Date - 17th September 2016 Distance - 9 miles
Ascent -
Map - OL30 Start point - Burtersett (SD 9806 8924)


Summits Achieved

Name Height (ft) Height (m) Grid Ref
Yorburgh 1690 515 SD 8866 8817
Drumaldrace (Wether Hill) 2015 614 SD 8737 8670
Bracken Hill 1020 311 SD 9318 8903



It was Thursday, and we were all content. The tea and cakes had arrived, Southey saying, "ooh great, I'm gasping for a cuppa."

"You're pinching my line", joked Allen, letting out a bellow of laughter. Then he went on, "you and I are just the same, tea bellies and cake stuffers."

"You take after Dad", laughed Grizzly.

Getting the plates and mugs, Southey said, "I'll help you pour the tea, Shaun."

"Thanks pal."

Little Eric said, "Grizzly has made scones, fruit and cherry & ginger, while I have made mincemeat slice."

We all helped ourselves, and there were murmurs of pleasure, Allen voicing, "the scones are really scrumptious."

"As is the mincemeat slice", added Shaun.

Then with a scone halfway to his mouth, Grizzly said, "where's Tetley? He's not one to miss tea."

"I'm sure he will be along", replied Allen, "Like me he can smell tea a mile off!"

Well minutes later Tetley strolled in. "See I told you so", said Allen, passing his pal a plate, while Shaun filled his mug.

After Tetley had enjoyed his cake, he then said, "I was waylaid by Dad. I bring good news though. We are to be walking with Uncle Bob on Saturday."

"Wonderful!", cheered Shaun. "Can't wait. Where are we going?"

"Well Dad had come up with a suggestion to climb Wether Hill from Bainbridge, via a circular route. He put the suggestion to Uncle Bob, and after some discussion, it has been decided to make it into a linear walk starting from Burtersett."

By now Shaun had grabbed the iPad and opened the OS map app. "Yes I can see the general route. On the ascent there is a summit, Yorburgh, just off the path, which we have not climbed before."

"That's right", agreed Tetley. "The plan is to tick it off on Saturday."

"Then after Wether Hill we will follow the Cam Road I guess, before striking off down to Semer Water, then over Bracken Hill to Bainbridge.", mused Shaun.

"That's it in a nutshell", agreed Tetley."

"Fantastic", cheered Southey. "More new ground for me."

"Can't wait", cheered Little Eric. "Roll on Saturday."


The Walk

Dad had told us that he was setting off soon after 07:00, so we made the sandwiches the night before and put them in the fridge. Up early the picnic was soon all together and safely tucked in Allen's rucksack.

Then hearing the boot slammed shut, Tetley called out, "come on pals time to get settled in the car."

Apart from Southey, the drive was so familiar, having taken this route many many times when with Uncle Bob, we were doing the fells in the Yorkshire Dales.

The day was clear and sunny with a nice breeze on the tops, but in the afternoon it got rather humid as any wind dropped.

So up the Lune Valley to Ingleton, then below Ingleborough to Ribblehead passing the magnificent viaduct with Whernside away to the left. Onwards then through Hawes, Allen commenting, "I remember the winter mornings going to meet Uncle Bob, when it was still dark here."

From there it was just a few miles to Bainbridge, where Uncle Bob was waiting, chatting some locals.

It was quickly agreed that we would be taking Uncle Bob's car to Burtersett, so Dad transferred his kit. We scrambled up to settle on the back seat, calling out "hi Uncle Bob, good to see you."

"Good to see you too, lads" he replied.

We headed back towards Hawes, to soon take the narrow lane off left, and shortly reach Burtersett, parking near the Institute. Then once ready Shaun said, "our route out is that lane beside Institute and then to go left along the good track."

The rough track climbed steadily and after the second gate we were in access land.

In the clear air the views were superb today, Little Eric calling out, "that's a fantastic view of Wensleydale."

"Yorburgh is ahead and to to the left of the track. As the ascent levels off, that will be the best point to strike off towards the summit", advised Shaun.

Sheep were grazing, and Dad could not resist getting the camera out to snap off some pictures. "Hmph", growled Allen. "There goes any chance of a sheep picture free story."

A wall encloses the fell on this side with a net wire fence above. Uncle Bob said, "If we head to reach that wall corner, once over the summit will just be ahead."

This proved to be wise advice, as close to the corner, the ground made the wall low and bending the net we got over quite easily. Then just a short distance brought us to a slightly prominent rise that was the summit.

Just beyond the wall stands this weather station powered by solar cells.

"That's another summit to add to our Yorkshire Dales list", cheered Tetley. "Come on pals let's get settled on the grass for our picture."

So all done we returned to cross the wall. The path could be seen and a diagonal left would cut off a corner. A discussion ensued between Uncle Bob and Dad.

"Taking the diagonal would shorten the distance", said Uncle Bob.

"Yes", agreed Dad, "but there will be more rough ground to cross and by the looks of it, it will be hard going. I think it would be better just to return the way we came and use more of the track."

"I agree", replied Uncle Bob.

Once the track was regained, we continued the climb towards Wether Fell.

Coming to a corner, Shaun said, "we take this path left."

This went through a gate and then eventually another onto the Cam Road.

Here Uncle Bob posed while Dad took his picture.

Along the Cam Road, we knew we had to go right to the summit of Wether Hill, so we kept our eyes peeled, Allen calling out, "here's the path."

The narrow trod then climbed gently to the shapely cairn at Drumaldrace, marking the summit of Wether Hill. A terrific viewpoint and distantly we could see Fountains Fell, and the Three Peaks (Ingleborough, Pen-y-ghent and Whernside).

"Come on pals", called out Southey. "Let's climb up for our picture."

"I'll help you Little Eric", said Shaun.

"Thanks pal. I've only got little legs."

After we had clambered down, Dad then took Uncle Bob by the cairn.

Dad was able to get a mobile signal here, so before setting off again, he gave Uncle Brian a ring to check that he was OK.

Settled in Dad's rucksack we took the same path to the return to the Cam Road.

Returning to where we had joined it at first, we kept on through the gate to eventually come to a gate on the right to a wide path signed Crag Side Road.

The route was never in doubt the path meandering basically level for most of the way across the open moor.

Again there were sheep grazing, and Southey whispered to Dad, "there's one just waiting to be photographed."

"Shoo", called out Allen, to no avail. "That's the last for this story", he stated firmly.

Then a few minutes later Uncle Bob did his 'Angel of the North' pose.

The path led on unerringly towards a steeper section of descent. Nearing this Tetley pointed saying, "that's Addleborough. I remember we had a great day climbing that. It was January 2008."

"That long ago", replied Grizzly, "How time flies by."

As we began the descent to the road, there was to the right a fine view of Semer Water...

...and a few minutes later of Raydale.

We met a couple from Wales and stopped to chat about walks. They told us that they had recently completed the Wainwrights, their last summit being Esk Pike.

At the road the decent continued to the village of Countersett. Here there were three seats so we sat for a few minutes, enjoying the fine views of Semer Water and Raydale. Getting up Dad and Uncle Bob took some more pictures, during which time another couple had sat on the seats and we got into conversation.

On Dad asking the gentleman said, "were from Kirkby Lonsdale, where do you come from?"

"Morecambe", Dad replied.

Well this prompted the conversation to develop further and the gentleman asked, "where do you originally come from?"

"Southport", was Dad's reply.

To which the lady said, I'm from Ormskirk." (This is just eight miles from Southport.)

The gentleman said, "I have recently retired from an accountants in Dalton Square Lancaster"

Dad mentioned, "I worked at the Provincial Insurance office in Lancaster until it closed in 1989."

He then said, "do I know Tricia Airey. She was our receptionist and came to work for us after being made redundant!"

"Of course", Dad replied. "She may not remember me, but give her my best wishes."

What a small world.

Dad also explained about us too, telling them of some of our achievements and also mentioned our website. They thought it was great that Dad took us on all these adventures. Something we heartily agree with.

Saying our goodbyes we strolled further down the lane, with this lovely typically English pastoral scene before us.

The lane crosses Semer Water Bridge...

...that spans the stream called Low Wheel.

We met the gentleman who can be seen in the picture coming through the gate to the road. We exchanged a few words, before we joined the path he had come along.

The couple from Kirkby Lonsdale passed by, Dad calling out, "haven't we seen you before.

The lady replied. "it's the teddy bears that give you away!"

So now we walked the stiled way by the river, before following on as the path climbed to Bracken Hill that we had visited before in 2009. "This is a new summit for me", called out Southey. "Please will you take our picture?"

"Sure lads. Just get yourselves settled."

From here the path can be seen descending across the fields...

...to a lane and then left to shortly reach the main road to go left to Bainbridge.

"Look Allen", pointed Tetley. "There's the seat we sat on before, where you waved to the cars passing by."

"Oh yes, I remember it well."

Across the road, is this sign.

A sight to gladden Dad's heart, so it was no surprise that Uncle Bob and Dad made straight for the Corn Mill Tearooms, where they had a nice pot of Yorkshire Tea with extra hot water, and a piece of lemon meringue pie. Perfect way to round off the walk!

The couple from Kirkby Lonsdale came in too, the lady commenting, "thought we'd find you here!"

Dad had set the rucksack on a chair with us still tucked inside and when she passed to go to the ladies room, she commented, "they have made my day." Ahh!!

So now Dad drove to Burtersett to reunite Uncle Bob with his car. As they were changing, Dad pointed saying, "look they are serving teas at the Institute."

"OK", said Uncle Bob, "Let's go and have another."

Inside the tables were laid out with cloths and vases with real flowers.

It was all self service with a box for donations! How wonderful to see this in this day and age! The lady in charge came in after a while and they had a nice chat. Using his little camera on timer, Uncle Bob took this super picture.

"That was a grand day", exclaimed Tetley. "Thanks for your company Uncle Bob."

So goodbyes were said and Dad drove us home arriving about 19:00.


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