Date - 16th April 2009 Distance - 5.25 miles
Map - OL6 Start point - Kiln Bank Cross (SD 215933)


Summits Achieved

Name Height (ft) Height (m) Grid Ref
Raven's Crag 1184 361 SD 2237 9292
The Knott (Dunnerdale) 925 284 SD 2241 9193
Great Stickle 1001 305 SD 2117 9159
Tarn Hill 1027 313 SD 2095 9209
Stickle Pike 1231 375 SD 2120 9279



All was well, as Shaun & Grizzly had brought tea and the biscuit tin.

"Ooh lovely", cheered Allen. "I'm....

"gasping for a cuppa", finished Tetley, laughing. "So like Dad for tea and biscuits lad."

"I know" replied Allen as he dipped his paw in the tin.

I bring news of a walk tomorrow with Uncle Eric", said Grizzly.

"That's great" cheered Little Eric. "Where are we going."

"To Dunnerdale", replied Grizzly.

"We've been there before and done those summits, and the associated Birketts", replied Tetley. "Two walks if I recall correctly. Late October and early November last year."

"That is what I said to Dad", continued Grizzly. "But he explained that Uncle Eric has never walked in this area, so we can guide him around. Also, Allen and I will finally tick off Stickle Pike, getting another of the Outlyer catch-ups done. And of course you will tick it off too Little Eric."

"That's just fine", cheered Allen.

"Roll on tomorrow", called out Little Eric.


The Walk

The sun shone all day from the clear blue skies, but we had to contend with very strong winds, so making the walking unpleasant at times.

"Where are we meeting up?", asked Allen.

"At Kiln Bank Cross, the highest point on the narrow road between Broughton Mills and Seathwaite.", replied Dad. "Unusually this road is still gated near Hoses Farm. It is times like this when I wish I had other human company in the car!"

Seeing Uncle Eric, Grizzly called out, "hi, lovely to see you and have your company today"

"Good to see you, lads", he replied.

Across the road from the parking area, a high hill towered up.

"Is that Stickle Pike?" asked Allen.

"Yes" replied Tetley, "but it is to be the last top of the day, so you, Grizzly and Little Eric will have to be patient."

This shot was taken a little later as we climbed up, and you might just make out the ribbon of the narrow road.

Shaun was using Wainwright's Outlying book as a guide as well as the map saying, "we take that path heading east."

These good clear paths took us past the long abandoned remains of Stainton Quarry. Large spoil heaps and the old workings cut into the hill.

The path led up to the ridge, were Shaun now said, "we go right over that undulating ground and then make the final climb to Raven's Crag."

Dad explained to Uncle Eric, "this is a Birkett summit, but also the nameless summit in Wainwright's book."

As mentioned at the start, while the day was sunny it was also very windy. Little Eric said. "I want my picture taking, but fear being blown off the hill."

Uncle Eric said, "get yourselves settled and then I will sit and shelter you from the wind."

"Thank you", said Allen. "It will be nice to have you in one of our pictures too."

Tucked safely once more in Dad's rucksack, Grizzly asked, "where now?"

Shaun advised, "we just continue along the ridge, and then descend to the col. Then keeping on in the same direction, climb to the large cairn at the summit of The Knott."

Arriving there, Allen commented , "for such a modest summit in height, it certainly has a huge cairn."

"We can easily sit out of the wind here while we pose for our picture", called out Little Eric, as we scrambled out of the rucksack.

Looking at the map, Tetley commented, "there is a house down below to the east that coincidentally is called Ball Hall."

"Despite the name, there is no connection to me", replied Dad

"The next part is new ground for us all", commented Grizzly.

"Yes it is", agreed Shaun. "We have to descend, and this will be quite steep at times, to Knott End. There we will pick up a good path right through Knott End Farm, and on the road we drove up to the start."

At the road Shaun issued his next instruction, "cross and take the path that leads down to Dunnerdale Beck."

A slab bridge crosses the beck. "A picture please Dad for our story", said Tetley.

Beyond the path climbed to pass through Scrithwaite Farm, and onwards to a bridleway.

"That's Great Stickle in front", pointed Tetley.

"We go right", called out Shaun. "Then, after the last wall, soon strike right and climb to a col."

There we kept on, to find a path going right once more, which finally brought us to the cairn and trig point.

Looking beyond Grizzly pointed, "there's Stickle Pike. Can't wait to bag its summit."

It was fiercely windy up here. Uncle Eric said, "we can get into shelter below the cairn to have our lunch."

"Oh yes", cheered Allen, "I'm hungry as usual."

"You've got hollow legs I'm sure", laughed Little Eric.

This provided a place for us to also pose of our picture.

Grizzly said, "this is a good vantage point to plan the route to our penultimate summit Tarn Hill."

Lunch over we set off on the next stage. Descending by our chosen path, we made our way across and then round a boggy area. Here we picked up a path that led directly to the cairn on Tarn Hill.

"This area is very pretty", commented Little Eric, "I can see why the summit is so named. There are about five small tarns scattered about"

To illustrate one, here is the picture Dad took on our previous visit on 26th October 2008.

As we got snugged in the rucksack, Allen called out, "at last, it's Stickle Pike next."

The hill reared up before us and we were eager to get to the summit.

Shaun advised, "we have to cross some rough rocky ground, but this will eventually take us to a good track without losing too much height."

The track climbed steeply to reach a col, where Shaun pointed, "now take that steep path to the left and soon we will be at the summit."

This is crowned with a huge cairn.

"Come on pals", called out Tetley. "Let's shelter in that hollow on the lee side for our picture."

"Hurrah", cried Allen, Grizzly & Little Eric, "we have climbed this at last!"

Ready for the off again, Shaun advised, "we should descend again to the col, and then go left to pass by pretty Stickle Tarn."

From here a clear path soon led us to the start at Kiln Bank Cross.

"Thank you Dad", cheered Allen. "That's another Outlyer catch up done."

"And I have finally explored this wonderful corner of Lakeland and ticked the summits off", said Uncle Eric. "It's been a good day, despite the wind."

"I guess it is time for refreshments", said Tetley.

"Yes lad, we are going to the Square Cafe in Broughton in Furness."

Here they had a nice pot of tea and cake.

Then saying our goodbyes to Uncle Eric for now, we relaxed in the car chatting about the day, while Dad drove us safely home.


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