Date - 16th March 2009 Distance - 6 miles
Map - OL6 Start point - Woodland (SD 248895)


Summits Achieved

Name Height (ft) Height (m) Grid Ref
Yew Bank 678 206 SD 2625 9096
Beacon Fell 836 254 SD 2780 9071
Wool Knott 730 222 SD 2726 8961



It was Saturday afternoon and Shaun remarked, "I wonder if we are walking tomorrow as usual".

"I'll go and ask Dad", volunteered Allen, ever willing to please.

When he asked, and Dad said, "no", his little face fell and he felt very down in the paw. Dad went on to explain, "the reason is that Uncle Brian and I are going with your pals, Wayne and Crumble, to a classical music concert in Manchester tomorrow evening." However his face brightened when Dad went on, "so, we are going walking on Monday instead."

"Oh that's great", he cried and rushed off to tell the others.


The Walk

As Dad drove us to the start, he explained that we were climbing some more of the Wainwright Outlying Fells, on the catch-up list of Grizzly & Allen. Also we would be visiting the pretty Beacon Tarn.

"I remember our last visit", said Tetley. "It is a lovely place".

A few houses and the church of St John the Evangelist make up the hamlet of Woodland.

Past this is a triangle of roads and as indicated by A Wainwright in his book, Dad found adequate parking on the link verge. Once Dad was ready we hopped into his rucksack, and set off along the road. This led through Green Moor Wood and on towards Hawes Farm. Dad remarked that it was a strange coincidence that he should be going to the town of Hawes in the Yorkshire Dales, with Uncle Brian tomorrow. Instead of taking the track curving to the farm we kept ahead along on a walled lane to then reach the open fell at Strands Beck. The lovely way climbed up with Yew Bank the first objective of the day, ahead to the right. Here there were many Herdwick sheep that Dad loves so much, and once again he could not resist snapping this one that stood and posed for him.

We spotted a tiny black lamb and wanted to get a picture, but its mother led it away out of shot of the camera lens. Reaching the summit of the pass, we then followed a narrow path climbing up to the right. Off this we took the final path to the summit of Yew Bank. Although only low in height it has a very impressive cairn, larger than on many higher summits.

We scrambled up on to the cairn, as Grizzly shouted, "get the camera out Dad and take our picture."

When we were safely back in the rucksack, Dad followed a path through the heather to the remains of another cairn, and then on a faint path up and down over very rough ground to finally reach Beacon Tarn - a lovely setting and such a peaceful and tranquil place with no one around at all. This shot was taken later from Wool Knott.

We approached from the left at the far end, and now made the climb to Beacon Fell, behind and to the right. From the summit there is a fine view of Coniston Water.

Then descended down to the tarn and walked along the west bank. Dad found a nice place close to the shore with a view along the tarn, where we had lunch. Here we met the only other walkers today - a couple who had walked up from Torver. It was idyllic sitting here. Then we made the easy ascent to Wool Knott visiting its two tops. The one on the right has the cairn, where Dad took our picture.

From here a good path now led west and joined the bridleway, which we then followed to Green Moor, crossing the Green Moor Beck by this tiny slate bridge.

The path continued through the woods, descending to reach the road we had walked initially. Turning left it was just a short distance to the car. The weather had been dry with cloud and some sun. There was still a cool wind, which blew strongly at the summits.

It was cafe time and from here there was only one place Dad would visit. Jane and Sam's of course. The good thing about going here, is that we get to go in too. Dad had the gorgeous tomato soup and then apple apricot & chocolate crumble with cream. This is absolutely irresistible!!!!


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