Date - 26th February 2009 Distance - 8 miles
Map - OL7 Start point - Layby Nr Rusland Pool Hotel (SD 327842)


Summits Achieved

Name Height (ft) Height (m) Grid Ref
Bigland Barrow 633 193 SD 3636 8397



"It's Thursday tomorrow and we usually go walking with Dad", said Shaun.

Tetley called out, "off you go Allen and ask Dad what we are doing".

So he did, dashing off as usual, soon to return with a wide smile on his face.

"Well" said Grizzly.

"Yes we are going, but as there is rain forecast for the fells later, we are doing a local walk climbing Bigland Barrow", replied Allen.

"That's great. It will be another catch-up of an Outlying Fell for you and I", cried Grizzly.


The Walk

To get to the start we drove along the familiar A590 Barrow road passing below Whitbarrow Scar.

Allen called out " Little Eric and I have not done that hill."

Dad replied "I'll take you up it soon, I promise"

Dad parked in the layby and we leaped into his rucksack ready for the off. After a few yards we passed by the Rusland Pool Hotel.

This was by the busy A590 road, so we were glad that almost immediately we left this to walk by the river. The path led to a narrow road called the Causeway, which we followed to a junction where we went right, and then left up a narrow road that took us past Lecks Travel coach depot. Walking now along another section of road, it suddenly just ended. We were mystified, but Dad explained that this had in fact once been the main road. The improved road now goes through a cutting below hence the dead end. Grandad Bill often went to Barrow when he was working, and we reflected that he must have driven along this old section many times. Now followed a delightful section through Parrock Wood, the path meandering and climbing up and down following a route with white topped posts.

This finally descended to the Lakeside to Haverthwaite railway.

Although Dad assured us that no trains were running we did as the sign said before carefully crossing the line. We passed some modern houses and workshops, and Dad told us that the site had once been an ironworks. A narrow path led to a bridge over the River Leven,

and then to a tunnel under the A590. The path climbed to the village of Backbarrow. In a garden was this duck - we nicknamed her Jemima!

Continuing up, we entered more woodland, where the path disappeared in a very boggy area. However, Dad soon found it again, climbing on up to the bridleway. Here, going left we climbed steadily to the brow, to then double back right up towards the ridge. After crossing a stile in a wall we should have just gone right, but a path with yellow topped poles seemed to be the correct way. However this just took us in a circle to the track from the stile. This led unerringly to the summit of Bigland Barrow with its wartime look out post tower.

We all jumped out of the rucksack and scrambled up the ladder, as Allen shouted, "come on Dad take our picture."

We are not likely to visit here again soon, if ever, as we have all now reached this summit. The clear path descended to a gate, where we went left. We should have gone ahead, but the detour was pleasant passing by a trout fishing lake and then to Mungeon Farm. Dad then walked uphill to reach the gates to Bigland Hall. Walked through the grounds by the tarn, passing this interesting little boathouse. "Do take a picture", implored Little Eric.

Now our route was along the Cumbria Coastal Way descending through more lovely woodland to the hamlet of Low Wood, and then along by the River Leven. It was in flood as it was about high tide. Here the land is only just above sea level so the river is tidal and was flowing up stream. The path became a surfaced road leading into Roundsea Wood, where we took the path on the right to come by the river and then cross it by the old railway bridge. This is part of the Lakeside & Haverthwaite Railway line that is no longer in use. Looking along the trackbed you can see an old platelayers hut.

Walking on the path was beside the river took us to the start. Another interesting walk and enjoyable day. Thanks Dad!

Well, you will not be surprised that it was cafe time, and where else but Jane and Sam's at Low Newton. We had been last Sunday returning from the Walna Scar walk and yesterday too with Uncle Brian. So, imagine their surprise to see us here again today. Sam had Dad going, saying Uncle Brian had rung to tell them he was calling. He believed him for a while too. When they had been yesterday, Uncle Brian had said jokingly that he was putting a tracking device on Dad. Now Dad made them laugh saying he had put the tracker on to a sheep!! Dad had the huge and delicious club sandwich, then the apple apricot and chocolate crumble. We went in too with our friends Citroen and Dougal, and they let Dad take our picture for the story. We can honestly say that this is one of Dad's favourite teastops!


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