The North Pennines

Our challenge with Uncle Bob to visit all the fell tops in the Yorkshire Dales was more or less completed by the latter part of 2009. So we had to put our thinking caps on to devise a new challenge. With Dad living in Morecambe Bay and Uncle Bob in South Yorkshire, we thought where better than the Pennines that form the backbone of England. So the challenge to climb all the fells in the North Pennines has been born. Thanks to and Wikepedia we have devised a list of 87 tops, but who knows more may be discovered and the list may lengthen over time. Some of these will involve considerable drives, so we do not know how long it will take or on fact if this challenge will ultimately be completed. We will just have to wait and see.

Currently the individual climbed status of each member is :-

Shaun - 5 Tetley - 5 Allen - 5 Grizzly - 5 Eric - 5


Last updates - 23rd May 2010 - Islington Hill, Eggleston Common, Eggleston Moor (Carrs Top) & Sharnberry Gill

We were overjoyed when Dad told us that he had arranged to walk with Uncle Bob, and that we were going to the wild North Pennines to undertake another foray into an area we had never visited before. It was an unusually hot day for the time of year but there was a nice cooling breeze. At one point a shower passed over so Dad and Uncle Bob put their coats on. No sooner had they done this though, when the sun came out again. Our start point was the rough parking area beside the road from Eggleston to Stanhope at the entrance to Sharnberry Gill. The whole area that we were to walk are grouse moors and there was much evidence of this from the feeding trays to the stone tracks that lead to the shooting huts and the butts. We took the track climbing to the right soon leaving this to follow the butts, then over rough heathery terrain to reach the unmarked flat summit of Islington Hill. In fact the majority of the walk was to be on trackless moor, which was hard going at times through the rather tall heather and rough grass. We do not think that this area is much frequented, and in fact we saw no other people all day except for some cyclists distantly in Hamsterley Forest. Headed south from Islington Hill to reach another "road" but struck left to the spot height of 488m as per the OS map. This is the highest point (by the OS map, although we have seen on another map this is shown as 485m). This point is on Eggleston Common, but the actual top (485m) is on the ridge to the south beyond the shooting hut. It is rather more outstanding but is again a flat top. We had to again sit on ground for our picture but Dad put the flag out, to add colour. Walked on down to the fence, which Dad climbed before we realised that all we had to do was walk along to the corner, so he had to climb back there. From here we continued down to cross the bridleway (another grouse shoot track) and then over very rough terrain - tough walking, to gain the trig point at Grey Carrs, that marks the summit of Eggleston Moor. Finally a definite top! Stopped here for lunch. Then Uncle Bob and Dad had some fun taking pictures of each other holding the flag by the trig point - what are they like!! We were reluctant to leave but there was still some way to go, so we jumped back into the rucksack and and set off again. Headed down, north, over similar ground find the bridleway. However we got a little too far far east, and followed the track erroneously to the shooting hut. So it was more rough walking for a little way to finally pick up the correct path, and then at the fork we went left and so to the edge of Hamsterly Forest. We did not enter, but instead walked the 2 miles or so north along side it to come finally to Sharnberry Gill. There was not a real path but the terrain was rather easier going on this section. A rather steep and precarious descent brought us to the wide stoney track in the gill. Good walking on the final section through this charming valley. Now quiet, it would once have been a hive of industry for mining long ago. The track is another now used in connection with grouse shooting. It was a good walk and work out over the 11m. Goodbyes were said, then it was an easy journey home. Dad stopped at the Coast to Coast chip shop in Kirkby Stephen for a take away tea.

4th April 2010 - Monks Moor & Hudes Hope Valley from Middleton in Teesdale

Walking with Uncle Bob, starting from Middleton in Teesdale. A dry day, but the wind was cold and on the tops it felt more like February than April. Our route was east along the main street, then taking the signed path on the left climbed a bank up to a stile. Beyond we crossed a pasture then walked right though some farm buildings and on the track that led to the buildings of Stanhope Gate. Along the road then left up the track to Spring Hill and over more muddy pastures to a minor road. A few yards right, then took the track opposite over more muddy fields, to leave the main footpath and follow a route over open fell. The ground was now rough with tussocky grass heather and bog - just the kind of terrain Dad and Uncle Bob are used too. This finally led to the trig point at 521m. Not the summit, but nevertheless we sat on top for our picture. The views were opening out and we could see distantly Grassholme Reservoir that we had walked from last time. Now continued roughly north to gain the summit of Monks Moor, marked by a huge cairn. There are huge boulders too and it looked like a giant had been throwing them about. Very lonely and desolate-likely to be our only visit. Setting off again, walked west and descended to cross a fence and down to a narrow road at Hudes Hope. Here it was right around the sharp bend and down to a signed path near Hudes Hope Beck. Reaching a wall we could not see a stile but crossing it was a right of way so we climbed over heading on south, soon joining a good grassy track. All around were spoil heaps and the remains of lead mines from long ago. We also saw the entrance to one level. The low wall remains of buildings provided a spot to sit for lunch. We were ready too, as by now it was 14.00 and we had not eaten since early morning. Then continued to pass a long abandoned quarry that we deviated to walk through. Finally the path descended to a forest road where we took a sign path left up through the woods on the edge of Snaisgill Plantation to the narrow road at Snaisgill. Rounding a bend it was left on a footpath that climbed up crossing a number of large stone step stiles - these did nothing to ease the pain in Dad's knees. We felt very sorry for him. This led to the narrow road we had crossed this morning, where we descended to Stanhope Gate taking the path through a gated tunnel to rejoin our outward route and so to Middleton. An enjoyable walk, on completely new ground for us all. While we sat in the car for our picnic Dad and Uncle Bob went to the nearby Conduit Cafe, where we had tea and delicious scones with butter and jam.

Grizzly & Shaun

For all updates from 2010 see - Grizzly & Shaun' blog

Name of Fell

Grid Reference

Height (m)

Height (ft)

Lads who climbed

Date(s) Climbed

Allendale Common NY 870 505 502 1648    
Ayle Common NY 724 510 524 1719    
Backstone Edge NY 726 277 699 2294    
Barnarm Scar NY 793 162 371 1217    
Billy Hill NZ 155 382 308 1010    
Beacon Hill (Penrith) NY 521 314 286 939    
Bellbeaver Rigg NY 763 351 620 2035    
Benty Hill NY 669 431 609 1999    
Binks Moss NY 875 243 619 2032    
Black Fell (Haresceugh Fell) NY 648 444 664 2179    
Blotting Raise (Croglin Fell) NY 597 495 592 1943    
Bolts Law (Hunstanworth) NY 950 454 540 1772    
Brownber Hill NY 706 275 519 1703    
Brownley Hill NY 803 507 533 1749    
Bullman Hills NY 705 371 614 2015    
Burney Hill NY 684 301 426 1398    
Burnhope Seat NY 785 375 747 2452    
Cardunneth Pike (Cumrew Fell) NY 564 520 486 1595    
Catterick Moss NY 992 359 426 1398    
Catterpallot Hill NY 638 363 484 1257    
Catton Beacon NY 822 592 337 1106    
Chapelfell Top NY 875 346 703 2307    
Cold Fell NY 605 556 621 2038    
Collier Law NZ 016 418 516 1693    
Cragg Top NZ 074 240 311 1020    
Cross Fell NY 687 343 893 2931    
Cuns Fell NY 648 368 539 1769    
Dead Stones NY 793 399 710 2330    
Dine Holm Scar NY 868 284 414 1358    
Dry Rigg (Redburn Common) NY 907 448 566 1857    
Dufton Pike NY 699 266 481 1579    
Eggleston Common NY 9970 2697 485 1592 Shaun, Tetley, Grizzly, Allen & Eric 23/05/2010
Eggleston Moor (Grey Carrs, Woodland Fell) NZ 0133 2504 461 1513 Shaun, Tetley, Grizzly, Allen & Eric 23/05/2010
Fendrith Hill NY 877 333 696 2284    
Fiend's Fell NY 643 406 634 2081    
Five Pikes NZ 012 329 478 1568    
Flagdaw NY 691 289 414 1358    
Flinty Fell NY 770 419 614 2015    
Great Dun Fell NY 710 321 848 2783    
Great Knipe NY 867 145 515 1690    
Great Stony Hill NY 823 359 708 2324    
Grey Nag NY 644 476 656 2153    
Hard Rigg (Mohope Moor) NY 750 488 547 1795    
Harthwaite NY 710 245 329 1079    
Horseshoe Hill NY 985 449 519 1703    
Iron Band NY 837 188 563 1848    
Islington Hill NZ 0018 2980 492 1615 Shaun, Tetley, Grizzly, Allen & Eric 23/05/2010
Keisley Bank NY 713 240 351 1152    
Killhope Law NY 819 448 673 2209    
Kilmond Scars NZ 026 134 311 1020    
Knock Fell NY 721 302 794 2606    
Knock Pike NY 686 282 398 1306    
Lilswood Moor (Watson's Pike) NY 891 527 447 1467    
Little Dun Fell NY 704 330 842 2763    
Little Fell (Burton Fell) NY 781 222 748 2455    
Little Heaplaw NY 686 491 438 1437    
Long Crag (Mickle Fell) NY 843 253 686 2251    
Long Man Hill NY 723 373 658 2160    
Meldon Hill NY 771 290 767 2517    
Melmerby Fell NY 652 380 709 2327    
Mickle Fell (East Top) NY 826 245 758 2488    
Mickle Fell (West Top) NY 804 243 788 2586    
Middle Fell (Alston Moor) NY 740 437 581 1907    
Millstone Grits NY 955 217 410 1345    
Monk's Moor NY 9629 2900 565 1854 Shaun, Tetley, Grizzly, Allen & Eric 04/04/2010
Mount Ida NY 795 166 495 1624    
Murton Fell NY 753 245 675 2215    
Murton Pike NY 735 231 594 1950    
Newbiggin Fell-Round Hill (Bulbeck Common) NY 926 505 427 1401    
Park Fell NY 697 455 511 1677    
Pike Rigg NY 730 539 525 1723    
Pontop Pike NZ 150 528 312 1024    
Redgleam (Harwood Common) NY 795 363 718 2356    
Renwick Fell (Thack Moor) NY 611 463 609 1999    
Roman Fell NY 754 203 594 1950    
Round Hill NY 744 361 686 2251    
Shacklesborough NY 9086 1706 454 1490 Shaun, Tetley, Grizzly, Allen & Eric 07/02/2010
Simmerson Hill NY 576 560 400 1312    
Talkin Fell (Kelky Fell) NY 570 563 381 1250    
The Dodd NY 791 457 614 2015    
Three Pikes NY 833 343 651 2137    
Tom Smith's Stone Top NY 655 467 637 2091    
Viewing Hill NY 788 332 649 2130    
Watch Hill NY 624 460 602 1976    
Westernhope Moor (James's Hill) NY 923 325 675 2215    
Whinny Fell NY 576 560 336 1102    
Wolfcleugh Common (Burtree Fell on Middlehope Moor) NY 862 432 612 2009    
TOTAL Number of Fells = 87





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