Date - 27th January 2024 Distance - 3.75 miles
Ascent -
200 ft
Map - 296
Start point - Cockerham village hall (SD 4653 5202)


Summits Achieved

No summits were reached on this walk



Southey and Tetley were reading their magazines. Tetley looked up to see Allen with his face in the iPad.

"What are you doing?", he asked.

"Looking at the weather for the weekend. It will be two weeks since we walked. Dad's commitments and the awful weather having put paid to that. Looks like the best day is Saturday, and Dad is free so I am sure I can talk him into walking."

"There is no doubt about that", laughed Southey. "Why do you think we always send you to put our suggestions to Dad."

"I have and idea too."

Allen was about to go on, when Shaun, Grizzly & Little Eric arrived with the tea and cakes.

"Ooh great", cheered Allen, "I'm...

"Gasping for a cuppa", finished Tetley, laughing loudly.

Southey got the mugs and plates, then helped Shaun pour the tea.

"Thanks pal. It is Ramblears tea of course."

"Ahh lovely", said Allen, taking a large gulp. "What cake delights do we have today?"

"Chorley cakes with butter from Grizzly, while I have made chocolate coated flapjack", replied Little Eric.

"Delicious", called out Shaun after taking a bite.

"The Chorley cakes are scrumptious, too", said Tetley.

There was no sound from Allen and Southey as President & Secretary of the Teddy Bear Tea Belly and Cake Stuffers Society (TBTB&CSS). they had already eaten one of each and were on a third.

Grizzly laughed, "it is so heartening to see you two enjoying the cakes, and Little Eric and I knowing that our efforts are never wasted."

"We never ever take your efforts for granted", replied Southey. "Thank you pals."

Mugs refilled and all content, Tetley said, "just before the tea arrived Allen, you were about to tell us your suggestion for walking on Saturday."

"It's the walk from Cockerham. You will recall that Dad could not find the proper route through the woodland due to it being totally overgrown and there were swathes of nettles that were an added obstacle as Dad was in shorts as usual. If we are to find the correct route we need to do it now before the vegetation starts to grow again."

"That's a great suggestion", agreed Shaun.

The rest of us murmured agreement, Grizzly saying, "you'll go and ask Dad as usual."

"Of course", replied Allen as he trotted out of the room.

A beaming smile on his face as he came back told us that it was on.

"Roll on Saturday", cheered Southey.

Whilst Dad took the camera, our original plan was to just add to our story from the walk last June. However we then decided to write a separate story to properly reflect the published walk. To properly illustrate this we have included a few pictures taken on the day in June 2023. These will be very apparent from the verdant vegetation and blue skies.


The Walk

"What an unsettled winter this has been". commented Tetley, as we drove to Cockerham. "So much rain and strong winds. At least today is dry and relatively still."

As before we parked at the village hall in Cockerham. Strolled along the street, Shaun saying, "it is right up Willey Lane."

"Look", pointed Little Eric, "snowdrops. Sign that spring is on the way."

The lane dead ends at Uptown. "I presume this was once a farm, but now a group of dwellings", said Southey.

Just before, Allen called out, "that pond and the reflections will make a nice picture."

"Take the track right", said Tetley. "Although I am sure you do not really need any directions, Dad."

This led to gates into a field that we then crossed diagonally to the electricity pylon.

Immediately behind it was through the gate, to cross the boggy pasture. "After so much rain all the fields will be very muddy", commented Little Eric. "So glad I am in the rucksack."

"Aye lad, and I can't see when the fields will be dry again, as this unsettled weather is to go on and on."

At far side, beyond the gate, the route was then diagonally down to a footbridge.

Then straight across to a stile, where in June Dad took our picture. Dad did not take our picture today, but it is a rule that we appear in every story.

"Continue straight to the next footbridge", said Shaun.

Over the bridge it was diagonally right to the far side of the field, and walk by the wood coming to the gate into woodland, where we were defeated last time.

Awkward getting through as two gates were tied together and Dad had to slide one to the side. "Not very helpful, bearing in mind the tall post and waymark clearly shows the route", complained Tetley.

Looking at this readers will wonder why we were unable to get through last June, but we can honestly say that the track was completely overgrown and impassable. There were large swathes of nettles too, which even if in long trousers Dad would have been reluctant to attempt.

Dad strode out, the track leading to a gate by which was a stile and broken fence.

Here we met two ladies. One said. "I did not think anyone else would be trying this path"

As they chatted, Dad explained, "I tried to get through last summer, but it was totally overgrown. Such a difference now in winter."

As the lady had said, the path was now very soft and muddy, coming to a stile, at its end.

Peering over the stile Grizzly said, "just as well there is those pieces of wood to stand on, as otherwise it looks like you would sink over your boots."

Looking ahead, Shaun said, "the instructions now make sense, as I can make out by the far hedge it is possible to go left alongside."

"Look" called out Southey. "Lambs! So early."

For once Allen had no complaints. "That is a real sign of spring seeing new born lambs. Ahh."

Left now, this fitting with the published instructions, and through a gate and so join the track to Cock Hall Farm. Beyond the buildings, this sign post directed us left through the small gate.

"More or less straight across to the far hedge and the footbridge and stile, advised Shaun.

"Now over to the top right corner to the gate", called out Southey. The field was muddy, but nothing like the track beyond the gate.

"Oh dear", said Little Eric despondently.

"Quite", agreed Grizzly.

The mud was very soft making hard going, and Dad kept sliding, but taking is slow we made it to the corner. Here he was able to avoid the mud by walking in the field above, until the last bit onto the concrete track through Batty Hill Farm.

"Ahh", said Tetley. "Look at the calf laying by its mother."

Following the access we soon reached the road, going left back to the car, passing the Manor Inn at the junction.

"Good that we have achieved the walk as published", said Grizzly

"Thank you Dad", said Allen.

"Your welcome lads. I'm pleased too."

"Knowing the path through the wood, do you think you'd attempt it again in the summer?", asked Tetley.

"Hmm, perhaps if I was in long trousers and had my stick to bash a way through", replied Dad. "We could see, and we have the alternative passing Ellel Grange and along the canal should it not be possible."


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