For visitors to our site looking for walks in a specific area, here is a listing of our adventures on the Howgill Fells, & Cumbria (outside the National Park). Whilst in 2006 & 2007, we did more walks than are shown, a lack of variety of pictures meant that any others were not suitable for a story. This was before stories and a website was envisaged. From 2008 onwards, for the sake of consistancy, all walks are shown, whether or not there is a story or blog.

Where the text under 'walk details' is in green there is an associated story. Where it is in maroon, there is an associated blog walk. Click the link to find out more.

Location codes: C=Cumbria, H=Howgill Fells, L=Lancashire



Walk Details

Locn Accmpnd by Map Distance (miles) Link
11/12/2007 Langdale Fell & West Fell from Raisgill Bridge H Uncle Eric OL19 6.0 more..
18/12/2007 Stennerskeugh Clouds & Fell End Clouds from Cote Moor H Uncle Eric OL19 9.0 more..
04/03/2008 Eamont Bridge, Maybergh Henge, King Arthur's Round Table & Yanwath from Penrith C Uncle Eric OL5 8.0 more..
18/03/2008 Hand Lake, Docker Knott, Simon's Seat & Middleton from Raisgill Bridge H Uncle Eric OL19 10.5  
05/06/2008 Hooksey, Randy Gill Top, Green Bell, Hunthoof Pike & Stwarth from Weasdale H Uncle Eric OL19 6.0  
05/08/2008 Bowderdale, The Calf, Hazelgill Knott & West Fell H Uncle Eric OL19 11.5 more..
21/10/2008 The Sprint, Mint & Kent from Kendal C Uncle Eric OL7 7.0 more..
09/12/2008 Benson Knott on Hayfell from Kendal C Uncle Eric OL7 8.5 more..
17/12/2008 Carlin Gill, Black Force & Uldale Head from Low Borrow Bridge H Uncle Eric OL19 8.0 more..
17/02/2009 Jeffrey's Mount, Whinash Ridge & Bretherdale H Uncle Eric OL7/OL19 8.5 more..
09/03/2009 Levens Bridge, Cinderbarrow, Brigsteer Park & Helsington C Uncle Eric OL7 8.5  
07/05/2009 Roan Edge, Docker Fell & Lambrigg Fell C Uncle Eric OL7 10.0 more..
03/01/2010 Kirkby Lonsdale, Mansergh, Rigmaden, Beckfoot & Casterton Hall from Devil's Bridge C   OL2 12.0 more..
17/01/2010 Hoff, Hoff Beck, Rutter Force, Great Ormside & River Eden from Appleby C   OL19 9.5 more..
31/01/2010 Asby Gill, Little Asby & Potts Valley from Great Asby C   OL19 11.25 more..
14/02/2010 A round of Tebay Gill including Blease Fell, Hare Shaw & Knott, from Tebay H   OL19 6.50 more..
21/02/2010 Ravenstonedale to High Cocklake H   OL19 3.25 more..
02/03/2010 Knoutberry, Source of River Lune, Grere Fell & Knott from Ravenstonedale H Uncle Eric OL19 6.75 more..
13/03/2010 Whins End, Fell Head, Bush Howe & White Fell Head from Fairmile Road H   OL19 6.0  
11/04/2010 Settlebeck Gill, Arrant Haw, Calders, Bram Rigg Top, Great Dummacks, Crook & Winder from Sedbergh H   OL19 8.75  
15/04/2010 Ashstead Fell, Mabbin Crag, Castle Fell & return via Borrowdale Valley, from Hucks Bridge on A6 H Uncle Eric OL7 5.75  
22/04/2010 Ashbeck Gill, Sickers Fell, Knott (Sedbergh) & River Rawthey from Sedbergh H Uncle Eric OL19 7.0 more..
13/05/2010 Grayrigg Common, Whinfell Beacon, Shooter Howe & Borrowdale (Westmorland) H Uncle Eric OL7 7.0  
07/07/2010 High House, Bluecaster Side, Bluecaster, Rawthey Bridge, Narthwaite from The Cross Keys, Cautley H Uncle Eric OL19 4.5 more..
03/11/2010 Castley Knotts, Brown Moor & Linghaw from Fairmile Gate H Uncle Eric OL19 6.0 more..
23/11/2010 Crosby Ravensworth Fell, Oddendale & Ewe Close iron age settlement from Crosby Ravensworth C Uncle Eric OL5/19 7.25 more..
02/01/2011 Ellergill, Rispa Pike, Uldale End & Elliot Howe, from Raisgill Hall H   OL19 7.25 more..
09/01/2011 Westerdale, Kensgriff & Yarlside, from Cross Keys, Cautley H   OL19 5.5 more..
24/02/2012 Hutton Roof Crags, Newbiggin Crags & Farleton Knott from Plain Quarry C   OL7 8.75 more
18/03/2012 An exploration of Barbon Low Fell & Ease Gill Kirk C Uncle Bob OL2 8.75 more
22/07/2012 Harter Fell, Adamthwaite Bank & Wandale Hill from Handley's Bridge H   OL19 6.75 more
25/07/2012 Stennerskeugh Clouds and Fell End Clouds from Cote Moor-4m
Town tour of Kirkby Stephen-2m
H Uncle Eric OL19 6.00 more
26/08/2012 Levens Park, River Kent & Lancaster Canal from Levens Bridge C   OL7 6.75 more
19/09/2012 Levens Park, River Kent & Lancaster Canal from Levens Bridge C Uncle Eric OL7 6.75 more
14/10/2012 Humphrey Head, Allithwaite, Cark & Cumbria Coastal Way C   OL7 12.25 more
04/11/2012 Cooklands & Gatebeck (amended Aug 2014 with additional information) C   OL7 7.5 more
16/012013 River Leven & Haverthwaite from Greenodd C Uncle Eric OL7 7.75 more...
03/02/2013 Casterton, Fellfoot Road, Sellet Bank & Whittington from Devil's Bridge (Allen achieves his 1000th summit) C/L   OL2 11.75 more...
28/03/2013 High Casterton, Fellfoot Road & Casteron from Devils's Bridge C Uncle Eric OL2 7.75 more...
25/04/2013 Lune Valley Ramble, Newton, West Hall, Whittington & Wood End from Devil's Bridge C/L Uncle Eric OL2 8.5 more...
19/05/2013 Kitmere, Rigmaden & Wyndhammere from Old Scotch Road C   OL2 6.5 more...
09/06/2013 Langdale Knott, Cotegill & Kelleth from Raisgill Hall H   OL19 7.75 more...
10/11/2013 Kearstwick, Fleet & Biggins from Devil's Bridge C   OL2 7.75 more...
15/12/2013 Crosscrake, The Helm & River Kent from Force Bridge C   OL7 6.75 more...
02/01/2014 Sandside, Storth Geotrail, Arnside, Arnside Moss, Hazelslack C Uncle Eric OL7 10.5 more...
23/04/2014 Black Moss Tarn, Whinfell Tarn & Selside from Otter Bank C Uncle Eric OL7 8.25 more...
06/01/2015 White Creek, Far Arnside, Arnside Tower and Arnside Knott from Arnside C Uncle Eric OL7 7.5 more...
14/01/2015 Hale Fell, Slack Head, Hazelslack & Beetham Fell from Beetham C Uncle Eric OL7 6.5 more...
04/02/2015 Crooklands & Gatebeck (originally written in 2012, now extended with more information and additional photographs) C Uncle Eric OL7 8.5 more
15/03/2015 Slack Randy, Crosby Ravensworth Fell & Oddendale from Crosby Ravensworth C   OL5/19 8.5 more...
10/07/2015 Oxenholme, The Helm & Lancaster Canal from Kendal C Uncle Eric OL7 8.0 more...
23/02/2016 Bousfield, Orton, Coatflatt Hall, Birkbeck Viaduct & Low Scales from Tebay West Services C   OL19 9.25 more...
14/04/2016 Great Coum from Dent C   OL2 8.0 more...
05/05/2016 Casterton Fell & Brownthwaite Pike from Barbon C   OL2 7.5 more...

Sedgwick, Levens Park, Levens & Sizergh

C Uncle Eric OL7 8.25 more...
20/09/2016 Circular from Crosby Garrett, via Soulby & Stockber Lane C Uncle Eric OL19 10.0 more...
15/11/2016 Lancaster Canal, Farleton & Lupton C Uncle Eric OL7 8.25 more...
06/12/2016 Stainton, Crooklands & Endmoor C Uncle Eric OL7


14/01/2017 Hutton Roof Crags & Farleton Knott from Plain Quarry C   OL7 9.0 more...
14/03/2017 Walton Hall, Ellerside, How Barrow & Great Allotment from Cartmel C Uncle Eric OL7 8.0 more..
01/06/2017 Lower Dentdale from Milthrop Bridge C Uncle Eric OL2/19 8.5 more..
16/06/2017 Smardale Fell, Smardale Nature Reserve & Waitby from Kirkby Stephen C Uncle Eric OL19 9.5 more..
16/10/2018 Grayrigg circular C Uncle Eric OL7 4.25