2008 WALKS

Here is a full listing of our adventures in 2008. Where the text under 'walk details' is shown in green there is an associated story. Click the link to find out more. In 2020 we decided to review some of these stories. This involved improving the picture quality and rewriting some of the narrative. This applies to those from 1st July.

Location codes: C=Cumbria, H=Howgill Fells, L=Lancashire, LD=Lake District, YD=Yorkshire Dales



Walk Details

Locn Accmpnd by Map Distance (miles) Link
02/01/2008 Brunt Knott, Gurnal Dubs & Ulgraves from Garnett Bridge LD Uncle Eric OL7 10.0  
05/01/2008 Penhill & Harland Hill from Carlton YD Uncle Bob OL30 8.25 more..
09/01/2008 An exploration of Rusland & Satterthwaite LD Uncle Eric OL7 6.0 more..
19/01/2008 Naughtberry Hill, Buckden Pike & Brown Haw from West Burton YD Uncle Bob OL30 11.5 more..
27/01/2008 Addleborough from Thornton Rust YD Uncle Bob OL30 6.5 more..
06/02/2008 Flinter Gill, Deepdale & Dentdale from Dent Village YD Uncle Eric OL2 6.0 more..
10/02/2008 Yockenthwaite Moor from Buckden YD Uncle Bob OL30 10.5 more..
13/02/2008 Meugher from Middlesmoor, Nidderdale YD Uncle Bob OL30 10.8  
17/02/2008 Norber, Crummack Dale, Wharfe & Smearsett Scar from Clapham YD Uncle Bob OL2 9.5 more..
20/02/2008 The Naddle Horseshoe LD Uncle Eric OL5 7.0  
24/02/2008 Hoove Faggergill & Cleasby Hill from Stang House YD Uncle Bob OL30 7.0  
02/03/2008 Whernside from Ribblehead YD   OL2 7.5 more..
04/03/2008 Eamont Bridge, Maybergh Henge, King Arthur's Round Table & Yanwath from Penrith C Uncle Eric OL5 8.0 more..
09/03/2008 Kisdon & Kisdon Force from Muker YD Uncle Bob OL30 7.0 more..
16/03/2008 Ingleborough, Simon Fell & Park Fell, from Hill Inn YD   OL2 7.5  
18/03/2008 Hand Lake, Docker Knott, Simon's Seat & Middleton from Raisgill Bridge H Uncle Eric OL19 10.5  
24/03/2008 Long Moor, Aye Gill Pike, Rise Hill, Snaizwold Fell & Dentdale from Dent Village YD   OL2 13.0 more..
02/04/2008 Gowbarrow Fell, Great & Little Meldrum, Watermillock Fell & Little Mell Fell & Aira Force LD Uncle Bob OL5 8.5  
09/04/2008 Watch Hill, Setmurthy Common & Clints Crags LD Uncle Eric OL4 7.0 more..
13/04/2008 Janet's Foss, Gordale Scar, Parson's Pulpit, Great Close Hill & Malham Cove from Malham YD Uncle Bob OL2 12.5 more..
20/04/2008 Beamsley Beacon & Round Hill YD Uncle Bob OL2/298 11.0  
27/04/2008 Garsdale Foot, Knoutberry Haw, Baugh Fell (Tarn Rigg Hill), Garsdale Station YD Uncle Bob OL19 7.5  
03/05/2008 Conistone, Kilnsey Moor & Linton Fall from Grassington YD Uncle Bob OL2 10.5 more..
07/05/2008 Orthwaite Bank, Great Cockup, Meal Fell, Great Sca Fell, Little Sca Fell, Lowthwaite Fell & Longlands Fell


Uncle Eric OL4 8.0  
11/05/2008 Barbon, Middleton Fell, Middleton Head YD Uncle Bob OL2 9.0 more..
18/05/2008 Sharp Haw & Rough Haw from Skipton YD Uncle Bob OL2 10.0 more..
05/06/2008 Hooksey, Randy Gill Top, Green Bell, Hunthoof Pike & Stwarth from Weasdale H Uncle Eric OL19 6.0  
08/06/2008 Black Hill, Bunton Hush & Melbrecks Moor from Gunnerside YD Uncle Bob OL30 7.5 more..
24/06/2008 Monk Coniston Estate & Tarn Hows LD Uncle Eric OL7 5.0 more..
29/06/2008 Blackstone Edge & The Fleak YD Uncle Bob OL30 7.25  
01/07/2008 Gale Crag, Hartsop above How, Hart Crag & Dovedale from Cow Bridge LD Uncle Eric OL5 6.0 more..
13/07/2008 Birk Fell, Wetherlam & Black Sails from Tilberthwaite LD   OL6 6.0 more..
15/07/2008 The Nab from Hartsop LD Uncle Eric OL5 7.0 more..
20/07/2008 Strid Wood, North Nab, Brown Bank Head & The Strid from Barden Bridge YD Uncle Bob OL2/298 13.0 more..
22/07/2008 Outerside, Stile End & Barrow via Stoneycroft Gill LD Uncle Eric OL4 5.0  
27/07/2008 Swarth Fell (Ullswater) & Bonscale Pike LD   OL5 4.0 more..
03/08/2008 Ascent of Blea Barf YD Uncle Bob OL30 4.0 more..
05/08/2008 Bowderdale, The Calf, Hazelgill Knott & West Fell H Uncle Eric OL19 11.5 more..
10/08/2008 Ascent of Calver Hill YD Uncle Bob OL30 6.75 more..
17/08/2008 Thornythwaite Fell, Combe Head, Stonethwaite Fell & Rosthwaite Fell LD   OL4 5.0 more..
24/08/2008 High Tove, Middle Crag, Shivery Knott, Watendlath Fell, Armboth Fell & Fisher Crag from Thirlmere LD   OL4 5.0 more..
31/08/2008 Moughton from Horton in Ribblesdale YD Uncle Bob OL2 8.0 more..
14/09/2008 Grasmere, Sour Milk Gill, Stythwaite Steps (full walk aborted due to fall) LD   OL7 2.5 more..
21/10/2008 The Sprint, Mint & Kent from Kendal C Uncle Eric OL7 7.0 more..
26/10/2008 Great Stickle, Tarn Hill, Dunnerdale Fells. Bigert LD   OL6 7.0  
28/10/2008 Caermote Hill & Faulds Brow LD Uncle Eric OL4 5.5  
02/11/2008 Glenridding Dodd, Heron Pike & Sheffield Pike from Glenridding LD   OL5 5.0 more..
05/11/2008 Ascent of Troutbeck Tongue LD   OL7 5.0  
12/11/2008 Green Pikes, Pikes, Caw, Raven's Crag, The Knott etc LD   OL6 6.0  
16/11/2008 Stang Hill, Arnsbarrow Hill & Top O'Selside from Nibthwaite LD   OL6 4.5  
25/11/2008 Knoutberry Haw, Baugh Fell (Tarn Rigg Hill) YD Uncle Eric OL19 9.0  
09/12/2008 Benson Knott on Hayfell from Kendal C Uncle Eric OL7 8.5 more..
14/12/2008 Red Screes from Ambleside LD   OL7 6.5 more..
17/12/2008 Carlin Gill, Black Force & Uldale Head from Low Borrow Bridge H Uncle Eric OL19 8.0 more..
23/12/2008 River Wharfe, Troller's Gill & Kail Hill from Barden Bridge YD Uncle Bob OL2 9.5 more..
30/12/2008 A walk in Grizedale Forest LD Uncle Eric OL6/OL7 9.0 more..
  Number of walks - 56     Total 431.55