Date - 26th April 2009 Distance - 4.75 miles
Map - OL7 Start point - Sadgill Bridge, Longsleddale (NY 483057)


Summits Achieved

Name Height (ft) Height (m) Grid Ref
Cocklaw Fell 1197 365 NY 4806 0383
Hollow Moor on Green Quarter Fell 1398 426 NY 4689 0395



Shaun asked "are we going out tomorrow, as the weather is forecast to be dry and quite sunny?"

"Yes", replied Dad, "but I have decided to have an easy day. We are going to Sadgill in Longsleddale to tick off the Birkett top, Cocklaw Fell, we have wanted to do for a while, and then on to Green Quarter Fell again, which will allow Allen and Grizzly to get another catch up of a Wainwright Outlying Fell.

"Great", said Shaun. "They will be very happy about that", as he rushed off to tell them.


The Walk

From the A6 north of Kendal, a narrow road leads up the Longsleddale Valley and after a further 5.5 miles we arrived at Sadgill Bridge where the surfaced road ends. Once Dad was ready we settled in his rucksack and off we went. Crossing the bridge the route was along the Byway that leads ultimately to the next valley Kentmere. It was a steady but easy climb. As you would expect there were plenty of sheep about with their lambs, and Dad snapped what we think is the epitome of springtime on the fells.

After a gate we turned off the Byway, going left on a bridleway and continuing to climb. The view to the valley had opened up and Grizzly said, "that will make a good picture Dad".

The buildings are the farm at Sadgill Bridge, and you can clearly see the ongoing track that leads over the Gatesgarth Pass to Mardale and the Haweswater Reservoir. The prominent crags in the centre are Buckbarrow Crag, that rises to the right to Tarn Crag on Sleddale Fell. Allen remarked, "you have got to take me up there sometime Dad". Dad did too a few months later.

At a convenient point we struck off left to a gate, and once over, made the easy climb to the summit of Cocklaw Fell. There was a fine view of Skeggles Water from here.

Descending we crossed a boggy area to regain the bridleway by a gate. Continued along the bridleway to pass through another gate. Here we went right, and after Dad had negotiated the fence it was a straightforward ascent of Green Quarter Fell, its summit being Hollow Moor. This is adorned with an old stone gatepost. While this is considered as the summit, the Ordnance Survey actually marks the spot height a little further on in the direction of Kentmere.

"Wow", exclaimed Tetley. "Just look at that fantastic view of Kentmere. Please Dad, take a picture." From front to back the tops on the left are Rainsbarrow Crag rising to Yoke, Ill Bell, Froswick, and distantly Thornthwaite Crag. Then going right at the back, High Street and Mardale Ill Bell. The slopes to the right are of Harter Fell.

The Green Quarter Fell chapter in Alfred Wainwright's book on Outlying Fells, refers to visiting an unnamed summit. Dad was determined to take us to it, so we descended to a stile in the fence and then made a short ascent. There is not even a spot height on the map, but someone has put a few stones to mark the top. Using his GPS, Dad measured the height and it was exactly 1370ft as AW states in his book. Despite it being unnamed Dad took our picture to record our visit.

The descent led to another fence that Dad followed to a wall corner. Climbing the wall, followed by a steepish descent returned us to the Byway. Here going right this was followed, passing where we had struck off on the bridleway earlier, and then on down to Sadgill Bridge. Despite being a short walk it had nevertheless been interesting and all the tops in this area are now bagged by us all.


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