave from Settle YD Uncle Eric OL2 6.0 more..
10/10/2018 Old Shap Road via Shap Wells Hotel from A6 summit LD Uncle Eric OL5/
8.5 more..
16/10/2018 Grayrigg circular C Uncle Eric OL7 4.25 more..
21/11/2018 Kelly Hall Tarn, Coniston Lakeshore & Greaves Ground from Torver LD Uncle Eric OL6 8.25 more..

Number of walks - 22