Fletcher accompanies us on the walk then take us to Armathwaite Hall


Date - 22nd September 2011 Distance - 3.25 miles
Ascent -
Map - OL4
Start point - Revelin Moss car park,Whinlatter Pass (NY 209242)


Summits Achieved

Name Height (ft) Height (m) Grid Ref
Hobcarton End 2080 634 NY 1952 2351



Grizzly & Tetley were sitting in front of Dad's laptop, reading some of the previous adventures on the website.

"My we have certainly been to some wild and remote places on our various quests", sighed Grizzly.

"I never thought that when Uncle Brian suggested Dad buy the book by Bill Birkett, that we would end up actually completing that challenge", said Tetley.

"We are ever so close now, and hopefully we will get the rest done this year", said Grizzly.

Shaun and Little Eric came trotting in. "Tea, anyone?", said Shaun.

"Yes please", replied Tetley, rushing off to get the mugs.

"Where's Allen?", asked Little Eric. "It's not like him to be missing when there's tea available."

"Don't know", replied Grizzly, "but you can be sure he will turn up very soon as he can smell it a mile off!"

Sure enough, as we were all just settling down, Allen came dashing in like a whirlwind.

"Ooh tea", he cried. "I'm.....

"Gasping", cried Tetley, rolling about with laughter.

Settled with his steaming mug, Allen then went on. "I was with Dad, and I come bearing good news. A walk is on and finally we are to get the last top in the North Western area, Hobcarton End, done. It is only a short walk, so afterwards we are all going to Armathwaite Hall, so Dad can have lunch in the Brasserie."

That's just great", enthused Shaun. "It will leave us just four Birketts to climb."

Just then Fletcher wandered in.

"Hi pal", said Grizzly, "would you like a mug of tea?"

"That's kind", replied Fletcher, accepting the mug gratefully. "Dad has told me that he is going to Armathwaite Hall after the next walk, so I will be coming along to see my friends there. But, I have a favour to ask of you. Would you mind if I came with you on the walk, as it would be great to experience the fells and find out what it is like".

"We would be happy to have you come along", cried Shaun.

"Absolutely", added Allen.

"Thanks pals", replied Fletcher.


The Walk

So, once again we made the long trek north up the M6, and then west along the A66, passing Keswick, to take the road through Braithwaite and up the Whinlatter Pass.

As we drove along, Allen remarked, "we have have been over Whinlatter Pass numerous times lately, passing below Hobcarton End, but finally today we will get to climb it."

"It will also be the last time we will have to go up here, in relation to the Birkett challenge", added Grizzly.

We did not go all the way over the pass, but turned in to the Revelin Moss car park.

"Some nice autumn colours in the trees", commented Allen.

Parking, Dad noticed the pay machine. "I did not think it was a pay car park, and I do not have enough change."

"Oh dear", said Little Eric rather downheartedly. "Does that mean we cannot do the walk?"

"No lad", replied Dad reassuringly. "All I need to do is drive the short distance to the Visitor Centre, pay the fee and get the ticket for this car park."

This was soon done, and we were safely parked once again at Revelin Moss. Just then though it began to rain heavily, so once again we felt a bit down in the paw, but Dad said, "it's only a shower passing through."

Sure enough after a wait of about ten minutes or so, the rain stopped. After that whilst it was cloudy and dull all the time, it was also dry.

Dad was then soon ready, and with our pal Fletcher, we settled in the rucksack ready for the off.

Shaun instructed, "take the track left, beneath the car park."

You can just see a person ahead, a lady and her dog. We caught her up and walked a little way with her chatting.

The intention was to follow Birkett's suggested route returning by the same path. However unintentionally Dad took the second right turn, where shortly after there was a sign pointing left for Grisedale Pike.

Shaun was studying the map, and said, "the effect of taking this path will mean we will ascend the north-east ridge, rather than the north as is the intention in Birkett's route. The result will be that we will do a circular walk.

"That will make it more interesting", said Tetley cheerfully.

Grizzly went on. "with the ascent last year over Kinn, it will also mean that we will have climbed all the three ridges of this mountain."

From the sign a short path led to a gate...

...and so to open fell, where the steep slope stretched in front of us by the ruined wall. Dad climbed steadily, pausing to get his breath.

"It's a bit hard going lads, as I have not been out for three weeks", he sighed.

However as we climbed higher, Dad seemed to get his second wind and the ascent became easier. We met a couple with dogs who were making the ascent and Dad chatted a little to them, before they continued ahead towards the summit of Grisedale Pike. Visibility was pretty poor, as evidenced by this shot down to Keswick and Derwentwater, with dimly seen, Clough Head and Great Dodd behind.

Looking ahead, we then noticed that the same couple were coming down the ridge. The gentleman commented, "it is too windy and we fear the dogs might go for the sheep."

As we continued, Grizzly said, "they should have leads for the dogs to keep them away from the sheep. And if they think this is windy, they should have been out on the day we did Ladyside Pike, when you were blown off your feet twice Dad!!"

"I will not be beaten. If we climb another couple of hundred feet, we will then be able to traverse right across the rough grass to gain the north ridge."

"Wow, what a dramatic view of Hopegill Head, with it's huge sheer cliff falling away into the valley", called out Tetley.

Yes and your eyes are not deceiving you, there are two walkers standing at the summit. The ridge stretching away behind leads to Whiteside, while to the left, a path leads round via Hobcarton Head to Grisedale Pike.

"We walked that path with Uncle Eric last September, when I completed the Wainwrights by summiting Grisedale Pike", said Allen.

The traverse completed, the path on the ridge now led ahead to our objective Hobcarton End.

After a bit of steepish descent on loose stone, we crested the subsidiary height, before descending a little and rising to the summit.

"Birkett says the top is the cairn beyond the stile if making the ascent up the ridge", said Shaun. "There it is just to the right of the path."

To make absolutely sure Dad walked on a few yards to find the fence and stile, and then returned to the cairn.

"Come on Fletcher, settle with us for your picture", cried Allen, who like the rest of us shook his paw to congratulate him on reaching his first summit.

"Yippee", cheered Grizzly. "At last this summit is bagged. Only four Birketts left now."

Here it was exposed and rather windy, so we did not linger too long. Settling in the rucksack again, Dad set off, crossing the stile and heading down the open fell.

There were few trees, but a short way on, we came across this lonely conifer.

"Look Dad", called out Tetley. "It is decorated for Christmas."

"Well this year you have well and truly beaten Uncle Brian to see the first Christmas tree!, exclaimed Little Eric."

The path was steep at times and, with all the rain very muddy too. Dad slipped on the mud at one point, ending up sitting down in it, so his trousers were well and truly filthy!! Still it was only hurt pride.

"Good job you have got a change of trousers in the car, as you cannot possibly grace Armathwaite Hall in such dirty clothing", laughed Fletcher.

Eventually the path led into the forest.

Quite a long stretch with more steep and muddy sections of descent, finally brought us to the forest road.

"Turn right", called out Shaun. "This will soon bring us to the first junction we passed when starting out. There turn left and we will soon be at the car park."

Dad changed trousers and t-shirt and made himself look respectable, and then it was off to Armathwaite Hall. Aunt Kim was on reception, and said hello to our pal Fletcher and Dad. Then it was down the long corridor to the Brasserie for lunch.

Dad saw the manager Prem, and he chatted briefly to him, prior to his break. Sunshine, who is just a lovely, lovely person was serving, and Dad was able to have a long chat with her, after his meal, as he was the only customer. Dad had the delicious Gravadlax to start, then the huge cheeseburger with fries, followed by a pot of tea.

She met Fletcher for the first time, and he introduced us. Her favourite was our pal Grizzly.

All to soon it was time to head home, and we reluctantly returned to the car. This was the second time we had actually been here, and we can see why Uncle Brian and Dad just love to come and stay.

"Thanks Dad for another great days walking." we all said.

"Thank you for letting me come along on the walk", said Fletcher. "It has been a great experience. You are certainly very brave and intrepid pals to go to such wild places. I think though I am honestly more suited the the luxuries of Armathwaite Hall."


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