Date - 27th October 2019 (1), 31st December 2019 (2), 18th April 2020 (2), 17th February 2021 (1) & 16th April 2023 (2)
Distance - (1)-6.75 miles, (2)-7 miles
Ascent -
Map - OL7
Start point - Rough parking on Bolton Lane (SD 5003 6808)


Summits Achieved

No summits were reached on this walk



It was time for tea and cakes, Shaun, Grizzly and Little Eric having just arrived.

"Great", cheered Allen, rubbing his tummy, "I'm ready for an energy boost"

"What's the cake today?", asked Tetley.

"I have made fruit scones with raspberry jam and cream", replied Grizzly. "Little Eric has made chocolate coconut and cherry slice."

Allen was helping Shaun pour the tea and soon we all had steaming mugs in paw, and cakes on our plate.

"I love the coconut slice", said Shaun. "It really is scrumptious."

"As are the scones", went on Southey, helping himself to another.

Grizzly laughed, "you are a cake stuffer just like Allen and Dad."

So content, Little Eric said, "it was great to get out in the fresh air, last Sunday. I wonder if there is any prospect of a walk this week."

Tetley had the iPad in paw. "Dad seems to be out most days, having lunches, so it would have to be at the weekend."

"The forecast, for Friday late and Saturday is for rain and more rain", commented Southey.

"Ah but Sunday looks to be dry if cool", said Allen, brightly. "However there is an F1 Grand Prix that day and we know Dad likes to watch them."

"Where is it taking place?", queried Grizzly.

"Mexico", replied Allen.

"They are behind us so it will be evening here.", said Shaun.

"Assuming a walk is on, where to go then?", said Southey.

There was quiet as we thought, then Grizzly suggested. "How about we find one that Dad did long ago before we were adopted. Dad will have little or no memory of it, and being new to us, we will be able to add another adventure to the website."

"Great idea", replied Shaun, "I'll get the listing up on the laptop."

This done we scanned down. "Now we don't want Dad to have to drive too far if it can be helped", said Allen, "so how about this one from Nether Kellet."

"Hmm, Dad did it in 2002", said Shaun. "That was around the time Tetley and I started going, although Dad did not take us every time until 2003." Opening the walks done listing he checked down. "No, we did not go, so it will be a new walk for us all. I agree with Allen's suggestion."

"OK then", said Tetley. "Off you go and ask Dad. We all know you are the best at persuasion."

"Only if you fill my mug. I'm still thirsty."

He was soon back and taking the mug from Shaun said, "thanks pal. Dad agrees so provided the forecast stays the same the walk is on."

"Yippee", cheered Little Eric.


31st December 2019
At Dad's suggestion we repeated the walk, in the company of Uncle Eric. He had never been on any of the route before and found it very interesting through the villages. The day was very clear with blue skies, so there were super views to the Lakeland Fells, Ingleborough, and across the countryside in general. A most enjoyable time was had by us all. They rounded off the day by going to the Wellies Cafe at Greenlands Farm Village, enjoying a large sandwich with salad and crisps and a drink.

18th April 2020
Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, we cannot drive far to walk, so we repeated this again. The day was cloudy with a cool breeze, but pleasant walking, especially as ground had dried out with the weeks of sunny weather recently. The spring flowers are beginning to bloom. Bluebells, Primroses & Wood Anemone. A lovely sight today, but will be more so in a week or two. We sat with Dad on a few seats to take in the views and enjoy the peace and tranquility. The only picture Dad took today was of the M6 looking north from Nether Kellet, to show how few vehicles there are out due to the virus crisis.

17th February 2021
Once again due to Covid lockdown, we cannot drive far to walk, so we decided to repeat this. A bright day with a cool wind, but pleasant as the temperatures are milder than the freezing cold last week. Not as wet underfoot as we had expected, even along Green Hill Lane. Lots of snowdrops to see, a pretty sight and sign that spring is not far away now. No pictures from today as the camera was left at home.

16th April 2023
A while since we did this walk, which we like, and we were sure to be able to park. Cloudy day with little wind, but still rather cool. Met few people. A couple with their four lovely labrador dogs. Dad had a good chat. They told him about a new viewpoint of the quarry. It is signed so we went and looked over the vast hole. Through the woods the wild garlic is coming up and will be a beautiful sight in a few weeks. Met the farmer at Addington, who was following a ewe and her lamb that had been born just hours ago. He was wanting to check that the lamb suckled and survived. He is also the landlord of the Limeburners Arms in Nether Kellet. In error Dad took the map sheet 21 rather than walk 21. So the map was useless. Just as well we knew the route!


The Walk

The forecast had been correct, and Friday afternoon and all Saturday it rained, but Sunday dawned with mostly clear skies. The consequence was that underfoot the fields were very soft and boggy, making it harder going for Dad.

The drive to the start was not far, and soon Dad was pulling into the rough parking by Bolton Lane, just on the Lancaster side of the M6 at Nether Kellet.

"It's noisy from the motorway", said Southey. "I'm glad we will soon leave it behind and be in peaceful surroundings."

We quickly got settled in the rucksack and as Dad shouldered it, Shaun said, "we cross the M6 into Nether Kellet."

Quite busy with traffic, but contrast this to the same view taken on 18th April 2020, at the height of the COVID-19 crisis.

Shortly Dad said, "there is a memorial on the left to the pilot and passenger who were killed in a helicopter crash beside the M6.

"Almost immediately Tetley pointed, "there it is."

The plaque reads -

This tree was planted
in memory of

Pete Hubler and
Peter Thorne

Who died near here
in a helicopter crash
on 11th August 1997

We know how their families and friends must have felt at the time, with how Dad is feeling at present following the recent death of our dear Uncle Brian. We all miss him so much.

Walking on we passed the local village pub.

Reaching the junction with Back Lane, Little Eric said, "what pretty flowers."

"There's a seat too", called out Tetley. "Let's have our picture taken, in case there are not opportunities later."

Settled again, Shaun said, "We keep on ahead and then go left on Laithbutts Lane."

"Way back on 2002 there were no houses just a grassy lane", commented Dad.

At the end our way was along the waymarked path between the tall hedges.

The path climbed gently to a waymarked gate, where there were good views to Morecambe Bay and of the countryside. Beyond a short fenced track took us to a gate into woodland, and then followed the clear path through this.

"There are some nice autumn colours", pointed Southey.

The path led to a gate adjacent to the road. Through this walked the fenced path between the road and the quarry parking area. At the next gate crossed the access and through the one opposite, and then on to go left down a few wooden steps and by the car park, to then climb first stone steps and wooden steps into Helks Wood.

Back Lane quarry was on the left, securely fenced off and many signs telling people to stay out, which would be obvious to any sensible person.

"I suppose when blasting is taking place they must post sentries to stop people walking through the woods", commented Allen.

"Probably", agreed Grizzly.

The path led on though Helks Wood...

...and into Kit Bill Wood.

Tetley said, "We have been along this section before, but coming in the opposite direction from Over Kellet. If I recall correctly it was winter and there was snow on the ground."

"I never cease to be amazed at your memory", replied Southey.

"Thanks pal. I also recall that Dad took us to a viewpoint overlooking the quarry. It seems to no longer be there."

"Probably Health and Safety", commented Grizzly.

"I'll have a look and see if Dad took a picture, when we get back", replied Allen. The quarry as can be seen is massive.

On and on, and then at the right edge of the wood, we could see our next main objective, the village of Over Kellet.

The path turned sharp left and now there was pasture to our right. Finally arrived at a waymarked kissing gate, where there was another of the sentry position signs.

Keeping by the hedge we crossed the field. "There's a fine view of Warton Crag with its namesake village strung along the lower slopes", called out Allen.

"I get the hint", laughed Dad, hauling the camera out.

At the far corner passed through another kissing gate and then keeping left of the barn, descended to a metal kissing gate painted bright green and so down the steps to the road in Over Kellet.

Turned right, passing this large dwelling.

"It doesn't look like it was originally built as a house", commented Southey.

Peering across the road Grizzly replied, "you are quite right pal. It was originally the school."

Shaun said, "just past Church Bank, take the grassy track rising left."

The original instructions were published over 30 years ago, so we had to use the map as well to navigate this section.

Crossed the waymarked stile, then Shaun said, "we should walk slightly left and then through a gap where the trees are growing out of the limestone."

Beyond passing this line of rocky outcrops...

...the rising ground was crossed towards the facing fence. The ground here was extremely soft.

"Phew", laughed Dad. "I wouldn't want to cross here when its been raining."

"Ha ha", bellowed Tetley.

"There should be a stile somewhere in the hedge", said Shaun.

Keeping our eyes peeled, it was Grizzly who pointed, "there, a narrow pinch stile."

This stile is hard to spot, but as a guide it is just to the right of the last leftward large tree.

Crossing the track, it was over the stile opposite into a huge grassy field and across to a gated gap stile.

Beyond Shaun said, "we should head for that lone tree, beside which is the next stile.

There, it was across the ditch, and then half right to a stile in the fence and then another in the next fence, to then cross the field and uphill to a gate onto a fenced track by the huge sheds, to the road.

As we crossed the final field, Southey said, "there are sheep grazing."

"Stop winding Allen up", chided Tetley.

These two decided to pose, much to Allen's chagrin. "Humph", he grumped.

At the road Shaun said, "we go right."

The road climbed with the huge sheds on the right and coming on the left to this impressive house, Addington Lodge.

This was on a corner, and Shaun said, "we go left." This was -

Passing a house and then the buildings of Higher Addington, Shaun called out, "At the bend we should take the track right called Green Hill Lane."

This was very muddy in places, and on one very wet section Dad had to edge carefully along the left side before crossing to the right. Unfortunately he caught his foot on a tussock and went headlong, getting muddy and wet trousers.

We tried our best not to laugh, but could not really help ourselves. Little Eric said with a snigger, "it's because you have just washed your trousers."

Dad saw the funny side, and by the time the end of the walk was reached they had dried out. We are pleased to say that Dad got along this lane without mishap on 31st December.

Passing a large tree, Grizzly called out, "look at that fungi."

Finally the lane joined the road, Dunald Mill Lane, and it was right passing the gas compressor station, and to a junction where again it was right along Long Dales Road.

"More autumn colours, Dad", said Southey.

Passing another quarry on the right, Shaun instructed, "just before the junction, we take the final grassy fenced track of the day."

This was much less muddy and Dad had no more mishaps. "That ewe and lambs are a bit unusual with the white stripe on their faces", commented Tetley.

"Oh OK", cried Allen. "I give up."

We looked up sheep breeds and discovered that these were Zwartbles.

The track skirts round Intack Quarry. A huge and deep hole with water in the bottom. Definitely a place to keep out of. This was the best shot Dad could get.

The track finally brought us to Hill Lane, where it was right down to Shaw Lane turning right again to the main road and so left over the M6 to the start.

"Lovely walk", called out Southey. "Thanks Dad as always for taking us."

On the track round the quarry, we had noted that it was raining across the Bay. By now it was on this side but we had got into the car as it was starting to fall. "Perfect timing", said Little Eric."

"Refreshment time?", asked Tetley.

"Absolutely lad. I'm going to the Brief Encounter on Carnforth Station again"

So while we had our sandwiches and cake in the car, Dad had a warming pot of tea and large piece of delicious apple and blackcurrant cake.


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