2009 WALKS

Here is a full listing of our adventures in 2009. It was a year that we achieved some milestones. Grizzly completed his Wainwright challenge, and Shaun, Tetley, Grizzly, Allen and Dad of course, completed summiting all the named Wainwright Outlying Fells. We also made further progress in our quest to climb all 540 Birkett summits in Lakeland. We had passed the magic 500 and had just 30 to climb.

During late 2020 and early 2021, we undertook a rewrite of all these stories, improving and adding extra pictures and information. We hope you will enjoy reading some of our enhanced accounts.

Where the text under 'walk details' is shown in green there is an associated story. Click the link to find out more.

Location codes: C=Cumbria, H=Howgill Fells, L=Lancashire, LD=Lake District, YD=Yorkshire Dales



Walk Details

Locn Accmpnd by Map Distance (miles) Link
04/01/2009 Pinnacle How, Four Stones Hill, Bampton Fell & Low Kop LD   OL7 6.0 more..
10/01/2009 Peat Moor Hill from Langthwaite YD Uncle Bob OL30 6.0 more..
21/01/2009 Great How from Swirls, Thirlmere LD Uncle Eric OL5 6.0 more..
25/01/2009 The Knott and Muncaster Fell (Hooker Crag) LD   OL6 7.5 more..
01/02/2009 High Carl, Gibbon Hill & Height of Greets from Grinton Lodge YD Uncle Bob OL30 10.0 more..
03/02/2009 Glasson Dock, Cockerham & Lancaster Canal L Uncle Eric 296 11.0 more..
10/02/2009 Nabs Moor, Howes & Mosedale from Swindale LD Uncle Eric OL5 8.0 more..
14/02/2009 Ribble Way, Stainforth, Feizor & Giggleswick Scar YD Uncle Bob OL41 8.0 more..
17/02/2009 Jeffrey's Mount, Whinash Ridge & Bretherdale H Uncle Eric OL7/OL19 8.5 more..
22/02/2009 Walna Scar, White Pike, White Maiden from Torver LD   OL6 6.5 more..
26/02/2009 Rusland Pool, Backbarrow, Bigland Barrow & River Leven LD   OL7 8.0 more..
01/03/2009 Bleaberry Fell, High Seat & Shoulthwaite Gill LD   OL4 5.5 more..
09/03/2009 Levens Bridge, Cinderbarrow, Brigsteer Park & Helsington C Uncle Eric OL7 8.5  
16/03/2009 Yew Bank, Beacon Fell, Beacon Tarn & Wool Knott from Woodland LD   OL6 6.0 more..
19/03/2009 Tarn Crag, Codale Head, High Raise, Sergeant Man & Blea Rigg from Grasmere LD   OL6/OL7 10.0 more..
22/03/2009 Warrendale Knotts, Victoria Cave, Black Hill & Sugar Loaf Hill from Settle YD Uncle Bob OL2 13.5 more..
29/03/2009 Whitbarrow from Mill Side LD   OL7 7.0 more..
31/03/2009 Nine Standards Rigg, Brownber Head & Nateby Common YD Uncle Bob OL19 11.5 more..
05/04/2009 Reston Scar, Hugill Fell & High Knott from Staveley LD   OL7 7.5  
12/04/2009 Firth Fell & River Wharfe from Kettlewell YD Uncle Bob OL30 12.0 more..
16/04/2009 The Knott, Great Stickle, Tarn Hill & Stickle Pike LD Uncle Eric OL6 5.25 more..
19/04/2009 Brown Rigg, Standing Crag, Coldbarrow Fell, Ullscarf & Wythburn Fell LD   OL4/OL5 7.8 more..
26/04/2009 Cocklaw Fell & Green Quarter Fell from Sadgill LD   OL7 4.75 more..
29/04/2009 Twistleton & Whernside from Ribblehead YD Uncle Bob OL2 12.6  
02/05/2009 Great Worm Crag, Green Crag, Great Crag etc from Birker Fell Road LD   OL6 8.9 more..
07/05/2009 Roan Edge, Docker Fell & Lambrigg Fell C Uncle Eric OL7 10.0 more..
24/05/2009 Hampsfell from Cartmel LD   OL7 8.5 more..
31/05/2009 Western Circuit of Gavel Fell LD   OL4 7.4 more..
21/06/2009 Heughscar Hill from Askham LD   OL5 7.25 more..
24/06/2009 A Walk in the Uldale Fells to Knott LD Uncle Eric OL4 9.0 more..
28/06/2009 Knowe Fell, Black Hill & Langscar Gate from Malham Tarn YD Uncle Bob OL2 11.25 more..
05/07/2009 Oswen Fell, Burnbank Fell, Carling Knott, Blake Fell, Sharp Knott & High Hows from Lamplugh LD   OL4 6.5 more..
08/07/2009 Flat Fell & Dent from Wath Bridge. Cold Fell from Coldfell Gate LD Uncle Eric OL4 7.25 more..
12/07/2009 Vicar's Allotment & High Edge from Skipton YD Uncle Bob OL2 10.0 more..
16/07/2009 Carron Crag & Grizedale Forest LD   OL7 5.5 more..
19/07/2009 Tarn Crag, Harrop Pike, Grey Crag & Great Howe from Sadgill LD   OL7 7.0 more..
25/07/2009 Hindscarth, Dale Head & Robinson via Scope End, from Newlands Church LD   OL4 9.0 more..
02/08/2009 Blea Moor from Ribblehead YD Uncle Bob OL2 9.25 more..
05/08/2009 Ponsonby Fell, Stone Pike & Swainson Knott from Blengdale LD Uncle Eric OL6 7.75 more..
09/08/2009 Eycott Hill, Little Eycott Hill (3.5m). Great Mell Fell (3m) LD   OL5 6.5 more..
25/08/2009 Black Combe, Stoupdale Head, White Combe & White Hall Knott LD Uncle Bob OL6 7.0 more..
30/08/2009 Orrest Head & Allen Knott from Windermere LD   OL7 6.0 more..
06/09/2009 Little Hart Crag, High Hartsop Dodd, Middle Dodd & Red Screes LD   OL7 11.0 more..
13/09/2009 A round of Skiddaw LD   OL4 13.5 more..
15/09/2009 St Raven's Edge, Caudale Moor & Hartsop Dodd from The Kirkstone Pass Inn LD Uncle Eric OL5/OL7 5.25 more..
27/09/2009 Whinlatter, Lord's Seat, Broom Fell, Graystones etc from Spout Gill LD   OL4 8.5 more..
08/10/2009 Thorn Crag, Langdale Pikes, Thunacar Knott & Pavey Ark from New Dungeon Ghyll Hotel LD   OL6 6.3 more..
15/10/2009 Cunswick Scar & Scout Scar from Kendal LD Uncle Eric OL7 8.5 more..
18/10/2009 Cam High Road, Wether Hill, Semer Water & Bracken Hill from Bainbridge YD Uncle Bob OL30 11.25  
08/11/2009 Exploring Wensleydale from Leyburn to Redmire YD Uncle Bob OL30 11.5  
26/11/2009 Warton Crag, Cringlebarrow Wood, Leighton Park & Leighton Moss L Uncle Eric OL7 8.25  
10/12/2009 Rowantree Force, Stainton Pike & The Knott from Millgate, Corney LD Uncle Eric OL6 7.5 more..
13/12/2009 Threlkeld Knotts from Wanthwaite (2.75 miles), Bracken How, Round How, Common Fell, Swineside Knotts, Brown Hills & Glencoyne Park (4.5 miles)


  OL5 7.25 more..
15/12/2009 The Wasdale Horseshoe, from the A6 Shap Summit LD Uncle Eric OL7 6.5  
27/12/2009 Lancaster Canal, Capernwray, Over Kellet & Nether Kellet from Carnforth (includes preface of 'Langdale Goes Skiing')


  OL7/OL41 9.0 more..
  Number of walks - 55     Total 455.75