Date - 16th March 2009 Distance - 6 miles
Map - OL6 Start point - Woodland (SD 248895)


Summits Achieved

Name Height (ft) Height (m) Grid Ref
Yew Bank 678 206 SD 2625 9096
Beacon Fell 836 254 SD 2780 9071
Wool Knott 730 222 SD 2726 8961



It was Saturday afternoon and all was well as we had steaming tea in our mugs and biscuits to dunk if we wished.

Shaun remarked, "I wonder if we are walking tomorrow as usual."

"I'll go and ask Dad", volunteered Allen ever willing to please, as he drained his mug.

"You will want a refill for sure", laughed Little Eric, knowing what a tea belly his pal is.

"Oh yes", he called out as he ran out of the room.

When Allen asked, and Dad said, "no", his little face fell and he felt very down in the paw. Dad went on to explain, "the reason is that Uncle Brian and I are going with your pals, Wayne and Crumble, to a classical music concert in Manchester tomorrow evening."

However his face brightened when Dad went on, "so, we are going walking on Monday instead, Dad explaining exactly where.

"Oh that's great, Dad. What music are you going to hear at Bridgewater Hall?"

"Excerpts from Peer Gynt by Grieg, then Orchestral songs by Rolf Martinson sung by Anne Sofie von Otter, who is a famous singer. Finally Sibelius 2nd symphony. Uncle Brian is particularly looking forward to that as it is his favourite piece of classical music. The orchestra performing the works is the Malmo Symphony."

"Sounds wonderful", agreed Allen. Our pals Wayne and Crumble are ever so learned and sophisticated.

He then hurried off and seeing the smile on his face we knew a walk was on. "Thanks pal", he said to Shaun accepting the mug of tea.

"We are walking on Monday."

"Oh, that's a change", said Grizzly.

"The reason is that Sunday night Dad and Uncle Brian are going to a concert at the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester. The walk Dad has planned, is to climb some Outlying Fells, namely Yew Bank. Beacon Fell and Wool Knott.

"Great" cheered Grizzly. "That will be another three summits of catch up for you, Little Eric and me.

"We will visit Beacon Tarn too", went on Allen.

"I remember when Shaun and I lasted visited, said Tetley. "It is a lovely place".



The Walk

"How do we get to the start?, asked Allen, as Dad backed out of the drive.

Shaun replied, "the familiar route to and along the A590 Barrow road as far a Greenodd. Here go right and follow the A5092 through Penny Bridge and on to Gawthwaite. Just beyond, we take the narrow road right that skirts below Burney to eventually join another road and go right the short way to the village of Woodland."

"Ahh, I remember Burney", said Allen, "We climbed that with Uncle Eric."

"Correct pal", said Tetley. "That was in August 2006. We also climbed Blawith Knott and Tottlebank Height too."

"You never cease to amaze me pal", replied Grizzly. "How ever do you remember all these facts. You must have an eidetic memory."

Woodland is a tiny village with just a few houses and a church. Shaun said, "Wainwright shows that just beyond the church, there is a triangle of roads where we should be able to park.

"Oh yes, here we are. I'll park on the link verge."

Dad was soon ready, but before starting the walk, Grizzly said, "let's have a look at the church first."

"I looked it up", said Grizzly. "This is the church of St John the Evangelist. It was built in 1864–65, and was the third church to be built on the site. The earlier churches had been built in 1698 and 1822. It is a simple church, consisting of only a nave and apse, having seating for 150 people. The bellcote is flat-topped and surmounted by four small spikes, each in the form of an obelisk. It was designed by Lancaster architect E. G. Paley. In 1868–69 a parsonage was built for the church, which was also designed by Paley.

"Most interesting. Thank you pal", said Little Eric.

We were to have a dry day with sunny periods, and a cool wind that blew strongly at the summits.

So ready now to start the walk, Shaun said, "we return to the triangle and take the right fork to continue on the road through Green Moor Wood and then on towards Hawes Farm."

"That's a strange coincidence, as I am going with Uncle Brian to the town of Hawes in Yorkshire, tomorrow."

"What are you going to be doing?", asked Allen.

"Well lad, a visit to the Chip Shop of course, Then shopping in the town and a visit to the Wensleydale Creamery. On the way back of course we will call to see Eileen for a chat and get some cakes I have on order. I need to stock up on marmalades and chutney so we will call at Mr Williamson's in Barbon."

"A busy day in prospect then", replied Little Eric."

Approaching where the track to the farm curved right, Shaun said, "we ignore that and keep ahead along the walled lane."

This led to open fell at Strands Beck, where we continued to follow the path, as it climbed with Yew Bank, the first objective of the day, ahead to the right.

There were many Herdwick sheep grazing here that we all love so much. "I do not mind pictures of them in our stories", said Allen. "That one over there is just posing to have its picture taken."

"There's a tiny black lamb", pointed Shaun. "Can you get a picture Dad."

He tried, but its mother quickly led it away out of shot of the camera lens.

At the brow, Shaun instructed, "we should follow that narrow path climbing right. Then leave this right on another path to the summit of Yew Bank."

"Wow", said Allen, " it may be modest in height, but that is a very impressive cairn. Larger than on many higher summits."

As we scrambled up on to it, Little Eric clinging to Shaun's back, Grizzly shouted, "get the camera out Dad and take our picture."

"Right, one down, two to go", called out Little Eric, as we all settled back into the rucksack.

Shaun said, "we head due east on that path to the remains another cairn, and then follow a faint path roughly south east."

This undulated over rough ground to finally reach the northern end of Beacon Tarn.

"Oh", breathed Allen, "you were right Tetley. What a beautiful setting and such a peaceful and tranquil place."

"And we have it to ourselves", replied Tetley. He then went on, "the hill at the far end is Wool Knott, our last summit today."

First there was the matter of summiting Beacon Fell that stands just north of the tarn and to the left in the picture above.

As we arrived, Grizzly said, "that's a wonderful view to Coniston Water. A picture is in order, Dad."

The summit is a rocky outcrop surmounted by a rough cairn. "Picture time", called out Little Eric. "Can I ride on your back again Shaun, as my little legs will never get up there."

"Sure pal."

We got snugged again, and Dad made the descent, Shaun saying, we should use the path on the west side. It is part of the Cumbria Way."

"I think it is time for lunch", said Allen. "I'm getting hungry."

"No surprise there", laughed Tetley.

As we got towards the end Dad, said "this looks like a nice place to sit for lunch."

As we did we met the only other walkers today, a couple who had walked up from Torver.

"It is just idyllic sitting here", said Grizzly. "So peaceful."

Lunch over, Shaun pointed, "Wool Knott now."

The ascent was easy and Dad took us to the two tops, the one to the right having the cairn, where we hopped out to sit for the final summit picture today.

"Another beautiful view of Beacon Tarn with Beacon Fell beyond", said Tetley. "Such a lovely place."

Reluctant to leave we gave the tarn a last lingering look, as Shaun said, "follow that good path west."

This led across Mere Sike to shortly join the bridleway that we followed to Green Moor Farm, using this tiny slate bridge to cross Green Moor Beck.

Beyond the farm the path continued descending through the Green Moor Wood, to reach the road we had walked initially. Here turning left it was just a short distance to the car.

We quickly settled on the front seat while Dad got his boots off.

"Cafe time now", said Tetley. " I know where we will be going. Jane and Sam's."

"Yes lad, spot on. I will take you all in too of course."

"Great, "cheered Allen.

Dad had the gorgeous tomato soup and then apple apricot & chocolate crumble with cream. This is absolutely irresistible!!!!

As we drove home, Grizzly said, "thank you Dad for another super day out."

"You're welcome."


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