Date - 3rd February 2009 Distance - 11 miles
Map - 296 Start point - Glasson Dock (SD 446561)


The Walk

Another cold day but it was sunshine all the way. Large parts of the country were under snow but not so here. With the bitter east wind, Dad and Uncle Eric decided to stay low today, and we walked from Glasson Dock. Dad had actually done this walk before, but we and Uncle Eric had not. Dad was quite happy to do it again and it got another part of the Lancaster Canal walked by Uncle Eric. Setting off about 10:30 we headed through the village to come to Marsh Lane that then became a path over the fields to the coast at Crook Farm. It had been rather muddy going underfoot.

Here we stopped to take in the view across to Sunderland Point. This tiny community is cut off at high tide, as the only road to nearby Overton floods. The large building in the background is Heysham Nuclear Power Station.

We now walked along the coastal path. At an information board, we learnt some interesting things. This building is Abbey Lighthouse Cottage.

It had indeed once been a lighthouse and the surrounding white walls had been the base. A little further along was Plover Point, beyond which, centuries ago there had been a wattle fence that was used to trap and catch fish. Next we came to the remains of Cockersands Abbey. All that stands is the Chapter House and a few bits of wall.

The path continued along the coast to Bank End, where we joined a road, going left at the junction to Hillam.

Suddenly Tetley called out, "what is that running across the field".

"A hare", replied Dad.

"Just look how fast it can go", said Grizzly.

After the farm at Hillam we took a path right over the fields to Cockerham. Passing a remote house we saw some alpacas - they are lovely animals. Uncle Eric and Dad had planned to have lunch at the Manor Inn here but it was closed so they had to make do with a chocolate bar. There was a seat nearby and we sat to have our picture taken.

Our route now was through the village to a junction where we turned left on to a road leading to the Lancaster Canal. Joining the towpath we walked north beside it for some miles. At one point we came to this bridge with fancy balustrades.

We wondered what this was all about, so when we got home we did some research. Apparently this carries the drive to Ellel Grange, a large mansion. When the canal was built the owner of the Grange agreed to allow it through his land, on the proviso that the bridge was in a manner befitting the driveway to his house. After a further walk we arrived at the Glasson Branch of the canal. We thought surely we must be getting near to the end, but the signpost told us we had nearly another 3 miles to go.

Uncle Eric and Dad strode out and finally we reached Glasson Dock. Just as we got back the cloud was coming up obscuring the sun and the temperature dropped significantly. So we had timed our return just right.



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